What Zodiac Season Is It Currently

Astrologers generally agree that astrological eras last for around 2000 years, meaning that we have been living in the age of Pisces for roughly the last 2000 years.

What are the twelve zodiac signs’ respective dates?

  • Aries (March 21April 19)
  • The Bull (April 20May 20)
  • Gemini – (May 21June 20)
  • a cancer (June 21July 22)
  • Leo (July 23August 22)
  • Virgo (August 23September 22)
  • Libra (September 23October 22)
  • a Scorpio (October 23November 21)
  • In Sagittarius (November 22December 21)
  • The Capricorn (December 22January 19)
  • Water Bearer (January 20February 18)
  • a Pisces (February 19March 20)

Is it yet Aries season?

With three significant, multi-planet aspects developing, our Aries season (March 21April 19) this year is one of the busiest months of the year. These are probably going to be hard and wonderful at the same time, and it will require some strength to keep focused amid the confusion and fog.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are abbreviations for each of these signs.

Which retrograde are we now in?

2022-01-14 – 02-03: First retrograde period. May 10June 3, 2022, is the second retrograde. September 9October 2, 2022, is the third retrograde. December 29 January 18, 2023, is the fourth retrograde.

Do we still live in the Aquarian Era?

Officially, we are living in the Age of Aquarius. Although both years have been challenging, there has clearly been a change in energy from 2020 to 2021. Along with navigating the Covid era, a brand-new astrological era is also claimed to have begun.

Why is it unique? That’s where things get a little tricky, but psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman is here to assist us out with the details. However, be aware that the Age of Aquarius is frequently linked to social change, equality, and advancement. Finally. Here is all the information you require.

Is this the Aquarian Era now?

There is disagreement over the precise beginning date of this new age. Some astrologers assert that it begins on March 20, 2021, the northern hemisphere’s vernal equinox, while others, like Kelly, emphasize the conjunction that took place in December 2020. “She claims that it is more conceptual than you may imagine. “On the exact time it begins, there is no consensus. We do know that this era is often characterized by optimism and creativity. The previous time it happened, in the 19th century, was a time of technological, industrial, and political changes. All of these qualities are Aquarian.

How long will the Aquarian era last?

The Age of Aquarius is claimed to endure roughly 2,160 years, whereas “Aquarius Season” is only 30 days long. What then is the Aquarius Season, and how do the seasons and ages differ? Let’s go back and examine the background of everyone’s favorite water-bearer in both modern astrology and its roots in ancient astronomy before any comprehension begins to dawn.

Aquarian Roots

The Latin root of the term “Aquarius” means “water-carrier, water-pourer.” Although it resembles an electrical shock, its astrological symbol denotes water. And for good reasonthe forces of uniqueness, eccentricity, independence, extreme expression, and epiphanies of all kinds are connected to us through the sign of Aquarius. It yearns for innovation and points us toward the future and the potential. It can spark innovation, fresh thinking, or thrilling novelty. The Internet may have been created as a result of the Aquarius energy that is active in our culture. However, Aquarius energy also forces us to think about social justice as a component of the communal and collective experience.

As with all planets and zodiac signs, Aquarius has a dark side as well as exhilaration and forward-thinking momentum. It can be distant, impetuous, aloof, restless, or noncommittal in the case of Aquarius. The energy of Aquarius is known for starting things but not necessarily finishing them. Beware of the infamous Aquarian “Last Unicorn Syndrome,” which makes the sign believe it is the first and only one to have thought of a solution.

Aquarius is typically portrayed as the outcast, lone wolf, or mad scientist. It’s a rebel with a causeand occasionally one without. Although many current astrologers today equate Aquarius with Uranus since at the time Saturn was thought to dominate or govern it, Uranus hadn’t yet been discovered. Some claim that whereas Uranus is the “day ruler,” Saturn is the “night ruler.”

