Do Zodiac Signs Really Matter In Relationships

When two people are in a relationship, their preferences, likes, and dislikes are more likely to be shared. Relationships persist for as long as the spouses tend to stay together or as long as their objective is satisfied. Most relationships will last longer if both partners are committed to living a long life and having a family.

If the sole objective of a relationship is to provide physical pleasure, it is unlikely to continue long. As a result, there is no link between zodiac signs and breakups because everything is determined by the partnership’s goal and individual traits.

Is it true that your zodiac sign affects your love life?

Many individuals believe that zodiac signs have no meaning, while many others, including me, believe that they do. These compatibility charts, even for those who believe, are just not accurate. Zodiac signs are not always distinctive and specific, and this must be taken into account.

Do the signs of the zodiac have any significance?

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the 12 zodiac signs. According to Time Magazine, their origins can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, whose astrology was then added to by the Greeks. People are classified as the sign, or constellation, in the sky when they were born because the signs correspond to constellations that appear in the sky, most notably around certain dates.

The capacity of Zodiac signs to forecast the future and describe a person has been largely debunked by modern experts. Even a NASA children’s website flatly rejects the Zodiac’s accuracy.

What zodiac signs should never get together?

According to an astrologer, the most incompatible zodiac signs should never, ever date.

  • CANCER AND ARIES. Aries is a fast-paced sign who thrives on the thrill of the moment.

What astrological signs excel at relationships?

Who are the zodiac couples who create the best couple?

  • 01/9The zodiac couples that are the most compatible.
  • Aquarius and Gemini are the signs of the zodiac for February 9th.
  • Capricorn and Taurus are the signs of the zodiac for March 9th.
  • Aries and Sagittarius are the signs of the zodiac for April 9th.
  • 05/9Scorpio and Leo are the signs of the zodiac.
  • 06/9 Libra and Gemini are the signs of the zodiac.
  • Cancer and Pisces are the signs of the zodiac for July 9th.
  • Virgo and Taurus are the signs of the zodiac for August 9th.

What if your horoscopes don’t match?

The following issues can arise as a result of a kundli mismatch:

  • Discord in the inter-marriage relationship.
  • In live-in relationships, there are always arguments.
  • Even if both parents are healthy and capable, progeny issues can arise.
  • Two people’s careers have gotten off to a bad start.
  • At home, there is an unpleasant environment.
  • Loss of money or business.
  • Sexual relationships that are unhealthy.

These issues are simply too much to bear. No one likes to abandon someone they care about. Everyone wants to have a happy and successful relationship with their partner.

You should follow these solutions if you wish to live peacefully with your partner despite mismatched Kundlis.

Yoni Dosha

You can rapidly get rid of Yoni dosha if the astrologer finds it when matching your Kundlis. You will be OK if the astrologer asks you to perform any particular puja. An astrologer may also advise you to volunteer for charities, make gifts, or do some social work. Your life will be filled with positivity and happiness as a result of the blessings you will get. Don’t wait any longer to start following this advice.

Nadi/ bhakoot dosha

Wearing gems, depending on your zodiac sign, can help to remove Nadi or Bhakoot dosha. After checking the Kundlis of both the bride and groom, the astrologer will recommend the stones. He may also suggest that you sing some mantras or hymns. It will considerably reduce the malefic effect of dosha.

No single dosha has the power to wreck your life or break up your relationship. However, it takes your happiness and turns your existence into a living misery. Just keep in mind that each dosha in your Kundli is the result of your previous karmas. Your karma will be corrected if you perform frequent pooja, chant hymns, and follow the cures. Ensure that all poojas are performed under the guidance of a known and knowledgeable astrologer.

Aries and Libra

Aries people are born leaders with a commanding personality. Aries get along well with other dominant signs like Leo and Sagittarius, but they don’t desire a domineering partner in a romantic relationship. As a result, they are best compatible with Libra, who is extremely honest and laid-back.

Librans are emotionally dependant, while Aries are commanding. These two signs are a fantastic match. In fact, Librans are notorious for bringing harmony and romance to Aries’ otherwise tumultuous existence. Passion and honesty are what binds these two zodiac signs together.

Is it possible to use astrology in a love marriage?

The days of arranged weddings are long gone. The tendency for love and inter-caste weddings is growing in today’s world, thanks to higher education, a more diverse social circle, exposure, and general outlook. However, there are situations of second marriages and marital strife to consider. So, what’s the best method to honor love and inter-caste feelings while keeping marital strife to a minimum? We met with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, one of India’s top astrologers, who has been unveiling the hidden secrets of Indian Vedic astrology for years, some of which even other well-known astrologers are unaware of. He has a unique method of matching charts for marriages in which practically all charts match, and no one is denied marriage on the basis of chart non-matching. This time, we discussed the unique interplay of horoscope with love marriages, inter-caste marriages, and second marriages with him. For the benefit of the readers, here are some of the questions he answered:

Vinay Bajrangi, M.D. : Of course. A horoscope supports falling in love and finally marrying the person you love. The native’s love life is discussed in the fifth house of any horoscope, whereas marriage is discussed in the seventh house. From the fifth house, the seventh house is the third house (house of courage). That means that after falling in love, a certain level of courage leads to eventual marriage.

Similarly, every house’s seventh house is its complimentary house; hence, the eleventh house becomes the fifth house’s complementary house. From the eleventh house, one can assess the flaws in one’s love life and prescribe the necessary corrections to ensure that one’s love life runs smoothly.

When it comes to love, the new generation may believe Vedic astrology is conservative and pragmatic. Still, for their information, the horoscope has and may deal with any horizon regarding love marriage, thus receiving consent for a love marriage through a horoscope can be read and is also a necessity of the hour.

