How To Calculate Zodiac Sign In Tamil

How To Locate Your Rasi Using Your Date Of Birth:

  • Fill in the blanks with your date of birth.
  • Enter the date and time of your birth.
  • Choose either your birthplace or a location close to it.
  • Select “Find Rashi” from the drop-down menu.

How can I find out what my Natchathiram is based on my date of birth?

The Birth Star, also known as the Nakshatra, is an important part of Indian vedic astrology. Although there are 28 nakshatras, only 27 of them are used in calculations. Using your date and location of birth, you may determine your nakshatra and other astrological natal facts.

You can use this nakshatra calculator to:

  • Find out what your janma nakshatra (birth star) is.
  • Find out what your rasi (moon sign) is.
  • Find out your Chinese year of birth and the animal that rules it.
  • Discover your horoscope sign.
  • Find out what stone you were born with.

Learn more about all 27 nakshatras, including their names, traits, and compatibility.

Is it possible to marry someone with the same Rashi?

Yes. You certainly have the ability to marry. People in general are unconcerned about the same Rashi Marriage. When it comes to Same Natchatiram, however, there is a sensitive Rajju mismatch. People are terrified of marrying the same Natchatiram because, according to common perception, Rajju match is the most significant factor in marriage.

In actuality, Rajju Matching has no meaning in and of itself. I’m married to the same Natachiram as my adore. We have a rajju padha mismatch. My marriage, on the other hand, is wonderful and easy. So don’t be concerned about Same Natchatira.

Thiru Lakshman’s answer to What is the solution for Rajju Dosham? has my complete answer on Rajju match.

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What is the Rashi of a name that begins with the letter A?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac (Mesha) More information regarding the Aries child can be found here. For newborns born under this sign, names that begin with the letters A, L, or the word Ch are considered lucky.

In Tamil, which Nakshatra is favorable for childbirth?

The eighth lunar constellation on the zodiac belt is Pushya or Pushti Nakshatra. Known as the nourisher of all the lunar constellations, people born under this Nakshatra have the sharpest intellect. With all nurturing behaviors and traits, you’ll be a really compassionate and yielding person. It is the most lovable lunar constellation of all, making it one of the most auspicious Nakshatras for birth. You would be ruling your own Karmas with Saturn as your ruling Lord, if manifested correctly.

You’d also bring spiritual pursuits and all the skills for sustaining relationships, people, and situations with you. You will also be able to give energy and power to those around you, as well as have a lot of luck in your life.

What You Should Know About:

  • Symbols: an arrow and a flower
  • Cancer is the ruling zodiac.
  • Ashwatha Vriksha or Peepal is the tree it represents.
  • Water is the element it regulates.
  • It Has: Dev Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana (Lord Like)
  • Sea Crow is the bird it depicts.

How do I know whether I’m married to my star match?

Fill out the form below with the Boy and Girl’s birth information. Marital horoscope matching will be done online, and the result will be porutham, or marriage compatibility. The birth stars and janma rashi of the people getting married are used to match them.

Is the Nakshatra and the Zodiac the same thing?

Meaning of the Nakshatra The zodiac was split into 27 Nakshatras, or moon constellations, by ancient Hindu sages. Each constellation is 13 degrees long and 20 minutes long. The computation of Nakshatras begins with Ashwini Nakshatra at 0 degrees Aries and finishes with Revati Nakshatra at 30 degrees Pisces.