What Number Is The Star Tarot Card

The Star (XVII) is the Major Arcana card with the 17th position in the majority of traditional Tarot decks. Both divination and game play include its utilization.

What does the Tarot’s Star card mean?

The Star card can be used to interpret all facets of life, just like every other card in a tarot deck. According to Esselmont, “in love, it may be an invitation to be more genuine with your spouse, to let go of the ego, to be more open and vulnerable as you form new relationships.” “It might also give rise to hope, particularly if one has had a traumatic event like a breakup or a severe injury in the past. Despite the difficulties, there is always a chance for something new to appear.”

In career readings, the Star card is very relevant. Esselmont says, “I see it as an invitation to contribute your complete self to work.” “Be authentic and show who you are.”

In terms of money, the Star card might inspire confidence that your financial status will improve. According to Esselmont, “You might need to audit your financial accounts, savings, and spendingfirst the cleansing process represented in the cardand then start over with how you manage your money.” “I also think that the circulation of money is vital because it creates a space where money can come in and go out continuously.”

There is much to be learned from the potent Star card, whether it is upright or upside down. It represents rekindled optimism, a sense of immeasurable benefits from the cosmos, and a period of growth and progress. Reversed, the Star vehicle offers you the chance to recognize the lessons in your current difficulties and develop from them so that you come out of the experience better grounded, more connected, and more aware of your own true desires.

In either case, it’s a card with a potent lesson, and its insights serve as a guide for development.

The eleventh Tarot card is which?

In A. E. Waite’s 1910 book Pictorial Key to the Tarot, the Justice card is associated with the following divinatory concepts:


Equity, rightness, probity, and governmental authority; the legal victory of the deserving side. Reversed: Law in all of its facets, complex legal issues, prejudice, discrimination, and overly harsh punishment.

The planet Venus and the zodiac sign Libra are related to the justice card in astrology.

The 35th Tarot card is…

The Justice card stands for law, fairness, justice, and truth. You are being held accountable for your deeds and will face the consequences. You don’t need to be concerned if your actions were in line with your Higher Self and were done for the benefit of others. If not, you will be called out and forced to take responsibility for your actions. If you’re shivering in your boots about this, remember that the Justice card isn’t as clear-cut as you may believe. Although you may have done something you regret, this card says that you will be handled fairly and without prejudice. Justice is accompanied by a sense of compassion and understanding. Be prepared to own up to your mistakes and accept responsibility for the results.

The Justice card is a promising indication that justice will be served if you pursue it. You can be involved in a court case or awaiting the outcome of one from a governing body or other organization. Soon, there will be a decision made. With the upright Justice card, there are no retrials or second chances; once the verdict has been made, you must accept it and move on.

The Justice card frequently emerges when you have to make a decision that could have long-term effects. Consider how your choices will affect both your own and other people’s wellbeing. By speaking with your intuition and asking for the response that is most in line with the highest good for everybody, you can make a conscious decision. You will be held accountable for your decisions, so be prepared to stand by them. Do I stand by my decisions and embrace the repercussions of my actions? is a question you need to ask yourself. If you can’t, keep looking until you discover a spot where you can stand with confidence and integrity by delving even further into the murky waters of what is good and wrong.

Justice is fundamentally about the pursuit of the truth. You’ll find that things are more complicated than you initially believed as you dig further into your reality. Prepare to delve into the muddy waters and consider what the meaning of truth is for you. Be careful of what you consider to be true, as well as what you consider to be just and moral. It might not be as simple as you believe, so be prepared to stretch yourself and discover new areas of your worldview.

What does astrology’s The Star card represent?

The Star denotes inspiration, contentment, and optimism for the future in a wide sense. When you include this Major Arcana card in your Tarot spread, you’ll have a strong sense of positivity, drive, and freedom. The Star is a card of spiritual connection, therefore you will feel quite calm and in sync with the universe. A really good omen is the star. It is the time of peace and tranquility that follows the upheaval caused by The Tower. The star suggests that you have overcome your challenges with a fresh perspective on both yourself and the world around you, that you are full of tranquil, well-balanced energy, and that you are ready to mend old wounds. Whatever psychological, emotional, physical, or spiritual problems you were dealing with are now behind you, and you’re prepared to welcome whatever the future contains. Believe in the universe’s plan for you and believe in your gut instinct that everything will be fine. With this card in your Tarot reading, you’ll feel good about yourself and people will like you for who you are. It would be a terrific idea to start an artistic activity right now since the Star can also represent creativity and artistic talent.

The Star card is it good?

Even when compared to credit card offerings from big banks, the MILITARY STAR Card, which is solely available to military personnel, offers one of the greatest overall credit card packages available.

The card is too wonderful to pass up with its low interest rate and substantial rewards and discount programs.

Does the Star appear in the tarot deck?

The Star is either a Yes or No card. The Star tarot card describes circumstances that exude joy and optimism. Therefore, the Star is unquestionably a BIG YES in a yes-or-no reading! The success of any circumstance indicated by the Star is certain.

The 22nd Tarot card is which?

One of the 78 cards in a tarot deck is The Fool. It is one of the 22 Major Arcana in tarot card reading, sometimes denoted by the numbers 0 (the first) or XXI (the last).

The 19th Tarot card is which?

The majority of people view this card favorably. It is considered to represent success, vitality, self-confidence, and feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment. It represents excellent things and successful resolutions to existing difficulties, earning it the moniker “the finest card in the Tarot” at times.

According to Waite, the card has the following tarot associations:


material success, a happy marriage, and contentment. The same in a lessened meaning when reversed.

The 12th Tarot card is what?

In contemporary tarot decks, a guy is seen hanging upside-down by one foot. Most frequently, the figure is hung from a tree or a wooden beam (such as a cross or gallows). Due to the possibility of viewing the card itself upside down, there is ambiguity.

A. E. Waite, the creator of the Rider-Waite tarot deck, described the symbol in his 1910 book The Pictorial Key to the Tarot as follows:

The figure from the location of the legs creates a fylfot cross, and the gallows from which he is hanging forms a Tau cross. The apparent martyr’s head has a nimbus around it. It should be noted that the tree of sacrifice is made of living wood and has leaves on it, that the face conveys intense fascination rather than agony, and that the figure as a whole conjures up the idea of life in suspension rather than death. False names for it include “card of martyrdom,” “card of caution,” “card of the Great Work,” and “card of duty.” It expresses the relationship between the Divine and the Universe in one of its dimensions, I will state simply on my behalf.

According to Waite, the card has the following connotations in divination:


Prudence, insight, sacrifice, testing, prophecy, divination, and wisdom. Reversed: Selfishness, the masses, and the governing body.

The hanging man’s head has a glowing halo around it, denoting a better understanding or enlightenment.

The Hanged Man card is connected to the astrological signs of Pisces and Neptune.