What Is Beyoncé Zodiac Sign

On September 4, 1981, Beyonc Knowles was born. Her sun sign is Virgo, and her moon sign is Scorpio. We can’t truly estimate her Ascendant because her birth time isn’t posted online. Maybe the stars will align and one of her friends will pass along my contact information to her, telling her to schedule a reading with me. (Hint: you already know who you are.)

What is the zodiac sign of Bellatrix Lestrange?

Bellatrix Lestrange, 11/13 Scorpio You are the Zodiac’s most passionate, resilient, and powerful sign. Whatever you think of Bellatrix, she has a lot of passion and power. Also, as a Scorpio, you are devoted to those you love and covert when necessary.

Regulus Black’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

We never get to meet Sirius Black’s younger brother in the books or novels because he died tragically just a few years before Harry was born. Regulus, unlike Sirius, was a dedicated son who wanted to make his parents happy by joining Slytherin and making the pure-blood Black family proud by willingly joining Voldemort at the age of sixteen. He tries to shift his allegiance and destroy Voldemort’s Horcrux before he is slain when he realizes Voldemort is genuinely evil.

He sees a young man loyal to his family, a strong-willed individual eager to stand up for what he believes in, all signs of a Cancer, despite the fact that we don’t see much of him.

Is Beyonc a Libra or a Scorpio?

Beyonc’s concept of the Zodiac is based on her personal relationships (“I was in love with a Sagittarius”) in “Signs,” but her perspective must be contextualized with her natal chart, which influences compatibility. Beyonc was born in Houston, Texas, on September 4, 1981 (as she says in the opening to “Get Me Bodied”). She was born around 10 a.m., making her a Virgo sun with a Scorpio moon and Libra rising, according to the Astro Twins.

What are Dabi’s signs?

Dabi, like many Virgos, is a careful and deliberate individual. He embraces violence and is quick to use it, but he also knows when to back off and take his time. When it comes to making decisions, Virgos are careful and practical.

What is Dobby’s zodiac sign?

On April Fool’s Day, identical twins are born?! These wizards were destined to be pranksters from the beginning; they even made a living off of it at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, the notorious joke shop in Diagon Alley. Given their love of laughter, it’s tempting to think the twins are Sagittarius, but there’s a critical distinction to be made here. Sagittarius’ wit stems from ego, whilst Aries revels in the thrill of it all. Aries is the Zodiac’s baby sign, and it’s their sense of wonder that drives them to embark on big, daring, and often explosive adventures.

Professor Horace Slughorn: Taurus

Taurus signs do not aspire to the throne in the same manner as Leos do. They don’t want to be in such a position because it introduces them to a world of stress. They do, however, have exceptional taste, which can put them in a difficult situation. Tauruses have a high regard for the finer things in life, both in terms of number and quality. All of this arises from a hedonistic desire to retain mental calm and enjoy all of life’s worldly pleasures. Horace Slughorn enjoys being in the company of successful, famous, and powerful people, but he does not want to be the center of attention. That’s how we know he’s a Taurus sun sign.

Draco Malfoy: Gemini

Draco Malfoy has a conscience somewhere in his Slytherin heart, despite being a straight-up jerk for the majority of the novel. Geminis can’t help but see both sides of a situation, thus they often get lost in their own thoughts. Draco wishes to placate Voldemort by performing his bidding, but as he is lured more into the Dark Lord’s circle, he has major doubts. Malfoy shrinks every time he is forced to do something truly nasty. Fans of astrology, take note. Geminis aren’t completely evil. Sure, they’ll speak a great game about ruining you, betraying you, and setting you up for murder, but as they watch it all unfold, they’ll think twice.

Dobby the Elf: Cancer

“What a lovely spot to be with friends.” Dobby is delighted to be with his pal Harry Potter.” Dobby the House Elf not only died to save his pals, but he also spoke about them in his dying words. That is exactly what it means to be a Cancer. Cancer is a sign that enjoys spending time with their loved ones at home, and it’s not uncommon for them to treat their pals like family. Dobby’s empathy and commitment make him a heartbreaking Cancer sun, with his cheerful demeanor and protective disposition.

What is Hagrid’s sign in the zodiac?

