What Tarot Card Meaning Death

The thirteenth trump or Major Arcana card in the majority of traditional Tarot decks is Death (XIII). Both divination and Tarot card games make use of it. When employed for divination, the cardwhich commonly features the Grim Reaperis frequently taken as portending significant changes in a person’s life.

Does the Tarot’s Death card represent death?

According to author, tarot reader, and founder of Witchy Wellness Leah Vanderveldt, you can consider the Death card to represent a more metaphorical death. She explains, “This is a card of major transformation and, certainly, endings. “It plays a significant role in our personal progress as we let go of old tendencies. It involves discarding your outermost layer, or ego, in order to evolve into a new iteration of yourself.”

According to Vanderveldt, death symbolizes the shedding necessary to carry on moving forward along one’s journey. There is a sense of loss and a fear of the future that are tough to reconcile right now, but if you can get through it, there is a fresh start waiting for you.

Vanderveldt continues, saying that the 10 of Swords is like a miniature Death card, and that other tarot cards convey a like message: “This card advises trying something new. A new route can be started whenever you decide to break free from a destructive negative mental loop.”

The Hanged Man (XII) and Temperance (XIV), the cards on either side of Death, are also a component of the “death journey,” in which we prepare for an end by giving up and letting go of judgmental anxieties (the Hanged Man), and then undergo a rebirth by transmuting our previous suffering (Temperance).

What does the love card “Death” mean?

Reversed Death Tarot card in a love tarot reading indicates that you are unwilling to let your relationship change if you are in a committed relationship. Because you feel reliant on your spouse or are afraid of being alone, you may be hanging onto a relationship that has long since reached its conclusion. Or you might be out of obligation to stay with a relationship you no longer love. It might also portend the possibility of a long-forgotten relationship reappearing and rekindling. If you are single, Death reversed is a powerful sign that you need to let go of unhealthy coping mechanisms in order to create significant changes to your romantic life. To bring a mate into your life who will treat you with love and respect, for instance, if you tend to choose undesirable relationships because of low self-esteem, you will need to boost your self-confidence and let go of your self-sabotaging behaviors.

In a love reading, what does the death tarot card represent?

The Death tarot card love meaning can refer to being locked in emotional dynamics that are no longer effective when it comes to love and relationships. If you are already in a relationship, you must have the ability to accept change if you want the partnership to last. Sometimes, if things haven’t been going well, this card can also suggest that you might wish to call it quits. It’s critical to keep in mind that every door that shuts when the Death tarot card appears, opens a different one. Death in a love tarot reading may be difficult to take, but transformations for one partner or another may be what’s required to foster growth for both parties. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the cards are only suggestions and that you have the option of letting your relationship change or accepting it.

Although at first unsettling, the changes that the Death tarot card can bring about in a relationship can also be advantageous. In less stressful words, it could signify the beginning of a new phase, like becoming engaged.

The Death tarot card love meaning may also refer to beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors that you are currently letting go of in order to forge healthier, stronger relationships if you are single.

In a tarot deck, how many Death cards are there?

The thirteenth major arcana card is Death. The Venetian or Piedmontese tarot served as the inspiration for the typical modern tarot deck. The major arcana, which contains 22 cards and is also known as the trumps, and the minor arcana, which has 56 cards, make up the 78 cards that make up this deck.

What does Phasmophobia represent in a tarot card of death?

  • Hanged Man You will be instantaneously killed by this card.
  • The Sun.
  • Your sanity will be entirely recovered thanks to this card.
  • Lunar Node
  • Your sanity will quickly drop to 0% after playing this card.
  • The Evil One
  • A Ghost Event will be started by this card.
  • The Demise
  • A cursed hunt will result from this card.
  • Turn the Fortune Wheel
  • You will either receive + or 25 sanity from this card. Just see whether it glows green (+) or red (-).
  • Its Tower
  • A ghost interaction will be triggered by this card.
  • High Priestesses
  • This card will revive a colleague who has passed away. They reappear exactly where their corpse was while they were alive.
  • the recluse
  • Similar to smudge sticks, this card will render the ghost inactive for a period of time.
  • The FoolThis card will pretend to be another card before tricking you and revealing that it is actually the Fool card. So you can breathe a sigh of relief if you draw a horrible card and later realize it was just the Fool playing a joke on you. However, if you have a strong card and then deal the Fool, you can be really dissatisfied, especially under pressure.