DVB: The fifth house, as stated in the last question, is concerned with love and love life. It also discusses the number of love lives a person can have. The seventh house is for marriage, but the second house is for reading the success of a marriage. A positive relationship between the fifth, seventh, and second houses indicates love that leads to a happy marriage.

I’d like to illustrate how a chart or horoscope can reveal a lot of information. These are the items:

  • The depths of love that one can experience.
  • The maximum amount of love-lives a person can have.
  • The likelihood of turning a romantic relationship into a marriage.
  • The degree to which a love marriage is of high quality.
  • The horoscope also includes an indicator for determining the native’s “adulterous disposition.”

As a result, if somebody needs to assess the likelihood of being romantically involved with someone and marrying them, Vedic astrology can assist.

DVB: Astrology can help people overcome obstacles in their lives. It can show the native the potential challenges he or she would face, as well as the solutions to those problems.

I conduct sessions with couples in love, and using their horoscope, I attempt to illustrate the pitfalls that may cause their marriage to falter. A sensible pair attempts to comprehend these traps and carves a path to fix the problem. The planets that imperil the marriage may be read and the type of trouble they may cause can be understood through effective astrology. The pair gets ready to deal with the potentially dangerous circumstance.

DVB: Sure, why not? Every sort of marriage should have matching charts. The level of acceptance or denial is assessed by comparing all of the charts. The flaw identified in the notice must be addressed through the application of suitable karma rectification. In the majority of circumstances where the horoscopes do not match, a karma correction can be used to remove the negativity.

I can confidently state that, with the exception of horoscopes in which the marriage poses a threat to either partner, the remainder of the horoscopes can be given the green light following an appropriate karma repair.

DVB: I’ve seen a lot of marriages fall apart because of a hasty decision, for whatever reason. Vedic astrology can help cure these types of marriages to the best of its ability. Detailed analysis aids in the development of solutions. Allow me to explain in greater detail:

  • In contemporary times when both earn, determining who earns more might be a challenge. If the eleventh house of earning is unlucky, it can cause marital strife.
  • The tolerance threshold has decreased. If this is the case, horoscope-based procedures for ego massage can be designed.
  • The presence of more planets in a watery sign causes the person to recall more unfavorable events. Counseling is an excellent way to control this.
  • One of the reasons could be an inability to forgive, yet this is something that can be dealt with effectively.
  • Another difficulty that can be readily managed by harmonizing the first and seventh house energies is a lack of time for each other.
  • One of the most common grounds for divorce is the couple’s inability to get along with one other’s friends and relatives. This begins with little verbal spats and quickly escalates into a full-fledged brawl. However, Vedic astrology is perfectly equipped to deal with this perilous circumstance. The objective here is to balance the energies of the fourth and third houses in tandem.

I’ve listed a few reasons, but I want you to know that the Kundli, or horoscope, can be used to calculate the native’s particular personality, which can jeopardize the marriage. The computation is then performed for the time when this is most active. Remedies are easier to come by when one has a complete spreadsheet of both husband and wife. I am an expert at getting a couple to behave even after a long and tumultuous marriage, whether it is love or planned. Mind you, I’m talking about preventative measures and karmic corrections “before the marriage,” not rituals and treatments “after the marriage,” including circling the courts.

DVB:The astrologer’s key task in the inter-caste marriage issue will be to make the pair acceptable to both their families and society. The Vedic astrologer can certainly assist here by predicting the quality of marriage that both parties will have. If the quality of the marriage is expected to be good, the nerves of the significant family members can be soothed.

In my experience with inter-caste marriages, it is the parents on both sides that refuse to accept the relationship, and this begins to play on the couple’s thoughts from the outset. Those with a fragile psyche are more likely to marry on the spur of the moment and eventually swing to their parents’ opinions. They are causing irreversible damage to the relationship by doing so. These parents are unwittingly destroying their children’s peak years. They create negative karma for themselves, which is unaffected by later repentance.

DVB: The second marriage is read from a different house than the first marriage. However, the quality of a married life, regardless of the type of marriage, is determined by the seventh house.

Many aspects of the horoscope are jeopardized when reading the second marriage, including caste, monetary rewards, legacy, and dynasty imprints. However, there are ways to reap the benefits of a second marriage.

It’s important to note that the yoga for marital destruction has already been activated by the person going through the second marriage. He must be cautious, as this triggered yoga has the potential to destroy the marriage once more. As a result, these individuals should take great care in having their charts matched, or they may suffer the same fate as those who came before them. Don’t forget that second marriage is a risky venture for both parties, so proceed with caution. The greatest remedy in second marriage is to marry after matching the charts.

DVB: Without a doubt, yes. It can provide sure-fire remedial techniques to lead a happy marital life, either through karma correction or self-discipline. It merely entails discussing, identifying, and bridging the compatibility gap between two partners.

I believe that every couple should have an Astro-counseling session in order to benefit from this science. However, make sure your horoscope is read by a professional.

DVB: According to Vedic astrology, marrying a female who is older than one’s spouse is permissible. Rather, there are horoscope pairings that indicate that the native’s wife may be older than the native.

Is it possible to predict relationships using astrology?

Perhaps the most terrifying conclusion a Leo can have is that their love interest is a Scorpio, the sign with which they are the least compatible. Anyone who follows astrology knows how difficult it is to be attracted to someone who has a sign that is intended to reject them. In reality, astrology’s influence on relationship compatibility is largely fictitious: it’s how people interpret their horoscopes that influences their behavior, which, in turn, influences the success of their relationships.