What Chinese Zodiac 2018

The Dog years are 2030, 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, and so on. A Dog year happens every 12 years. The year 2030 is the Year of the Metal Dog.

After the Rooster and before the Pig, the Dog is the 11th sign of the Chinese zodiac. According to a 12-year cycle in Chinese astrology, each year is associated with a Chinese zodiac animal.

What is the personality of a Chinese Dog?

According to Chinese zodiac study, people born in the Year of the Dog exhibit clear personality features. They are loyal, fearless, nimble, brilliant, and warm-hearted in both work and love. They know how to keep secrets and instill trust in others. They have the potential to be good leaders.

What is the significance of the Year of the Dog?

Dogs are men’s best friends because they can comprehend and obey their masters, whether they are affluent or not. It is regarded as a lucky animal in China. When a dog appears at a residence, it represents the arrival of good fortune.

With whom does the Dog get along?

People born in the Year of the Dog get along best with people born in the Year of the Rabbit, Horse, or Tiger. Horses and dogs frequently form long-term partnerships based on mutual respect and trust. Tender rabbits’ kindness makes dogs feel cherished and supported. The protection provided by brave tigers makes dogs feel comfortable and encourages them to take chances.

Are dogs fortunate?

Dogs are symbols of devotion, protection, and good luck. Dogs are thought to increase happiness and good fortune in the environment, as well as provide protective positive energies. For protection and safety, the Chinese frequently place a pair of dog statues, known as Fu, at the entrance to their dwellings.

Is 2021 the Year of the Dog a lucky year?

In the Year of the Metal Ox, the Dog will conflict with Tai Sui, dimming your overall luck. Both at work and in your social circle, you are likely to face difficulties in your relationships.

This year, choose your words carefully, or you can find yourself in hot water by accident. Keep an eye out for those who want to hurt you, and avoid getting involved in arguments if at all possible. Focus on improving yourself throughout the year; you will not be disappointed.


The year 2021 will be tough for your professional advancement. You’re prone to get into heated debates with your coworkers, and you can find yourself on the outside of your team.

You may even put strain on your connection with your superiors, which could harm your future chances. In the workplace, exercise prudence and control your temper.

Keep an eye out for possible backstabbers, but don’t exclude everyone; some of your coworkers may wish to assist and support you.

Accepting support from others and appreciating their efforts is always a good idea. You will most likely be under a lot of stress as a result of peer pressure during this period. Use this time to learn new talents and increase your worth to the company, or you may be fired in the future.

This year, you’ll need to be more careful with your money because a stable salary isn’t guaranteed. Because of the difficulties you have at work, you will need to pursue side hustles to supplement your income.

Dogs will not be able to make additional investments in 2021. Build up your savings and invest only when necessary. You’ll have to teach yourself how to budget your money and cut costs. Limit your expenditures to necessities, and you’ll be in fine shape at the end of the year.


This year, you will be able to learn more about topics that have piqued your interest for a long time. Now is the time to establish big goals and work hard to achieve them.

You’ll be inspired by fresh ideas, which will lead to increased academic performance. However, you may still face setbacks. If you’re stuck in a rut, be patient with yourself.

The only genuine keys to success are hard effort and determination, therefore resist complacency at all costs. If you’re at school, stay away from gossip and other distractions while working toward your objectives.


This year, the Dog will bring you mixed outcomes in your romantic life. The majority of single Dogs will desire to find a new romantic mate, but your attempts may be futile. While you may come across a slew of possible love interests, they are unlikely to provide you with the type of connection you desire.

Your new love partner could wind up giving you problems if you aren’t careful. Before getting into a committed relationship, take your time and get to know your possible spouse.

Dogs who are already in a loving relationship may have ups and downs as well. You and your partner will frequently disagree about small topics, and quarrels may occur more regularly. It’s important to remember that communication is essential for establishing and maintaining a love relationship.


Throughout the coming year, the Dog will have to contend with a variety of minor diseases. You will be influenced by the unlucky star Jiao Sha, which raises your chances of sickness and other health problems.

Many parts of your life, such as your profession or relationships, will be under stress as well. This tension could lead to anxiety and stress-related sleeplessness. To avoid these health problems, make sure you eat correctly, exercise frequently, and get enough rest.

If things start to get out of hand, get professional help. You may also be prone to unintentional mishaps, so be cautious when driving or exercising.


The year 2021 will be difficult for the Dog. Do not be alarmed. You will undoubtedly conquer the barriers in your road if you believe in yourself and your talents. Do not be frightened to follow your dreams or to keep a positive attitude. Nothing will be able to stop you from attaining your objectives if you are determined to do so.

What does being a metal Dog entail?

The 1970 Chinese Zodiac Metal Dog’s Personality Traits Metal Dogs are careful and have high self-esteem in the Chinese zodiac. They constantly rely on their own efforts rather than those of others, and they never give up until they achieve their objectives. They are also trustworthy, straightforward, and straightforward.

What does it mean to have a gold dog?

People born under the Dog sign with the Gold element are conservative in their daily lives, but they are very attractive to friends of the opposite sex since the males are gorgeous and the females are attractive.

Because of their high self-esteem, they are constantly cautious and eager to assist people in life, and they do everything themselves rather than relying on others. Furthermore, they will not give up until their objectives are met.

What does it imply to be born during the Tiger year?

People born in the Tiger year are courageous, competitive, unexpected, and self-assured. They have a pleasant personality and are well-liked by others. However, they are prone to being rash, angry, and overindulgent at times.

Tigers work hard and express themselves loudly, accomplishing things in a high-handed style, due to their strong nature and severe judgment. They are authoritative and never contradict themselves.

They can be capable leaders if they have strong confidence and indomitable tenacity. They will not plan ahead of time for anything, but will be able to deal with whatever comes their way.

Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Water Tigers

Each zodiac sign is related with one of the five elements in Chinese element theory: gold (metal), wood, water, fire, or earth. A Water Tiger, for example, only appears once every 60 years.

The zodiac animal sign and element of a person’s birth year are thought to influence their personality. This indicates that there are five different kinds of Tigers, each with its own set of characteristics:

Is it a good year for Dog to be born in the year of the Tiger?

The year of the water tiger, according to the Dog Chinese horoscope 2022, promises a year full of love experiences and creative realizations. This year, my Dogs, the monotony in life that has been there for some time will come to an end. The Chinese horoscope for Dogs in 2022 indicates change and excitement. In the wind of life, the spring season will usher in newness. While some Dogs may relish the opportunity to show off their brilliance to the world and receive accolades, others will relish the sense of success at work.

Passion, intensity, and a turbulent romance will characterize your romantic life. The Dogs’ lives will be filled with joy and variety this year.