What does 19 in tarot mean?

The Sun, one of the most straightforward cards in the entire tarot, is a symbol of absolute joy. It has to do with achievement, luck, and things going your way. The Sun is a source of life that shines down and warmly nourishes all it touches. It promotes development and gives things life.

In Tarot cards, what does the horse represent?

I drew the Horse card for this month. The Horse represents Earth energy, which serves as a reminder to focus more on being grounded. Right now, it’s crucial to remain connected to Mother Earth’s healing energy.

The horse represents force, freedom, and vast vitality. According to Kim Krans, “The most skillful manifestation of Earth Energy in the deck is represented by the horse. She continues by claiming that the horse, “gives us reliable, supportive impetus that allows us to move forward toward any objective, no matter how challenging the terrain. A horse personality cannot be beaten since it is fully awakened and vibrant. We can access the horses’ freedom once we refine and gather our energy via everyday practice.

Exercise and meditation are two essential skills that are the secret weapons behind the legacy of horses.

We feel physically and mentally strong when we are in a balanced state. We have the impression that nothing can stop us from achieving anything! We never surrender. Weakness and bewilderment are feelings we experience when we are out of balance. We desire to flee from life. We can work out, do yoga, meditate, and, most importantly, spend time in nature to balance this energy.

This month, consider the following questions:

What causes you to feel rooted and balanced? How can you apply this more in your day-to-day activities?

What causes you to feel disoriented and distant? Can you temporarily restrict any of these?

How long do you spend outdoors? Is it possible to extend your time in nature during the day?

Where in your life do you feel weak? Do you have anything you’re avoiding? Where does the horse’s energy need to be added?


Increase your time spent outdoors and remove your shoes! Feel the soil beneath your feet.

Include a 3-minute pranayama in your routine.

One of my favorite breathing techniques to ground myself is Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril).

Sit down in a relaxed position to begin. Feel the crown of your head rising as it connects to the Earth deep in your sit bones.

With your eyes closed, direct your attention up and inside, toward the center of your third eye.

Mudra: Left hand lying on lap in the Gyan Mudra position (thumb and pointer finger touching).

Right hand: The thumb and pinky are used to open and seal the nostrils. The pointer and middle fingers are placed between the eyebrows.

Start by closing the left nostril and inhaling through the right nostril. Imagine energy flowing up your spine to the sixth chakra as you inhale (the third eye). Hold your breath as you take your first inhalation.

Keep the energy expansion you made with your inhalations and exhale through your left nostril, allowing the physical body to melt down toward the Earth. you can feel how gravity is pulling you down.

Exhale through the right nostril after taking a breath through the left. Right nostril for inhalation and left for exhalation. Continue moving in this pattern.

after three minutes have passed. Give yourself a few minutes to sit and focus on your stillness of mind and sense of being grounded.

And keep in mind to pay alert to any wildlife or creatures that cross your way. They all have messages to convey!

What do the Tarot cards for the Sun and Moon mean?

When someone is mourning, disappointed, tense, or depressed, poisonous positivity makes statements that are upbeat. There is nothing wrong with trying to lift someone’s spirits, and encouraging someone positively is not bad. But when you try to brush off someone’s misery or despair with cliches about being optimistic, that becomes a problem. Toxic positivity is all about this, and it can do a lot of harm.

