What Is Tohru Honda Zodiac Sign

Tohru is a wonderful friend who is always willing to help. Virgos strive to grow alongside their companions and empathize with them. Tohru’s constant objective is to assist her friends, as well as the Sohmas, in becoming better people. She doesn’t just sympathize with them; she wants to thoroughly heal them. This Virgo quality is what motivates her to want to lift the Sohma family’s curse.

Tohru Honda belongs to which zodiac sign?

Fruits Basket, among genre titans like Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon, is one of the most popular and iconic shojo manga/anime series out there, and its heroine, Tohru Honda, binds it all together. Tohru is on a journey to cure the hearts of every member of the Sohma family and ultimately put an end to the multi-generational curse that has plagued this secluded family for generations.

Tohru works extremely hard to balance her high school life, finances, and personal relationships with her desire to break the Sohma curse, and her astrological sign reflects this. Only Cancer, a lovely water sign, could possibly depict Tohru Honda in the 2019 Fruits Basket anime narrative.

What is the zodiac sign of Kyo Sohma?

One of the protagonists in Fruits Basket, Kyo Sohma, has a fiery, competitive nature, making him an excellent illustration of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac cycle. He embodies both the sign’s bad and positive characteristics.

Tohru, do you think he’s a Taurus?

Since I did the same for Kyo, I’ll start with Tohru. Tohru possesses many taurean characteristics. She’s tenacious, enthusiastic, patient, and determined. She’s a bit of a brat, always taking on additional responsibilities even when others tell her to back off, and she’s fiercely loyal to the people she loves. Others gain security as a result of her. But there are two major (undeveloped) Taurus characteristics that appear to encompass her: she has a hard time speaking up about her feelings and she is averse to change. Taurus and Capricorn have a similar undeveloped feature in that they are both sensitive to rejection (this seems to be an earth sign thing, really, as perfectionist virgo can be rather sensitive to this as well). I believe that a pisces moon is fueling Tohru’s sensitivity and intuition toward people, as well as her good-natured demeanor, but also causing her to dwell a little too much within her head and heart.

Tohru brings tenderness, sustenance, and patience in contrast to kyo’s capricorn sun (and what I believe is an aries moon). Though both Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs, they differ in that Taurus is a nurturer and Capricorn is a survivor. Taurus is a fixed sign that represents the mid-spring season: there is a need to take the natural beauty and nurturing of spring and carry it within at all times, even after the season has past. Capricorn, on the other hand, is a cardinal sign that signals the start of winter: it’s a call to prepare oneself to endure through a challenging season, and to carry that reliability and endurance with oneself at all times.

Though things are tough for Tohru, kyo manages to be there for her, even when she fails to express her feelings. He assures her that he will listen and will sit with her even if she is unable to speak.

When kyo tries to find the beauty in life, tohru comes through with even the tiniest things: the excitement of seeing the ocean for the first time, cooking a meal together, laughing over the dumbest things.

Of course, they do battle together. They both have trouble perceiving their own worth, but they constantly see it in each other. They’re both afraid of falling in love: tohru for fear of change, of letting go of her past, and kyo for fear of his (and her) future. Taurus is a retrograde sign, while Capricorn is a forward-thinking sign.

Tohru wants the simple honest emotion that tookyo’s aries moon provides (she worries when she can’t read someone, like yuki), and it’s something kyo advises she should strive on. Tohru’s pisces moon represents the empathic and caring sentiment that kyo need from her in order to build confidence, and these are qualities that kyo finally learns to cultivate in himself.

They discover stability within each other in true earth sign form. They become each other’s homes after their separate lives of instability become entwined through happenstance. They collaborate and persevere as a team. Every resolute start to a Capricorn winter brings the fruits of a relaxed Taurus spring in the end.

When does Tohru Honda’s birthday fall?

