What Makes Him Miss You After A Breakup Zodiac

People born under the earth sign of the zodiac usually give everything they have to a relationship, and they always want for it to last a lifetime. They are people who are accustomed to experiencing strong feelings, and they adore being in a committed relationship because they enjoy the company, cooperation, and emotional connection that come with falling in love. Consider what a Taurean would be like if everything that he has based his entire universe on ceased to exist. Because he simply does not know how to stop adoring the familiar feeling, a Taurean takes a very long time to recover from a failed relationshipsometimes even years that last a lifetime. Yes, Taurus takes the longest of all the signs of the zodiac to move on from a breakup.

Why do my ex-boyfriends text me astrology?

I miss you and I want you back, he texted. Both scary and touching, these words. His message may indicate that he has come to realize how much he cares about you or that he simply prefers not to be by himself.

The love witch is an indication of what?

Taurus is a romantic and adores love like a Venusian sign! Men are easily seduced by Elaine. Being an earth sign, Taurus has a special connection to the physical world. They place a high value on touch, sensuality, and physical pleasure. A Taurus would undoubtedly specialize in sex and love magic if they possessed supernatural abilities. The Love Witch is also a very “aesthetic” film, which Taureans are very excellent at since they are one of the signs that value beauty the most!

After a breakup, what does Gemini do?

These celestial twins are known to utilize deft mental and emotional strategies to make it seem as though the breakup is truly what their spouse wants, a classic Gemini move, on the extremely rare event that they initiate a breakup. Gemini, the social butterfly of the zodiac, gets over their breakups by telling stories and turning them into funny or tragic anecdotes to tell over drinks. While some might refer to this practice as “kiss and tell,” a Gemini refers to it as healing.

Miss their ex, do Pisces?

Pisces is the star sign that, according to study, has the most difficulty moving past a breakup. Yes, 88% of Pisceans admit to missing their ex.

Do Scorpios revisit their ex-partners?

If you have ever experienced a Scorpio’s sting, you are aware of how serious they are. A Scorpio will blame themselves for the split in addition to never getting back together with an ex. They will undoubtedly tell you about your flaws, so it’s not like they won’t see them.

Why it’s effective to ignore your ex?

Because you come across as being really insecure, your ex doesn’t want to get close to you. But after that, you start ignoring them and institute a no contact policy. Your ex will be shocked and perplexed by this significant difference.

They’ll begin by enquiring, “What’s happening?” How did you become suddenly so confident and steady? Having enough of them?

This will especially enrage them if they were considering retaining you as a backup or as friends with benefits because they never anticipated you to completely disregard them.

Unknowingly, the more stable we become, the more our ex starts to come back to us. But while you are portraying stability and security by ignoring your ex, other things also occur.

You Also Tap Into Their Grass Is Greener Syndrome

Whether you like it or not, the fact is that when an ex breaks up with you, they are admitting they believe they are capable of more success than you.

However, they must date new people in order to appreciate how fortunate they were with you.

Now, this does not occur immediately. Many people mistakenly believe that the “grass is greener” syndrome will make their ex want to reconcile with them right away. However, this is not how the syndrome functions.

When your ex ends things with you, they tell you a falsehood about why they did it when they really just wanted to consider their choices. They therefore go on dates and locate someone they believe to be superior to you.

Once they start dating, he starts kissing the new female, deleting your photos from his social media accounts, and replacing them with ones of them. You may find all of this to be quite gloomy and upsetting.

But keep in mind that this is merely their honeymoon stage. This extravagant honeymoon phase will soon fade, and that’s when the comparisons begin, when they both revert to their true selves in partnerships.

As opposed to talking about the high points of their relationship on the honeymoon, your ex will start comparing his daily life with his new girlfriend and with you. When he looks back on their relationship, he should say to himself, “I had it pretty nice with her.

At that point, he begins to romanticize your union, and you notice that ex-lovers are regularly contacting you. He’ll likely try to keep things casual, but he’ll start turning to you for the kind of emotional support that he ought to be getting from his spouse.

Therefore, sometimes giving up and letting your ex sort things out on their own is enough to trigger the regret-inducing “grass is greener on the other side” effect.


Following your breakup, ignoring your ex and enforcing a no contact rule is the wisest course of action. Here’s why:

  • You have more time to devote to improving your life and concentrating on you.
  • It presents a confident and assured aspect of you.
  • It lets your ex naturally stumble into the grass is greener syndrome

Do guys consistently return?

Will he return? The answer is always yes if you’re wondering that. Ex-boyfriends have a way of showing up again after breaking up with you, especially right when you think you’ve moved past the breakup and are ready to go on with your life.

If he lost feelings, will no contact work?

Secure gravity is at work here. We’ve seen an intriguing phenomenon: insecure attachment styles are frequently drawn to secure ones.

And basically, in my perspective, this is what a no-contact rule is there to accomplish. Getting you to a safe and healthy place, both emotionally and physically, should be the main focus.

They would, in other words, spend their time letting go of an ex. This is exactly what you should be concentrating on, which may sound strange.

Instead, put all of your attention and energy into improving yourself. On achieving that trinity’s balance.

You may only then foster an atmosphere where an ex wants to talk to you again.

Therefore, if it serves as the purpose of your no contact rule, then the no contact rule can be effective even if he no longer feels the same way about you.

What signs make a soulmate pair?

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  • Gemini. Capricorn, Virgo, and Pisces are the ideal soul mates.
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