What Year Was 2019 In The Chinese Zodiac

Chinese New Year is determined by the lunar (moon) cycle and often occurs between January 20 and February 21, unlike the Western New Year, which always begins on January 1. It’s a significant festival observed not just in China but also in many of its neighbors and all throughout the world.

What characterizes the Chinese Pig?

Pigs are tenacious, kind, and generous. They are extremely focused, and once they have a goal, they will exert all of their effort to accomplish it. Pigs rarely ask for assistance, but they are always willing to lend a helping hand. Pigs are simple targets since they never recognize deceit.

Pigs are typically not very anxious under stressful situations. Pigs are capable of handling issues appropriately and thoughtfully, regardless of how challenging they may be. They feel a strong feeling of obligation to complete the task at hand.

The zodiac animal sign and element of a person’s birth year are thought to determine their personality. There are so five varieties of pigs, each with unique traits:

What does the pig year represent?

A pig is a symbol of luck, money, honesty, and general success. It also represents someone who is honest, kind, indulgent, patient, dependable, trustworthy, true, giving, gregarious, and has a great sense of humor and understanding.

What component of 2019 is Pig?

The Chinese theory of the five elementsmetal, wood, water, fire, and earthwhich also shape characterinteracts with zodiac theory. There are fixed and non-fixed elements in the zodiac animals.

Water is considered to be the pig’s permanent element. According to the lunar calendar, 2019 is regarded as a “earth year,” which means that people born in this year of the pig are “earth pigs, who have the attributes of being easygoing, friendly, and persistent” (link in Chinese).

People born in the year of the pig in 2007, which was a year of fire, are seen as outgoing and headstrong. Animal and elemental combinations return every 60 years.

2019 is what kind of a pig?

Actually, 2019 is an Earth Pig year, also referred to as a Yellow Pig Year. As a reminder, the majority of Earth Pigs alive today were born between February 8, 1959, and January 27, 1960. “2019 is an Earth Pig year, meaning you have finished a 12-year cycle, as well as a 60-year cycle.

Who ought to a Pig wed?

They are more likely to fall in love with those born under the signs of the Tiger, Rabbit, and Sheep, according to a rigorous research of the Chinese zodiac. These couples are highly compatible romantically and have common interests. The majority of them will enjoy successful and content marriages.

Are pigs sluggish?

Science has demonstrated that pigs are perceptive, sensitive, curious creatures who exhibit a variety of sophisticated behaviors. They don’t deserve to be associated with slurs that are frequently used, when you think about it like this.

Pigs are frequently stereotyped as being lethargic animals who spend their days lounging in the dirt. Pigs are actually just as active as some of the animals you would keep as pets. Pigs that enjoy swimming can be found in the Bahamas. The beautiful waters of its tiny isolated islets are a favorite swimming spot for the wild pigs there.

Is 2021’s Year of the Pig a lucky year?

The Pig will experience stability in the Year of the Ox. There won’t be any huge issues for you to deal with, and overall luck will be mediocre. What you do with your year will determine how it turns out in significant part.

Either you can maintain harmony at home and at work, or you can challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone. In either case, you will encounter a steady environment, making this a fantastic time to set up your long-term future objectives.


This year, the Pig’s professional life will be secure and straightforward. There won’t be any huge issues, but neither will there be many standout performances. Unless you’re willing to put yourself in the spotlight more frequently, a promotion or increase this year is improbable.

You might choose to approach your career in a more relaxed manner if you’re a Pig. If consistency is what you seek, 2021 will be a very happy year for you. However, you will need to reevaluate your mindset and strengthen your work ethic if you want to advance.

The Pig anticipates having a stronger financial year in 2021. You might take some risks with your investments, but the gains could be substantial. Although Pigs typically struggle with saving, now is the moment to alter your perspective and begin saving regularly.

Avoid spending more than you can afford and resist the urge to indulge in luxury. Avoid making any significant purchases this year, like a new house or car. If you don’t manage your money effectively, even a stable paycheck is useless. Wait for your lucky stars to appear on the horizon while remaining in your comfort zone.


This year, as a Pig, you will have to put in more effort than normal to achieve your academic objectives. At the start of the year, you will have to make some difficult choices regarding your schooling. Some of you could be dissatisfied with your major, your choice of classes, or even your institution.

Make careful to alter your mind before the halfway point of the year. As the year goes on, your goals will begin to materialize. As you start to network with experts in your fields of interest, your academic career may benefit. Stress should always be avoided because it can hinder your academic performance.


This year, the Pig’s romantic life won’t be particularly noteworthy. Your chances of finding love are largely dependent on how you approach things. Single Pigs need to exercise caution to avoid getting into danger.

You can have a strong desire to pursue new relationships and the notion that the grass is always greener on the other side. Avoid believing such falsehoods. Instead, make an effort to discover more about your current spouse and give yourself permission to fall in love.

You could experience small conflicts and disagreements with your partner if you are in a serious relationship. Prior to things getting out of control, make it a point to focus on your relationship.

If you don’t, you might unintentionally encourage more serious problems that could destroy your relationship. Instead of hurrying to take the next big step with your relationship in 2021, you should use that year to lay a solid foundation for the future.


This year, your health will be fairly excellent and you’ll have plenty of energy. You could occasionally get minor sprains and bruises, but you always bounce back quickly. Keep a healthy balance between your mental and physical activities.

Make sure to make time in your calendar for leisure and relaxation because the Pig does not handle stress well. Spend some time alone, unwind, and think about beginning an exercise program to keep you healthy and happy.


Overall, the Pig will have a stable and unremarkable year in 2021. Your home will be filled with joy, which will make you feel safe and supported. Watch for opportunities to develop yourself in all of your pursuits.

Use this year to improve your abilities and learn more about subjects that interest you. As an alternative, you might prefer to support charitable causes and volunteer in your community. As your aspirations come true, 2021 will be a fantastic moment to set your long-term objectives and reaffirm your ideals.

What does the spirit animal pig represent?

The pig animal totem does represent avarice, filth, and haughtiness. It is a sign of prosperity and fertility, but it also has some beneficial qualities. For help with treating infertility, the Europeans prayed to the Pig Goddess. People with pigs as their totem generally succeed in their careers, income, and even romantic relationships.

The spiritual meaning of the word “pig”

  • What does the pig represent?
  • 1. Your guidelines for your life!
  • 2. Concentration, diligence, and resolve:
  • 3. Are you around respectable people?
  • 4. Ignorance and carelessness
  • 5. Nobody is flawless.
  • 6.Fertility:
  • 7. Prosperity, prosperity, and good fortune are coming your way!
  • 8. Work hard in quiet and let your success be heard!
  • 9. A splurging lifestyle:
  • 10. Disorganization:
  • 11. Survival requires effort.
  • 12. Moral character and intelligence:
  • 13. You shouldn’t always go by a book’s cover.

What does a “wood Pig” mean?

According to the Chinese zodiac, THE Wood Pig is a straightforward, honorable, and charming creature. The 1995-born Wood Pigs are renowned for their friendliness and upbeat, open outlook on life.