“I’m frequently asked about the birthdays of the Fruits Basket characters, but none of them have a known birthday or blood type. That way, I’ll be able to modify or remove stuff more easily. Not only for Fruits Basket, but for all of my works, I don’t set anything in stone (unless is it absolutely required for an episode). Please accept my apologies for this. Sorry.

“As you can see from the above-quoted tweet, I haven’t given any of my characters a blood type, height, or weight.

“As a result, any data that has been published in past fan books will be rejected. Please bear with me.

“I didn’t have any specific birth dates in mind at the time, and I couldn’t bring myself to say no to dates that were suggested. However, I have never wanted any dates to be set inside my workplace, and I regret it greatly. As a result, I’m finally taking the liberty of rebuking any dates that have been stated.

What exactly is the Akito Zodiac?

Akito is possessed by the God Spirit of the Zodiacs, who is the master of the Zodiacs’ souls and controls them. By being God, Akito holds the basic core of the Zodiac curse. As a result, no matter how badly she abuses them, the Zodiacs and the Cat are incapable of betraying or resisting her, and must obey her every word. Their own feelings evaporate and their bodies cringe in subjection in her presence; they have no prospect of escaping since their hearts desire for her. The tie between Akito and the Zodiacs is both a blessing and a burden because of Akito’s profound emotional connection with them, which can transcend spoken words or direct engagement between any of them. Akito’s role as “God” has had an impact on the Zodiacs in the following ways:

  • Shigure, Hatori, Ayame, and Kureno all had a dream about Akito when she was initially conceived, and as they awoke crying, they raced to Akito’s mother, Ren, reaching out for her womb, knowing that their God was inside.
  • Despite the anguish and pain Akito has caused them, Yuki in particular, Yuki and Hatori are unable to blame her.
  • Kyo and Rin, as tough as they are, will be worried about Akito if she becomes serious or angry.
  • Akito can feel when a bond is broken and will rush to the Zodiac member who has the broken bond.

Akito is horrified as the curse begins to come apart, and he desperately tries to hold on to the links. Despite this, with Tohru’s support, she is able to go on and resolves to let go of the links and live as herself, rather than God. When the curse breaks for all of the Zodiacs, Akito loses control over them and decides to set them go.

What Zodiac does Kagura belong to?

is the Chinese zodiac’s Boar. She is portrayed as a strong young woman with the impulsive behavior associated with persons born in her zodiac sign. The latter frequently takes the form of berating and abusing Kyo, whom she claims to be engaged to. When Kagura and Kyo were seven and five years old, and he was alone due to the cat’s curse, she played with him and threatened him into proposing to her (using a knife in the manga, a boulder in the anime). After Rin questions Kagura about the nature of her love, she finally reveals to Kyo that her love was based on pity, much as Kazuma suspects Tohru’s is, and that she has clung to him because she had it easy compared to the cat. When Kyo tells her he can’t love her, she pretends she’s given up hope of winning him over, but she still loves and cares for him; when Tohru admits to Rin that she loves Kyo, Kagura impulsively punches her, telling her that she should tell Kyo. Kagura is described as a “elder sister type who is always ready to help” in an author’s note. She attends a nearby college while living with her parents, who are shown to be accepting of her contradictory personality, and Rin. The only female member of the zodiac who has not been hurt by Akito is Kagura. Takaya was named after the eleventh month of the old Japanese calendar, kagurazuki, or “month of Shinto song and dance,” which is the month of the Pig.

What is Hatori Sohma’s zodiac sign?

The dragon (seahorse) is the zodiac sign of Hatori Sohma. He is the Sohma family’s doctor and has a cold demeanor. Tohru is initially invited to his home in an attempt to scare her away from the Sohmas.

Rin’s Zodiac Fruits Basket exactly what it sounds like.

Isuzu Sohma (, Sma Isuzu, “Isuzu Soma”) is a regular character in the Fruits Basket manga, better known by her nickname Rin (, Rin). She is the Chinese Zodiac’s Horse.