Harry Potter- These two words conjure up images of our childhood in our minds and hearts. Harry Potter is regarded as one of the most popular book series of all time. Potterheads are enthralled by the books, from the tiniest detail to a major character feature. One thing we may have overlooked during our fangirling/fanboying sessions, though, is their birthdays.

The birthday of a character reveals a lot about their personality. The key characters’ birthdates perfectly fit their zodiac personalities, thanks to J.K. Rowling, the author of the popular Harry Potter series of novels. The zodiac signs of 12 Harry Potter characters are listed here.

Harry is a Leo and was born on July 31st. He continually puts the well-being of others before his own, just like a traditional Leo.

Hermione is a Virgo, having been born on September 19th. She is extremely compassionate, devoted, analytical, and sensible, just like a true Virgo.

Ron, who was born on March 1st, is a Pisces. He has the loving and empathetic character of a classic Pisces. Pisces make excellent buddies since they are optimistic and well-behaved.

McGonagall, who was born on October 11th, is a Libra. She is open-minded and gentle, exactly like her zodiac sign of Libra.

Dumbledore is a Virgo and was born in late August. He is incredibly educated, hardworking, patient, and practical in character, just like a true Virgo. Virgos are known for their responsibility, and we have no doubt that the Headmaster of Hogwarts is one of them.

Hagrid is a Sagittarius, born on December 6th. He’s a generous and kind-hearted individual, much like a classic Sagittarius. He’s also a compassionate individual, which is why Harry, Hermione, and Ron like him.

Sirius was a Scorpio born on November 3rd. He is a brave and kind individual who has faced all life has thrown at him with a brave heart, just like a true Scorpio.

Fred and George were both Aries, having been born on April 1st. They were both wizarding pranksters, just like a typical Aries. They were a lot of fun and really lively.

Ginny is a Leo, having been born on August 11th. She is a really kind character, just like a traditional Leo. Like her zodiac sign, she is likewise fearless and protective.

Snape, who was born on January 9th, is a Capricorn. He is smart and serious, much like a traditional Capricorn. Capricorns are known for being cynical and aloof at times, but Snape thinks ahead for a brighter future.

What is the zodiac sign of Nymphadora Tonks?

Nymphadora Tonks was most likely born under the sign of Pisces, which, like Cancer and Scorpio, corresponds to the Water element of astrology. Pisces’ symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolizing complexity. Nymphadora was compassionate by nature, being a Pisces.

Cedric Diggory’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

The lucky sign of Ares will get to romance Hogwarts Tri-Wizard Champion Cedric Diggory, who is dreamy, bold, and a particularly brilliant finder. You are active, brave, and passionate as an Ares, yet you may also be impatient, vain, and egotistic. Cedric, as a Libra, is polite enough to work with your fiery side, yet your attraction is strong enough to keep things intriguing. Imagine the shenanigans you and the Prefect would get up to in the Prefect’s bathroom.

Slytherin belongs to which zodiac sign?

The Ravenclaw house produces some of Harry Potter’s most talented studentsHermione was almost placed in Ravenclawand the books include a slew of thinkers and inventors who were Ravenclaw graduates. Furthermore, their head of house, Professor Flitwick, is a Libra, and Luna Lovegood is an Aquarius (Aquarians are noted for being incredibly smart oddballs, which Luna is!). Gilderoy Lockhart was a Ravenclaw Aquarius, too, and a prodigy when it came to memory charms, but he definitely demonstrated the dark side of Aquariusin other words, he was a real airhead who preferred to showboat himself above all else. Anyway, the list could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Because you’re a Ravenclaw, of course you do.

This house is stereotyped as the home of all the wizarding world’s villains (sorry, water signs), but they’re also, in my opinion, the most misunderstood, which is also true of water signs (particularly Pisces). So let’s get started: Slytherin has a serpent as its mascot, its colors are green and silver, and its dorms are literally under a lake in the dungeons. Slytherins are shrewd, resourceful, and very ambitious, all of which seem eerily similar to Scorpio characteristics. Listen, Scorpios: I know it, you know it, we all know ityou earn a reputation for being villains, even if it’s not true, much like Slytherin.

A Libra celebrity is someone who is born under the sign of the zodiac.

The Libra season begins on September 23 and ends on October 22. People born under the sign of the air are regarded for being well-balanced, tranquil, and charming. Libras include celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Donald Glover, and Bella Hadid.