What Planet Is My Zodiac Sign

If you were born on this day, December 18, you are most likely a Sagittarius. You may already be aware that you are a fire sign. But did you know that Jupiter, the planet of luck and adventure, rules your sign? And did you know that during Sagittarius season, other signs may feel more lucky and adventurous as well?

The zodiac’s bosses are the reigning planets. They call the shots and have a big say in how each sign runs its business, as well as how everyone else acts when they’re around. For example, I’m not a Sagittarius, yet Jupiter has made me feel more enthusiastic and joyful throughout the last few weeks. And, thanks to Saturn, when Capricorn season (my sign!) arrives in a few days, we can all anticipate to feel a little more responsible and on top of our professional game.

Starting with the current season, Sag, here’s my guide to each sign’s ruling planet, as well as what each birthday season signifies for the rest of the zodiac.

How am I supposed to know what planet I’m on?

To begin, what is the ascendant? The vitality you exude on the surface is described by this zodiac sign.” According to Lee, the ascendant is the most important aspect in the chart. “The ascendant is linked to identity, how you feel in your body, and consciousness, and is determined by your birth time. In modern astrology, the ascendant is sometimes referred to as your life’s mission and compass. It’s how you act and feel around strangers, and it could be their first impression of you. Your ascendant reveals your full birth chart framework.

Simply determine your ascendant zodiac sign and the appropriate planet from the list below. That is your ruling planet, my friend:

  • Mars/Pluto in Scorpio
  • Jupiter is in the sign of Sagittarius.
  • Saturn is in Capricorn.
  • Saturn/Uranus in Aquarius
  • Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces

From here, learning about your chart rules becomes even more difficult. Some zodiac signs have two ruling planets, as you may have seen. This, according to Lee, is due to the fact that there are two types of astrology: modern and traditional. “Most traditional astrologers, for example, will identify Mars as the ruler of Scorpio, while modern astrologers will denote Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio,” she explains. Aquarius would be ruled by Saturn, while Pisces would be ruled by Jupiter, as is customary. Since chart rulers were first designed in traditional astrology, Lee recommends always looking at the traditional ruler, but if the current ruler appeals to you, you can look at it as well.

Now that you know what your governing planet is, look for it in your birth chart to have a better feel of the energy contained in your chart ruler. For example, if you were born with an Aries ascendant, Mars would be your chart ruler, and Mars in Scorpio in the fifth house of fun and creativity may be your chart ruler (or whichever Mars placement you have). Remember that your ruling planet’s zodiac sign and astrological house explain the nature of its influence on our lives.

What is the planet associated with each zodiac sign?

  • Mars is the ruler of Aries.
  • Venus rules both Taurus and Libra.
  • Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo.
  • The Moon is the ruler of Cancer.
  • The Sun is the ruler of Leo.
  • In modern astrology, Pluto rules Scorpio, whereas in traditional astrology, Mars rules it.
  • Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius.
  • Saturn is the planet that governs Capricorn.
  • In modern astrology, Uranus rules Aquarius, while Saturn rules it in traditional astrology.
  • Neptune rules Pisces in modern astrology, while Jupiter rules Pisces in traditional astrology.

Who reigns supreme among the zodiac signs?

Leos are natural-born leaders with a strong feeling of responsibility and a sense of duty. They are the ruler of the jungle and deservingly the monarch of all zodiac signs. Because it is in their nature to lead, Leos frequently take the initiative.

To be honest, Leos are exceptional leaders since they have a powerful influence on others and a strong character presence of character.

Leos have a strong desire to succeed and a clear picture of what they want to achieve. Some people think of Leos as domineering, which can be true in some cases. But, as previously stated, lions are born leaders, thus you won’t be able to tame one.

Furthermore, Leos, who are natural born leaders, are extremely loyal. Leos will go to the moon and back for you, whether you have them as a friend, brother, or partner. They can be exceedingly inventive and foresighted in their thinking, as well as ambitious.