Is There A Dating Site For Zodiac Signs

As an adviser, Lo enlisted Jane, a former Glossier designer who is now a full-time astrologer. Jane’s aesthetically beautiful Instagram posts, which include the work of renowned and unknown photographers combined with digestible monthly mantras for each zodiac sign, have 285,000 followers.

Millennials The sun is in Aquarius and Virgo rises in both Lo and Jane’s birth charts. Lo and her tiny team devised a complex algorithm based on Western astrology and synastry to generate matches based on users’ birth charts. The formula compares and contrasts each planet and combination to find compatible pairings.

Jane played an important and collaborative part in the algorithm, contributing her expertise in astrological compatibility. Jane has been “an astrological sounding board” since the company’s inception and expansion.

Users create profiles on Struck in the same way they do on other dating apps, and they must provide their birth information so that Struck can develop a birth chart to assist them identify compatible matches. Users select a list of personality attributes based on their birth chart, as well as life priorities such as family, arts and culture, socializing, and partying, when they sign up.

Is there a horoscope on Tinder?

And where better to look than the cosmos? On Tinder, astrological signs reign supreme, as they do everywhere else on the Internet, with zodiac identifiers constantly ranking as a top profile feature. Of course, there must be a match before the flirtation can begin.

Is it possible to date your zodiac sign?

Finding a companion who shares your zodiac sign can feel like a perfect match. You have similar ideals, eccentricities, and life perspectives, and you just seem to understand one other in a way that no one else does. The stars seem to be in perfect alignment until you realize they’re just as obstinate, competitive, and sensitive as you are. It can make you believe that dating your own sign is just as horrible as dating someone with whom you are incompatible. There are benefits and drawbacks to dating each zodiac sign, regardless of which one you are, but should you date your own?

When it comes to the advantages, Monahan claims that dating your own sign might be a breeze. This is known as a sun conjunct sun in astrology, and it is an aspect that encourages ease and harmony. This feature predicts that you and your partner will have comparable life perspectives and attitudes.

Signs like Gemini, Leo, and Aries, according to Monahan, are great at dating their own sign. Gemini is a changeable sign, which means they’re adaptable and energetic. It’s impossible for two Geminis to get bored with each other, which is a great plus for the twins. They’ll be able to talk through any potential roadblocks because they’re a Mercury-ruled sign that appreciates communication. Gemini excels at talking things out. Two Leos will feel secure in each other’s company and will be able to benefit from each other’s achievements. When two Aries marry, they will have little trouble dealing with a “clingy” partner because they both appreciate autonomy and freedom.

Another disadvantage of dating someone who has your zodiac sign is the lack of balance. Your sign’s general strengths and weaknesses will be shared by both you and your partner. “If no one can take care of certain responsibilities or give particular energy,” Semos explains, “it may be difficult to make a partnership work.” Because their differences compliment each other, some incompatible zodiac couples can work. When you have the same zodiac sign, you don’t truly get that.

Virgo and Pisces, for example, two indications that have a harder time dating their own sign. When two Virgos get together, they’ll have an extremely productive relationship because the sign excels at organizing, planning, and scheduling. Virgo, on the other hand, is known for being judgemental. “Unless one or both Virgo’s charts have more large picture hints, these two can end up nitpicking each other to death, missing out on the pleasure that dating or having a meaningful partnership can bring,” Semos warns.

When two Pisces date, the problem is exactly the reverse. Pisces is controlled by Neptune and is imaginative, intuitive, and sensitive. According to Semos, two Pisces who get together can feel like soulmates from another dimension living on a different plane. This pairing, however, will not go far unless one partner is ready to take on one of “life’s pesky details.” Semos explains, “Someone has to work, arrange doctor’s appointments, and pay payments on time.” “Otherwise, you’ll have starry-eyedlovers who have been evicted.”

So, what’s the final word? Is it a good idea to date someone who has the same zodiac sign as you? The good news is that it isn’t your worst matchup. If other features of your birth charts compliment each other well, it can lead to a long-term relationship. It’s crucial to realize that astrology encompasses much more than solar signs.

“Each partnership, like other relationships, has its own personality and taste,” Semos explains. “There is no such thing as a “bad” or “good” kind. Each combination has its place, depending on what additional gifts and soft spots appear in each person’s natal charts, as well as what each person is searching for right now in terms of dating or a relationship. It all relies on your objectives, as it always does.”

All partnerships need effort. Even the zodiac signs that are the most compatible will have problems. If you desire to date someone with the same zodiac sign as you, you should anticipate to experience both good and bad days.


Is NUiT a free program?

