What Is Serena Van Der Woodsen Zodiac Sign

While Serena is the It Girl, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) is the show’s genuine queen bee and is a true Scorpio by definition. Scorpios are known for their obstinacy, resourcefulness, secrecy, and jealousy. When spectators see Blair for the first time, she is immediately envious of Serena because she was previously the queen of the Upper East Side before passing the throne to Blair. Fans of the show will recall how Serena’s friendship with Blair’s boyfriend Nate sparked additional resentment between the two women, who became frenemies before reuniting as best friends.

Serena van der Woodsen is a Libra, right?

First and foremost, I despised Blair and Dan’s romance. It just didn’t make sense, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over, just like the previous time. First and foremost, Dan and Serena WERE NOT COMPATIBLE (I said it!). Vanessa should have been Dan’s choice. Serena was supposed to end up with Nate. I should’ve ended up with Chuck, too. I mean, I’m glad Blair and Chuck got along so well. Third, if you start watching this show knowing Dan is Gossip Girl, it makes no sense because you see him being startled by whatever Gossip Girl reveals, even when he’s alone (who are you putting up a show for???). IT WAS WRITTEN BY YOU!! Or was it a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with Dan having a dual personality and Patricia composing all of the gossip tips???

Also, could someone kindly explain why Blair’s fianc Louis stayed in New York with her while he was the PRINCE OF MOTHER FUCKING MONACO??? And why, even when no one was nearby, did Louis, his mother, and sister all speak English with strong French accents to each other instead of French??? And what became of Lily and Rufus’ love child?? And what was Blair’s reaction to her child dying so quickly? Did it irritate anyone else that Dan kept it in the family by dating his step sister and then his step cousin? Ugh. I’m afraid I won’t be able to.

Finally, the more I watched the show, the more I despised every single character. When you binge-watch a show in four days, you don’t realize how obnoxious everyone is. Anyway, I’m done venting for the time being. Let’s move on to the signs of the zodiac!

Pisces: Rufus Humphrey

Rufus is imaginative, caring, loving, loyal, antisocial, upbeat, and sensitive. He’s a dreamer, a romantic, and an explorer. He can be indecisive and unpredictable in his decisions, just like his sign, which drives him to alter his mind frequently. When things get bad in his relationship with Lily, he isn’t the best at regulating his feelings and communicating them, which leads him to run away and hide.

Because Pisces is a flexible, changeable sign, they can rapidly discard an entire relationship if they aren’t content. Which would explain why he eventually stopped seeking Lily and let her go after he no longer felt an emotional connection with her (as if he hadn’t spent 20 years chasing her because he thought she was The One?!?!). They should have just stayed together, but I think Lily values money and power more than love. (I was perplexed by their relationship.) When they were away, they were so passionate, but after they were together, it was the most stale, uninteresting storyline ever).

Libra: Lily Van Der Woodsen

Lily has married more times than I had boyfriends. She’s a New York socialite who, like a typical Libra, is materialistic, gregarious, and enjoys the high life. Lily will go to any length to maintain her flawless public image, as well as the reputations of her children, who are a reflection of her.

Lily can never be alone, which is why, like her daughter, we witness her bouncing from one man to the next.

Libra: Serena van der Woodsen

Serena is a Libra, which is one of the least compatible signs with a Virgo (as Dan) but one of the most compatible with a Gemini (or Nate), which is why I’ve always thought she was meant to be with Nate. But who am I to say!! I just read my horoscope, my ex’s horoscope, his new girlfriend’s horoscope, my friends’ horoscopes, and my boss’ horoscope for a few hours a day… I’m not sure when I found the time to create this blog because I’m so busy reading horoscopes!!! Thank you very much.

Serena is flirty, gregarious, easygoing, charming, and the life of the party since she is a Libra. She’s the It Girl everyone wants to be, or at least that’s how she presents herself. She puts on a front for every man she falls in love with, just like a real Libra, in order to fit his notion of an ideal companion. She has a hard time saying no, which gets her into a lot of issues with her loved ones because she makes them feel like they’re not a priority because of her selfish and unpredictable personality. Serena’s whole self-worth (much like her mother’s) is based on having a lover, as she is a romantic at heart. Serena appears to like the concept of love more than she enjoys her actual companions at times. Her life tends to fall apart without a lover to keep her grounded.

