What Zodiac Moon Sign Am I

Finding your moon sign is a little trickier than finding your sun sign, which can be done by using the date of your birth.

Your exact date, time, and place of birth are used to calculate your lunar sign, as well as your position in relation to the moon.

It travels fast through the zodiac, spending roughly two to two and a half days in each sign.

Your moon sign is probably different from your sun sign; for example, you may be a Taurus while having a lunar sign in Sagittarius.

My sun and moon signs, how do I know them?

Your innermost feelings and ideas are reflected by your Moon Sign. It is comparable to having a whole emotional voice in your head that expresses all of your demands and feelings. To find out how your Moon Sign affects your emotions, consult your daily horoscope.

Your Moon or Sun sign depends on your birthday.

In-depth insight into your personality is provided by your moon sign and rising sign. They are based not only on your birthdate but also on where you were born and what time you were born. Your personality is simply governed by your solar sign. You are your soul. Your moon sign governs your inner emotions. It belongs to you.

How can you find out what sign is rising?

Now for the final piece of the big three puzzledrum roll, please! Because it determines where your natal chart starts, the Rising sign, also known as the Ascendant, is very significant in your birth chart. It will be the line that is at the circle’s 9 a.m. position if you’re searching for it on your chart. Your First House, which ultimately refers to how you are seen by others and how you interact with the outside world, is equated with this Rising Sign.

Knowing your birth timein addition to your location, date, and yearis vital for determining your rising sign since it indicates the zodiac sign under which the Sun was rising at the moment of your birth. When you first breathed, according to esoteric astrology, it is when you became you and your soul entered your body. I know, deep stuff. Mind blown

Consider your Rising sign to be the mask you present to the outside world. It frequently sheds light on your sense of style, appearance, and even how you interact with others. Because of this, it’s extremely possible that your Rising sign is taking center stage if, for some reason, your Sun sign doesn’t accurately depict your personality. Our Rising signs are incredibly potent and frequently reveal the patterns we are now going through.

Because they combined will reveal the predictions and route you are on, I always advise you to read for both your Sun sign and your Rising sign in every horoscope.

A sun or moon sign, Taurus?

The emotional roots of Taurus, a rooted sun sign, are revealed by the moon sign. A significant link in the birth chart is that of the sun and moon. Following Aries in the spring equinox, Taurus is a fixed (rooted in the ground) sign.

Do the moon and zodiac signs coincide?

When analyzing their personality qualities, people frequently become perplexed about their true zodiac sign. While adherents of vedic astrology view their moon sign as their genuine zodiac sign, those who follow western astrology typically view their sun sign as the true determinant of their personality. However, only a small percentage of people (known as Ascendants or Lagna) are aware of their rising sign. Why the uncertainty?

Let’s first learn how to determine our Sun, Moon, and rising signs before we can respond to this. Simply put, Sun sign and Moon sign are the signs in our horoscope where the Sun and Moon are located. For instance, if your Sun is in Taurus and your Moon is in Sagittarius, your Sun sign, or so-called zodiac sign, would be Taurus, and your Moon sign, Sagittarius (also called rashi). The rising sign is the sign that was visible on the horizon when we were born. All zodiac signs continue to become visible over the course of the day since the earth is always rotating on its axis. Consider a newborn infant who is resting on a bed and is gazing up at the sky. The Lagna or Ascendant sign is the sign that can be seen in the sky at that moment.

Since the Sun moves through each sign of the zodiac in 30 days, everyone born in that month will share the same traits. On the other side, the Moon, which changes its sign in just two and a half days, is typical for people born during that time. The rising sign, on the other hand, is more exclusive to people who were born during that little window of time, lasting only two hours. We will get closer to the indication that most closely matches our personality and pattern of behavior as we reduce the time period. From this, it is obvious that the ascendant or lagna is the genuine indicator of our personality and actions.

So why do we still require the Sun and Moon sign? The obvious distinctions between western astrology and the type practiced in India provide the solution to this. In accordance with our karmic patterns, Vedic astrology holds that predestination and soul transmigration are real. Three conceptualizations of human life are body, mind, and soul. Our rising sign (Lagna or Ascendant) governs our physical existence or body in the current birth, but the Sun and Moon stand in for our soul and mind, respectively.

In other words, for birth, the soul (Sun) need a body (Lagna or Ascendant). The program that enables us to live securely and safely in our daily lives is the mind (Moon). It also explains how we interpret the many experiences we have in life and is the cause of the range of emotions.

When viewed from this angle, the Sun sign represents our feeling of life’s purpose, or what we would call our own objectives. The circumstances that one would experience in this birth are determined by the current birth (Lagna or Ascendant), whilst the Moon will describe our experiences. It functions like a GPS system to guide us through current life conditions and help us make sense of various life events.

Let’s use an example to better grasp this. Consider a trip from Delhi to New York. Thus, in this instance, Sun’s likeness of New York serves as our final destination (soul). However, Delhi, where we are right now, is nothing more than the Lagna or Ascendant. The Moon sign determines how we intend to get there. Different zodiac signs have distinctive personalities that enable them to approach the same situation in various ways. While a Cancer moon sign person may laugh at the hardship of a long flight and the ensuing jet lag, an Aries moon sign person will make all arrangements pro-actively and will organize the trip far in advance. However, folks born under the Libra moon sign will adore the thought of change and eagerly anticipate meeting new people.

In order to comprehend your personality, destiny, and unspoken karmic patterns, a vedic astrologer will look at the relationships between the Sun, Moon, and Lagna signs when analyzing your horoscope. The human personality is not a static type; rather, it changes and grows throughout the life cycle. Sun sign is that aspect of life that will always fulfill our needs, which can be challenging to satisfy at times. The circumstances of our birth, as highlighted by the Lagna or Ascendant, will further mold our personalities. The personality trait known as the moon sign, which assists us in making decisions based on what we learn from our surroundings, is one that is continually molded by our interactions with others.

What is the Virgo Moon?

You are likely to be naturally service-oriented, analytical, and practical if you were born with the Moon in Virgo. Because of your willingness to help others and your aptitude to solve problems, you have a remarkable capability to help others. You need to strike a balance between your mind and body if you want to be happy. You should know when to process information and when to unwind. By taking the basic steps that make your daily experiences more natural and orderly, you’ll likely find that moderation suits you best and puts you on the road to enjoying lifelong good health.

An Aquarius moon is what type?

You will only get the chance to write your own Moon sign Power Wish on the Aquarius New Moon (sometime between late January and late February) and Aquarius Full Moon (sometime between late July and late August).