I provided a prime example of poisonous positivity in the opening sentence. This claim invalidates the unpleasant emotions and hardships that someone goes through, no matter what the situation. No matter what you confront, you need to think positively and stop thinking negatively because you need to experience and express your feelings. Negative thinking also causes a lot of harm. In the long term, suppressing negative emotions will only do more harm. Among the toxic positive statements are:

  • There is no bad energy here.
  • Everything occurs for a purpose.
  • All you have to do is keep grinning.
  • You must proceed.
  • It’s considerably worse for some folks than for others.
  • Do not forget to be grateful.
  • You’re not in such a dreadful situation.
  • There are worse possible outcomes.
  • There is never a time to fail.
  • Don’t be so negative anymore.
  • You must endure the suffering.
  • Follow your friend’s example, who handled it so well.
  • Adopt a cheerful outlook.
  • Those who have wronged you should be pardoned.
  • You will never be able to grow by holding all of your rage inside.

The point has been made, but I could go on. The problem is this. Because anything has gone wrong in your life, there is no reason for you to continue to be in a bad mood. You won’t as long as you have the freedom to express all of your feelings.

Once you have worked through the challenging feelings and felt acknowledged by others, you will desire to improve. Toxic positivity ignores the necessity of processing all of your emotions. Accept the situation as it is.

Instead of utilizing toxic positivity, pay attention to the person and provide them support. When the timing is appropriate, you can then gently suggest solutions to their issues. As I mentioned, new age groups are renowned for using poisonous positivity.

No matter how often I talk about living with a mental illness, I always get the advice to stop being so pessimistic. I did, however, be honest about my difficulties and reality. You are doing yourself a spiritual disservice if you don’t perform any of those things. No matter what you are going through, they advised, have a positive outlook and forgive people who have wronged you, whether or not they have expressed regret. This person employed poisonous positivity in that way, which validated my position.

They never replied after I answered. Not surprising at all. This is the reason the Sun and Moon were the tarot card combo for today.

How Does the Sun and Moon Tarot Card Combination Translate into Toxic Positivity?

The tarot cards for the Sun and Moon can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Looking for happiness, success, and all things lovely? Check out the Sun tarot card. Despite being a great card, it occasionally can conceal legitimately incorrect things depending on the cards around it. Trouble is indicated by the Moon card next to the Sun card. However, because it also depends on the other cards in the deck, this isn’t always the case. The Moon can occasionally stand in for intuition, and the Sun can mean that if you have a good feeling about something, it probably is.

Typically, the Sun and the High Priestess make this clear. On the other hand, moons represent delusion, illusion, concealment, and being fake, frequently signifying that something is not what it seems to be. So why are we seeing this “positivity” now? Its fraud is obvious to all. Positive toxicity has been observed, and it is hazardous.

The intention of concealing and masking your unpleasant emotions is a second reason why the Sun and Moon conjunction signifies toxic positivity. Anything hidden is represented by the Moon, while anything above what the Moon conceals is represented by the Sun.

Here is something to think about. I’m going back to Person A as an example, who either lost their job or did not get the position they sought. As a result, Person A is understandably unhappy by this and is unable to conceal their feelings. To put it another way, Person B throws optimism (the Sun) at Person A and instructs them to conceal their negative emotions regarding it (the Moon) and to only act positive (the Sun again). You now have it.

This tarot card combination has numerous possible meanings! Let’s talk about that now.

Besides the Sun and Moon, what else can Sun and Moon Symbolize?

The Sun is the Moon’s counterpart. The Moon masked the reality beneath a smile. Think about someone who pretends to be happy or accepting while they are actually depressed or not OK for another reason.

The issue is that society values optimism above reality, which it perceives as being negative. Raw emotions that are not favorable are therefore frowned upon. As a result, anything considered taboo is concealed under a false face of love, light, and positivity. Sadly, poisonous positivity contributes to this as well. When someone is dealing with raw emotions, forcing them to be positive is harmful.

This mixture might also serve as a metaphor for the wellness market as a whole. But the truth is that some practitioners are fairly dark, especially those who hold onto perilous, anti-scientific conspiracies. They aren’t actually “love and light like the Sun depicts, as evidenced by this. This also has something to do with poisonous positivity.