Serena, a Libra, is a free spirit who enjoys attention, enjoys traveling, enjoys fashion, and has a wild side. She can also be conceited, conceited, superficial, and vain. She has no idea what she wants out of life, which is why some people may perceive her as indecisive and lazy, however she is never too indolent to have a good time. Serena can be cold and emotionless at times. She has a tendency to be insensitive, which is why she would struggle to meet the emotional demands of a Virgo.

A Libra might be a villain despite the fact that this sign is known for avoiding conflict. Serena has a habit of losing her cool and starting unnecessary fights, separating people, and playing games with a tit-for-tat destructive approach when she loses her temper. She can be stubborn at times, but thanks to her easygoing, forgiving personality, she is able to let things go and prevent more dispute.

Virgo: Dan Humphrey

Dan is living proof that if you stalk someone for long enough, your passion will eventually run out of options and you will date and eventually marry them. Dan and Hailey Baldwin must have read the same book.

Dan places a high importance on family and friends, and he always has their best interests at heart, which can lead to him being critical or judgmental at times. Dan is intellectual, rational, ambitious, goal-oriented, calculated, and diligent, as befitting his Virgo zodiac sign. He is able to meticulously plan his future, which distinguishes him from the rest of the group. Dan, as a genuine Virgo, is harsh with others but even harsher with himself, which is why he has trouble in some romantic relationships. When he’s with Serena, for example, he continually feels like he’s not good enough, which causes him to have a chip on his shoulder and tear her down by pointing out her shortcomings subconsciously. (I wondered whether Dan secretly wished to be Serena rather than date her in order to live the Manhattan lifestyle he pretended to despise.) Sigh. I despise every single person on this program.)

Dan, like a typical Virgo, has a tendency to want to fix others (out of love), and he yearns for perfection and cleanliness. Dan is the polar opposite of the life of the party, preferring to keep out of the limelight. He prefers order and routine and is unable to deal with people who are erratic or excessively emotional.

Virgos are not jealous and can forgive adultery but not dishonesty, which explains why he was able to forgive Serena cheating on him but broke up with her once she acknowledged that was a lie, unable to deal with all the lies and secrets she hid from him.

Scorpio: Georgina Sparks

This nasty queen gives Scorpio women a terrible rap, but my money’s on her being an October baby, because October female Scorpios are known to be a touch more dark/evil than the rest of the zodiac sign’s females.

Georgina is one of my favorite characters because she is always plotting and manipulating people to achieve what she wants while being smart and sarcastic. She’s the show’s funniest character, and she’s a lot cooler than the rest of her upper east side pals. I believe she secretly wants to be liked and cares about her friends, but she uses threats, power, and terror to get what she wants, much like a real October female Scorpio. Unfortunately, even for Georgina, this never works.

One of my favorite Georgina plotlines is when she falls in love with Dan in college and appears to be casual about it, only to become attached and stalkerish, manipulative, and obsessive over him. That’s true Scorpio love! Georgina’s second favorite scene is near the end of the show, when she helps Dan realize his potential with his book! Because both signs are driven, it’s a fantastic example of what terrific mates Virgos and Scorpios can make. Scorpios are goal-oriented, diligent, and excellent at inspiring people to achieve their full potential.

Scorpio: Chuck Bass

Every girl wishes she could change Chuck, the terrible boy. Scheming with Blair, buying his way out of everything, and being so emotionally unavailable that it turns me up (which is something I’m working on with my therapist every Thursday) are some of his best skills.

Scorpio is the most sexiest zodiac sign, and Chuck is no exception. He is a sex machine who walks, talks, and breathes sex. Chuck is passionate, devoted, secretive, possessive, bold, and self-absorbed. He keeps to himself and rarely expresses emotion, despite the fact that he privately feels a lot. He never gives up when he wants something (his business and Blair are two examples), and despite his calm, cool, and collected demeanor, his crazy unpredictable side bursts through on occasion.

Chuck is vengeful, jealous, manipulative, seductive, intuitive, and sensual. He knows how to sting people who have wronged him, even those he loves. Hell hath no fury like a scorned Scorpio, whether it’s expressed via words or actions. But those who love Chuck, such as Blair, understand him and know that his rage and nasty remarks are a result of pain, and that his behavior is simply a cry for help, as Scorpios are known to do.