NUiT is a revolutionary Cosmic Matchmaking App that empowers meaningful Connections!

“We are all so delightfully unique in this big Universe.” If we look at our Astrology Charts, there’s a one in a billion possibility that someone else has the same Sky Snapshot as us.

We believe in the power of the Universe, thus we built NUiT App to bring you the wisdom of the Universe through Western Astrology, as well as to enable you to interact and mingle with like-minded people.


NUiT App provides actual value-driven data backed by Cosmic Connection Insights in four categories – romance, magnetism, business, and friendship – in a world where swiping has burned people out.

The App transforms the superficial Volume Game of dating apps into a meaningful, in-depth Connection Experience, allowing you to learn more about yourself and others.

After that, NUiT will create your Astrology Chart and translate your birth details into your Cosmic Personality Traits.

It will provide you with personalized astrological information to help you gain a better understanding of yourself, as well as the tools to find and meet new like-minded people.

NUiTers are given Compatibility Scores and Insights for each Profile before establishing a Connection, which are determined directly from the two Individuals’ Birth Charts and how they relate to one another.

These individualized Synastry Calculations translate the Universe’s Wisdom and Influences into Compatibility Insights, highlighting the Union’s possible strengths and obstacles, as well as suggestions on how to behave and work on them to better them.

It currently supports Non-binary Gender Identity and a broader range of Orientation Preferences, allowing users to hide their identities from heterosexual people.

You will receive daily Horoscopes, Transits Updates, and other Astrological Forecasts in addition to Connection Tools and full information about your own Natal Chart.

When these connections are viewed through the perspective of Astrology, they become even more profound, insightful, and soul-nourishing.


* Find and meet intriguing individuals of any gender and orientation in your area, or customize your search to any location on the planet!

* Visualize the placements, houses, and aspects of your birth chart…

Examine the meanings of your birth chart and how they affect you.

– On your Matches’ Profiles, reveal and read details about their Astrology Placements.

* Gain vital information about your Birth Chart compatibility strengths with new people you meet or people you already know. Check your Romance, Friendship, Magnetism (Chemistry), and Business Synastry scores.

* Manually calculate your compatibility/synastry with any Person of Interest and generate their Birth Chart, even if they aren’t yet on the App!

* Message and chat with other NUiTers to expand your Connection’s possibilities.

Restrictions on Age:

What is NUiT and how does it work?

NUiT is an astrology-based dating app that connects people according to their astrological indications. Match evaluation is inefficient, costly, and complex. That is why so many people have switched to Boo. Boo matches you with people who will intuitively understand and appreciate you for who you are at your core.

Which dating app is the best?

  • Tinder is a dating app that allows you to (Android; iOS) (Image courtesy of Tinder)
  • Bumblebee (Android; iOS) (Image courtesy of Bumble)
  • OkCupid (Android; iOS) is a dating app for Android and iOS devices (Image credit: OkCupid)
  • is an online dating service that connects singles (Android; iOS) (Photo courtesy of
  • Grindr is a mobile application that allows you to grind (Android; iOS) (Photo courtesy of Grindr)
  • eharmony is an online dating service (Android; iOS)
  • Facebook is number seven (Android, iOS)
  • When Coffee and Bagel Collide (Android; iOS)

On Tinder, how do you add horoscopes?

What should I do if I want to add Interests to my profile?

  • To get started, open Tinder and tap the profile symbol.
  • By your profile photo, tap the pencil symbol.
  • Select “Interests” from the drop-down menu.
  • Add Interests to your profile by selecting them (You can select a maximum of 5 Interests, but need a minimum of 3)
  • To save your changes, tap Done.

What do Tinder vibes entail?

The feature is available to everyone and does not require a Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum subscription. Vibes is a recurring phenomenon similar to Tinder’s Swipe Surge.

When an event is active in your region, you’ll receive a push message or a pop-up card inviting you to join.

Every Vibe event has a theme, with all participants addressing the same question. Pop culture, food, dating, and other themes are among the topics covered by the questions.

The “Date Night Vibe,” for example, allows you to share your responses to questions about your ideal date with possible matches.

How do I get rid of Tinder’s passion?

How to Modify Your Tinder Preferences

  • Open the Tinder app on your phone.
  • In the top-left corner, tap on your profile.
  • To edit your profile, tap the pencil symbol.
  • Scroll down to the Passions box and tap it.
  • Choose three to five passions that you’d like to share with others.

Which zodiac has the easiest time falling in love?

These are the zodiac signs that have an easy time falling in love. Cancerians are the most emotional of all the zodiac signs, and they are quickly moved by any kind act. It takes them less than a week to fall in love.