Which Cards Are Yes And No In Tarot

Keep things simple if in doubt. You have a yes if the Tarot card is upright. It’s a No if it’s reversed.

What Tarot card signifies “yes”?

PENTACLES ACE OF PENTACLES YES OR NO TAROT Response: Yes. among the top cards. Wishing you success in the case. The card also responds “yes” if the query is negative because it makes a complete statement.

The star is either a yes or no card.

The Star is either a Yes or No card. The Star tarot card describes circumstances that exude joy and optimism. Therefore, the Star is unquestionably a BIG YES in a yes-or-no reading! The success of any circumstance indicated by the Star is certain.

Can you use tarot to answer yes-or-no questions?

You must provide a yes or no response to the question you create for this kind of reading. If you need to make a decision soon, a Yes or No tarot reading may be extremely beneficial. A Yes or No Tarot reading can also be used by some people to predict how a specific future circumstance will turn out. Keep in mind that no tarot card reveals your certain fate. Consider the card when reading the results as a sign of favorable or unfavorable circumstances, not necessarily what will occur.

Is temperance acceptable or not?

The Tarot card of Temperance doesn’t just speak of harmony; it also exudes assurance in a yes-or-no reading. You can move on with your plans if you’re ready to do so, but use caution.

Rushing and taking unnecessary risks might lead to mistakes with catastrophic repercussions. A ‘yes’ in a yer-or-no tarot reading can be represented by temperance. What does your intuition suggest, though?

Do wands exist or not?

I pose a yes-or-no query and choose one tarot card. A jumper from the pack, a card chosen at random from a pack laid out on a table, or just a simple shuffle and cut can be used for this.

The only thing I do next is decide whether the response is yes or no based on whether I have a favorable or unfavorable relationship with the card.

A yes would be indicated by the 6 of Wands while a no would be indicated by the 10 of Swords. It’s that easy.

You may be thinking, “That’s all very well and good, but what about the cards that are neither positive nor negative in nature?”

Those cards can be viewed in two different ways. You can either claim that there is no conclusive solution or that it hasn’t been resolved yet. Many tarot readers claim in their code of ethics that the future isn’t fixed in stoneand sometimes it actually isn’t, which is why you have neutral cards.

Additionally, you might consider the meanings of those neutral playing cards in light of your inquiry in order to determine the answer. The nature of the query in regard to the card, as well as your intuition, will obviously play a role in this strategy.

I’ll demonstrate how to accomplish this following the yes/no tarot list and how to construct the yes/no tarot question skillfully to get the best possible answer from the cards.

Is justice true or false?

Fairness, balance, and neutrality are the three pillars of justice. This is why it isn’t a card that is frequently used to judge whether something is yes or no.

If you are just looking for this kind of response, consider the following: Is ____ what’s best for me? Will ____ negatively impact me or another person?

Will I really be glad if I get a yes (or no)? You can find the answers you need by reflecting on these questions.

Do cups exist or not?

The positive news, being young and free are all represented by the Page of Cups. This card represents triumph and feeling liberated when it comes in a tarot reading. Your yes or no question has a yes response due to all of these factors.

The Hierophant is he saying yes or no?

In a Yes or No Tarot reading, the Hierophant represents Neutrality. It offers guidance on how to locate a mentor, a spiritual guide, or another someone you may trust to give you direction instead.

Questions you don’t really want answered

Is the Hierophant expressing a yes or no?

A Yes or No Tarot reading shows the Hierophant as Neutral. Alternatively, it provides guidance on how to locate a mentor, a spiritual guide, or another person you can go to for guidance.