Chuck also displayed some of his more spectacular Scorpio tendencies at times. Take, for example, his strong affection for Blair. A Scorpio is the only sign that is both emotionally intense and emotionally intelligent. Chuck’s buddies knew they could always count on him to help them, even if they ignored him. He’s a genuine pal. He’s also focused, honest, resourceful, amorous, and sexual, as well as hardworking, successful, smart, passionate, ambitious, and focused. Like my father. I’m joking, joking, joking. But, because my father and I are both Scorpios, I know Chuck is fantastic in bed. Please accept my apologies for the grim humor. Another thing I talk about in therapy on a regular basis.

Cancer with Taurus rising: Blair Waldorf

Serena may appear to be the It Girl, but no one governs New York like Blair. She is the social queen of every club, and she lets everyone know it when she walks in. Blair is a Cancer, one of the zodiac’s most nurturing signs, and she is fiercely loyal. She has a big heart and is always there for her friends in need, no matter how badly they’ve hurt her.

Blair is similar to Chuck in that she is really sensitive on the inside, despite her strong faade. Blair is an excellent organizer and planner. She’s also a diligent worker who enjoys creating something she can name her own. She feels compelled to know everything about everyone. When things don’t go her way, she requires continual attention and displays the manipulative emotional behavior of a Cancer scorned.

She is protective, which can come out as possessive, petulant, and childish at times, just like a real Cancer. She’s also not afraid to hit someone below the belt in order to damage them, though she never goes as far as a Scorpio (aka Chuck) would.

Her Taurus ascendant represents her analytical side, persistent desire for control and order, and sexual/sensual side (meaning her and Chuck’s wild sex life aka my mother is a Taurus and my father is a Scorpio so you know what that means!?!? Blair, like a true Cancer with a Taurus rising, has a passion for the better things in life and, like a true Cancer with a Taurus rising, she loves to love and always follows her heart.

(Dorotha was most likely born under the sign of Taurus.) If you’d like me to write a more extensive description of this zodiac sign, please let me know in the comments section below.)

Gemini: Nate Archibald

Nate is so unassuming that if he weren’t so stunning, you’d forget he was ever on the show. Nate is gregarious, polite, charming, indecisive, and trustworthy. He looks out for his friends and family and is always up for a good time. On the other hand, like a real Gemini, he’s serious, opinionated, restless, and thoughtful.

Geminis are known for their independence and lack of jealousy, which explains why he gets over his best friend sleeping with his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend a little too quickly, although in his defense, they’ve only been dating since they were youngsters. On the other hand, he did sleep with his girlfriend’s best friend (aka Serena). After all, who hasn’t??!! (Chuck?) High school, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Am I correct? This is so relatable.

Nate, like a Gemini, isn’t quite honest with himself when it comes to his emotions. We rarely see much emotion in him, but when those lovely blue eyes cry, we’re there to see it. We cry sometimes because it’s not fair that he was born with such lovely eyelashes and eyebrows while the rest of us females had to strive for them, but I’m delighted for him regardless. I suppose.

Leo: Jenny Humphrey

Jenny always manages to stand out and be the focus of attention. Even as a freshman, she almost wins a war against MOTHER F*CKING BLAIR! Like a Leo, she is truly unstoppable. Jenny can never be a follower for long because she was born to lead while remaining true to herself, no matter who it may offend.

Jenny’s objective, like that of a Leo, has been to not just fit in but to be admired and acknowledged by the Upper East Side from the beginning, and she’ll go to any length to get it. She can be self-absorbed as a Leo teenager, always looking out for number one. She’s also incredibly passionate about everything she does, which leads to her having unnecessarily dramatic temper tantrums that she subsequently regrets.

She also has a tendency, as a typical Leo, to allow fame and wealth get the best of her. She enjoys being the center of attention and being admired, but she can let her emotions get the best of her at times. She rarely backs down until she has to, like a fierce lion (but it takes her a while to get there).

Aquarius: Vanessa Abrams

Aside from the horoscope signs, I felt terrible for this character. She might have had one eye, a hunchback, and a wooden limb since she was always the final resort for every boy on the show! This beauty is artistic, loyal, obstinate, innovative, honest, original, self-sufficient, astute, and cool under pressure. Because she doesn’t show many emotions, she can come across as aloof at times, exactly like a real Aquarius.

Vanessa had the worst luck with her love life on the program, so it’s no surprise she left because her character deserved more than to be turned into some irritating villain everyone despised. It didn’t make any sense to me. Her apparent daddy issues were the only thing that made sense here. She plainly didn’t love herself enough, as seen by the fact that she was continuously waiting on males who only noticed her when it was convenient for them.

