What Zodiac House Are We In Right Now

  • Aries (March 21April 19)
  • The Bull (April 20May 20)
  • Gemini – (May 21June 20)
  • a cancer (June 21July 22)
  • Leo (July 23August 22)
  • Virgo (August 23September 22)
  • Libra (September 23October 22)
  • a Scorpio (October 23November 21)
  • In Sagittarius (November 22December 21)
  • The Capricorn (December 22January 19)
  • Water Bearer (January 20February 18)
  • a Pisces (February 19March 20)

Is the sun currently in Taurus?

This week, Mars is in Aries, Venus is in Taurus, Mercury is in Gemini, and the Sun is in Taurus. From May 20 until June 21, the Sun is in Gemini. From April 10 to 29 and May 22 to June 13 Mercury is in Taurus. From May 28 through June 22, Venus is in Taurus.

What are my three primary symptoms?

Your Sun sign, Moon sign, and rising signalso referred to as your ascending signare the three most important positions in your birth chart. Your fundamental character and essence as a person are reflected in your Sun sign. Your Moon sign represents who you are when you’re alone and your emotional side. Last but not least, your rising sign represents how you come across to others and how you look on the outside.

Whom ought an Aries to wed?

Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius are the three zodiac signs with which Aries naturally gels. Relationships that are symbiotic, passionate, and long-lasting are most likely to develop from these partnerships.

Aries and Gemini

The first astrological sign with a strong affinities to Aries is Gemini. Friendship, intellectual compatibility, and a constant quest of fun are the foundations of the partnership between an Aries and a Gemini. When the shared attributes that they like in each other go out of hand, like impatience or stubbornness, it’s crucial for an Aries and Gemini pairing to keep each other in check.

The good news is that Gemini’s boundless energy complements Aries’ daring nature perfectly! An Aries-Gemini partnership can stay on the right track rather than ending at the first indication of disagreement by remaining busy, directing their energy toward noble causes, and pacing themselves.

Aries and Leo

Given that both Leo and Aries are fire signs, it stands to reason that their intense passion and go-getter attitudes will make them successful. These two fearless people make an even more fearless team, balancing a variety of obligations and pursuits that feed their voracious appetite for intellectual and physical activity.

It’s typical to witness Aries-Leo couples supporting each other’s independence during this flurry of activity. It’s crucial to try to appreciate each other’s individual successes rather than compete, though, as both star signs need for attention. A Leo-Aries partnership has the potential to last a lifetime if both parties support and tolerate each other’s clumsy attempts at emotional expression.

Aries and Sagittarius

The final pair is the classic example of “birds of a feather,” Sagittarius and Aries. Because of their inherent independence, eagerness to discover, and spunkiness, Aries and Sagittarius can bond quickly. These two respect each other’s need for autonomy, and their exciting connection is fueled by their mutual insatiable curiosity for new information and concepts.

However, a Sag and Aries pairing must watch out for uncontrollable tempers and must work together to combat their shared propensity to disregard possible outcomes before rushing into problems. These two Fire signs have a warm rapport and are assured in their love when they are at their finest.

Although an Aries can get along with these signs, maintaining a connection with them can need more effort.

What is now 2022 retrograde?

Knowing when Mercury will turn retrograde is very significant since, like every year, Mercury will turn retrograde in 2022 as well. In fact, based on the above table, Mercury will turn retrograde three times this year.

What residences do the planets currently occupy?

What sign is that planet currently in?

  • Gemini-born Mercury. At 23:22 on July 4th, 2022, Mercury enters Cancer.
  • Venus is in Taurus. At 17:34 on June 22nd, 2022, Venus enters Gemini.
  • Aries-based Jupiter
  • Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius.
  • Taurus-born Uranus
  • Pisces Neptune.
  • Pluto in Capricorn, retrograde.

Which house is Jupiter currently in?

Have you ever considered that today, April 12, 2022, might be the luckiest day of the year? You may thank the extremely uncommon conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune for that.

I’ll explain: Since December 28, 2021, Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance, has been moving through Pisces for a whole year. Jupiter spends roughly 12 months in each of the 12 zodiac signs during the course of its 12-year orbit around the sun. It is now in the sign of Pisces. Neptune, meanwhile, has a somewhat longer orbital period around the sun. Neptune spends an average of 13.5 years in each of the 12 signs during its 165-year journey around the zodiac.

Which home is your seventh?

Relationships and how we act in them are the main topics of the 7th house, which is ruled by the sign of Libra.

Although it is traditionally referred to be the house of marriage, it actually governs all of our connections, including those with lovers, business partners, and even adversaries.

The 7th house is recognized as the house of marriage and committed or contractual partnering, in contrast to the 5th house, which is the home of sex, pleasure, and what we desire in another person, according to astrologer Corina Crysler.

It may also reveal what we need in our relationships or the patterns we keep repeating in them.