What Tarot Card Is Number 7

The Chariot card has a number of tarot connotations, according to A.E. Waite’s 1910 book Pictorial Key to the Tarot:

The Carlot 7.

Success, providence, as well as conflict, victory, arrogance, retaliation, and problems. Riot, conflict, litigation, and defeat inverted.

What does the chariot card represent?

The Chariot is a card symbolizing strength, will, and resolve. With the help of the Lovers card, you have learned how to make choices that are consistent with your ideals, and you are now acting on those choices. The Chariot is a symbol of encouragement when it comes in a Tarot reading. You have set your goals and are working tirelessly to achieve them by drawing on your inner strength. You will be successful if you use discipline, commitment, and willpower to accomplish your goals.

You shouldn’t sit back and wait for things to go your way at this point. Take decisive action and stay the course despite any obstacles that may arise because, trust me, there will be obstacles. Your will and strength may be put to the test as you feel conflicting pressures. Others may try to obstruct you, divert your attention, or slow down your pursuit of your objective. The Chariot, however, is a call to use your willpower and focus on what’s most important to you in order to overcome the barriers in your path.

The Chariot is a sign you will succeed as long as you maintain your focus and remain confidence in your talents if you are unsure if you have what it takes to accomplish your goal or finish an essential assignment. You must exercise self-control and willpower to focus on the work at hand. Cutting corners or choosing the simple path will lead to failure. Instead, consider this undertaking a test of your resolve and fortitude, and remember that success is possible if you persevere.

The Chariot exhorts you to take charge and show courage. You will not get your way until you are courageous in setting your limits and expressing your desires. You must believe in yourself and have a solid understanding of your identity and principles (thus building off the personal belief systems and values established through The Lovers card).

The Chariot can, in a very literal sense, stand in for travel, particularly driving or going on a road trip. You might even be thinking of relocating by selling your house and getting an RV!

What does the number 7 mean?

The combination of the physical (number 4) and the spiritual (number 7) was thought to make the number seven particularly intriguing (number 3). The Pythagorean number 7 represents spirituality.

The Seven of Wands indicates yes or no.

If you are prepared to be forceful, the Seven of Wands will respond with a “yes” in a yes-or-no reading. This can need you to put up with discomfort, opposition, and criticism from others in the interim.

When the end result is long-term success, however, these short-term hassles will seem like nothing. If you are certain of what you want, you will undoubtedly get it. Use bravery as a bridge.

What does the love chariot represent?

Now is the time to seize the reins and make sure you know exactly what you want in a romantic relationship. The Chariot tarot love meaning exhorts you to act after you have determined your objective. You are likely to get benefits when you take charge of your love life. Success is a result of guts, determination, and confidence.

The Chariot tarot card’s love interpretation, on the other hand, can also suggest the necessity of balancing two drives, which are symbolized by the card’s two horses, as you work for your goals. While they may push you in different directions, controlling them all will keep you on the proper course and allow you to steer a clear road ahead. This card can occasionally raise concerns about your decisions up to this point, including if they have been balanced and whether your relationship may be suffering as a result of your lengthy workdays. Have you given up too much of your uniqueness for your relationship since you’ve been so preoccupied with it? The Chariot challenges us to reclaim control of our lives and drive resolutely.

The chariot: Is this a good card?

Even when combined with the Lovers or Cups cards, the Chariot tarot card isn’t really a good choice for a love reading because it can indicate concerns with control or being forced into conformity.

It also stands for pointless disputes, rivalry, and jealousy between lovers. You’ll need to make a decision if this is a problem in your relationships right now.

You should do so if there is a means to discuss and resolve your problems. However, you must never submit to someone else’s wishes while allowing yourself to be mistreated or walked over.

The Chariot tarot card in a love setting frequently represents the kind of self-care and love that should rule our lives, whether you’re single or attempting to move on after a wounded relationship.

Do you feel cut off from the love that you want and deserve because of worries or unfavorable beliefs?

You can proceed on a route that results in the fulfillment of all your desires, even those that are romantic in character, by identifying what these obstacles are.

  • In relationships, be assertive.
  • Communicate to resolve your problems.
  • Exercise self-care.
  • Find out if there is anything preventing you from falling in love.

What does the chariot card’s energy look like?

Remember how we discussed will and manifestation under Card 1, the Magician? combining inspired action with deliberate movement This idea is continued in The Chariot, but at this point, the action is more focused. (If you’ve ever put off doing something, you’ll understand how the reverse of this card feels.)