Sagittarius: Carter Baizen

Carter is attractive and affable, so it’s no wonder that he succeeds to win the hearts of Blair and Serena at one time. Carter is a fun, crazy, independent, extroverted, and intriguing Sagittarius. He’s also outgoing, friendly, and adventurous, and he seems to live life to the fullest, as we see him struggle with a gambling habit and poor decisions.

This sign is emotional but not clingy, and they like their independence. One wonderful thing about this sign is that they can be very spontaneous, which means they rarely stay in one place for too long, but they can always continue up just where they left off.

Capricorn: Eric van der Woodsen

Who cares what sign he’s wearing? I almost forgot he was on the show. Just joking. I’m simply hungry.

Anyway, I’d say he’s a Capricorn if I had to guess. Eric can come out as a little too serious for his age and very self-reliant at times. He is a person who is unconcerned about what others think of him, which explains how he was able to come out during a high school party while his secret boyfriend was present in order to expose his secret boyfriend’s lie about being gay.

Capricorns are known for being hardworking, realistic, patient, stubborn, cautious, and disciplined, making them the DD at parties rather than the party animal. Eric is also trustworthy, reliable, and concerned about his family. He is someone who others can rely on for guidance and assistance.

Aries: Juliet Sharp

Juliet had a plan and a goal from the moment Nate first saw her. Juliet is a leader, feisty, domineering, and spontaneous woman who is assertive, aggressive, and independent. She is often the seductress in the game of love, she does not get attached quickly, she can be insensitive to others, she is very ambitious, very determined, and she rarely takes no for an answer, just like a real Aries.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of this character; I just included her on the list because I didn’t want to leave Aries out.

And there you have it, Gossip Girl fans: the zodiac signs of all the key characters, as well as a few forgetful ones. I’m roughly 6 years late to this party, but like most of the parties I go to, I’m only here for the food and can’t wait to get out!

Chuck and Blair’s zodiac signs are Aries and Capricorn, respectively.

Blair’s birthday is one of the few occasions in the six-season show when a birthday is commemorated. It usually occurs in the early fall, shortly after the start of school, and involves a ball. Blair can be any of the autumn signs, but Libra feels the most natural and in line with her values. Blair is the epitome of a Libra in many respects. She is both an aesthete and a thinker. Ideas, luxury, and social networking are all important to her. Blair’s story is around marriage and partnership.

Blair is never truly Blair when she is alone. In her relationships with Serena, Chuck, Dan, the prince, and Chuck again, she is always Blair. Blair, like most Libras, has a hard time letting go of her back-up partners and keeps exes closer than family. Unlike Scorpio, who harbors grudges and lies in wait, or Sagittarius, who forgives and forgets, Libra Blair wants to exact just punishment. You hurt her, she hurts you socially (blacklisting, ostracizing), and then she’s over it and ready for her next party, which you’re invited to.

Regina George’s horoscope sign is Capricorn.

Regina was a nut, but she was also a zealot. She was incredibly headstrong and hot-headed as a result of allowing her emotions to get the best of her. She would go to any length to have what she desired and would not accept no for an answer. Obviously, we are more balanced in real life, but can you think of a more accurate description of an Aries?

What personality type is Blair Waldorf?

Extroverted, natural-born leaders, ENTJs are well-known. If you search for “leader,” you could come across Blair Waldorf’s visage. From the moment she was born, she began ascending the social ladder by ordering her wealthy parents, first her servant Dorota, and eventually her fellow pupils, claiming the title of Queen Bee without the permission of anyone else. Blair has unrivaled determination and drive, as well as an insatiable thirst for a good challenge, both of which are distinguishing ENTJ characteristics. We wouldn’t be surprised if Blair ran for mayor of New York and defeated her ex-boyfriend Nate.

Chucky’s horoscope sign is Capricorn.

Chucky is a ferocious, rage-filled assassin who cuts first and then thinks out how to dispose of the dead later. In a nutshell, Charles Lee Ray is an Aries. Those born under the first zodiac sign are proud, impetuous, and do not plan ahead of time. And that’s the type of ferocity you’d expect from a killer who, while bleeding out in a toy store, mysteriously puts their soul into a doll. What are the ritual’s ramifications? Is there a set of guidelines to follow? Will the deadly conscience of Charles Lee Ray be forever imprisoned in this pint-sized plastic vessel? Chucky doesn’t have time for those kinds of foresightful considerations.