If you deliberately choose it, the forward-moving energy that can result from your spiritual attention is represented by the chariot. Having a clear understanding of your destination and supporting it with all your might. The animals driving the chariot on this card are frequently shown in black and white; they stand for conflicting forces cooperating to achieve a common objective. It doesn’t matter if your butterfly mind wants to go in different places or if you have a lot of “ifs” and “buts”; what matters is that all of these contradictory energy within you move in the same direction. Get that fluttering thought process under control.

Achievement is important, especially in that external, socially acceptable sense, but the process and the arduous work required to accomplish this are equally important.

The Chariot may represent a well-known artist, but it also tells the tale of how they got theretheir rejections and failuresand their willingness to keep going and try again despite all of that. Focus was what got them through, and that’s what the Chariot is all about.

This card’s new name in the Wildwood Tarot is “The Archer.” A woman is shown drawing back a bow with an arrow poised and her eyes fixated on the target. That taut bow has such a passionate energy. So much purpose. To aim in this manner is a magnificent and sacred act. It’s a sincere commitment that calls for tenacity and confidence in oneself.

It all comes down to having an intention, like the one we see in The Magician. Without “understanding your why, without being absolutely clear on what your genuine aim is,” you can’t truly focus. In this sense, the Chariot might stand for the formulation of a manifesto and the organization of ideas to enable targeted action.

Advice from the Chariot

If you have the fortitude and clarity to concentrate, you can accomplish so much on your own. This card is here to support you in that. It inspires you to focus your efforts on the objective you so much desire by serving as a reminder of your courage and strength.

The Chariot frequently alludes to conflicts or impediments. You will encounter challenges and setbacks along the path to achievement. This card naturally encourages you to continue. This card represents perseverance and hard work.

A straightforward card that tells it as it is: Here are the steps you need to take to reach your objective. It will be challenging, and concentration will be required. Do you agree?

Key words and concepts

  • confidence and self-belief
  • dedication, zeal, and resolve
  • Being quite clear about your objectives
  • fighting for your convictions
  • overcoming challenges
  • arduous, driven work

Some common symbols

  • Armour (doing battle)
  • Pulling the chariot are animals in black and white (focusing opposing energies)
  • a horse without reins (driving forwards by sheer force of will)
  • The actual chariot (movement)

Why is the number seven so unique?

Numerous religions all over the world have a close relationship with the number seven. Even numerous stories and folktales are based on the lucky number seven. According to ancient myths from several cultures, the seventh son of the seventh son would be endowed with magical abilities (both good and evil). Biblical scholars assert that God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. As a result, throughout the Bible, the number seven is utilized to symbolize a sense of completion.

What does the number seven imply in terms of romance?

When it comes to the number seven and love, there are a few things to bear in mind. First off, the number seven is all about harmony and how inquisitive minds may lead joyful lives.

This means that both partners must be equally invested if you want to have a healthy and happy relationship. One person cannot do all the work, nor can one person continuously give while the other continuously receives. In order for a relationship to work, both parties must put forth effort.

The number seven, also referred to as a master number, can bring about long-term relationships. Remember that building a romantic connection takes time, patience, and most importantly, compatibility, if you’re searching for a long-term partner in your love life.

Second, trust is a theme in the number seven. Both parties must be able to trust each other for a relationship to succeed. This entails being upfront and honest with one another, as well as being prepared to move on and forgive.

A strong sense of trust is frequently at the heart of fulfilling relationships. Establishing a foundation of trust is the first step in building a lasting connection.

Seven is all about intuition, to sum it up. As a result, if you want your relationship to succeed, you must believe in your instincts. Pay attention to your gut instinct if something feels off. Also, trust your instincts if something feels right.

Focus on personality traits and hobbies that mesh well with your own when looking for your soul mate. There must be a connection and a flow of energy between two people for their level of love compatibility to be high.

Why is 7 such a big deal?

2. It has been important in nearly all major religions. The Old Testament describes how God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh, laying the groundwork for the current seven-day workweek. The Holy Trinity and the four corners of the Earth are united in the New Testament by the number seven. The Book of Revelation also makes use of the number seven (seven churches, seven angels, seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven stars). The Kaaba in Mecca, the holiest monument in Islam, is circled seven times by Muslim pilgrims. The Koran mentions seven heavenly realms. Hinduism recognizes seven higher worlds and seven lower worlds, while Buddhism recognizes the newborn Buddha rising and moving in seven directions.