The influence of Aquarius or Uranus in our lives or on how we express ourselves relies on our unique natal astrological chart, which is significant to keep in mind. The Aquarius Season or the Age of Aquarius may have a special meaning for those who have Aquarius as their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign. Although that is an astrology story for another day, having your Sun or Moon in the 11th house or having them touch the planet Uranus can undoubtedly cause you to connect with Aquarian traits. How does the Aquarius Season or the Age of Aquarius affect us if some of us are more “Aquarian” than others? Is it more than simply a “New Age word” or does it represent a body of knowledge?

Historical Context: The “Age of Aquarius

While everyone of us has a unique astrological blueprint, we also have a common one because of how our particular experiences are influenced by the stars and planets’ current positions in the sky. We all experience the energy when the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius, much like when there is a new moon (like on February 4 in Aquarius). The Age of Aquarius, on the other hand, is a much bigger and less distinct cycle.

Astrological ages are periods of time that have to do with how society as a whole has evolved and developed, not just a person.

Worldwide consensus among astrologers appears to be that the 12 tropical zodiac signs represent the six main periods that humanity has gone through. Each has a 2,100 year lifespan. Due to the length of the time range, it is not quite clear when each of these time periods starts or ends. Of all, Western astrology isn’t the only one to use the concept of large-scale cycles. These patterns are also mentioned in the Sanskrit texts of the Kali Yuga and the Mayan calendar.

The retrograde migration of the Earth and its connection to the sign of Aquarius are what modern astrologers mean when they speak of the “Age of Aquarius.” The concept of the “precession of the zodiac” was developed by an ancient astronomer around 190 BCE. This explains how the Sun’s ecliptic path across the sky and the constellation that is behind it at vernal equinox alter due to the wobbly rotation of the Earth. (It turns out that Earth has a retrograde cycle and is less stable than we believe.)

Similar to how each Sun sign has unique traits, the Astrological Age of that period also had those traits. This allows us to identify broad cultural trends that have been influenced by the era that we are now living in. The Age of Aquarius began in the 20th Century at 1447 A.C.E. and will last until 3597 A.D.E., according to Nicholas Campion’s research. Others astrologists assert that it started in 2012. We began to learn more about the Age of Aquarius and its connections to the Mayan Calendar around 1999.

I tend to agree with Susan Miller’s interpretations of the timeline, which place the Age of Aries, marked by intense Greek and Roman warfare, between 2000 B.C.E. and 1 A.C.E. The Age of Pisces, during which many of the world’s main religions emerged, is where it eventually connects. And right now, we’re living in the Age of Aquarius, which is characterized by fast technological developments (like, ahem, the Internet or robotics) or, hopefully, a shift toward community and communal consciousness.

The energies of Aquarius assist us in changing and evolving our structures so that we can enter the new and following stages of our evolution. Activate and enjoy your own Aquarian nature through community, activism, a new creative endeavor, or even by recognizing your weirdness, regardless of whether the Age of Aquarius has begun or is just beginning. Try something new or perhaps finally learn how to use some of your smartphone’s more advanced functions. Whatever your method of triggering and connecting to Aquarius, this is a moment for community building while respecting each person’s individuality.

The Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness (PCC) department at the California Institute of Integral Studies is where Rebecca Farrar received her M.A. Her thesis, Stargazing: Re-enchantment Through Language, fused philology, consciousness research, and the allure of the night sky. She has taken classes from cosmologist Brian Swimme, archetypal astrologer Rick Tarnas, activist Joanna Macy, and psychotherapist Stan Grof. C.G. Jung, Owen Barfield, Bill Plotkin, Marianne Woodman, Thomas Berry, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes are some more inspirations. Additionally, I was a founder member of Cosmicopia, the first astrological camp at Burning Man. Most recently, I was mentioned in the She Wolfe Tarot deck and the upcoming documentary Conscious: Fulfilling Our Higher Evolutionary Potential. She belongs to the San Francisco Astrological Society (SFAS), the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology (ASWM), the Depth Psychology Alliance, and the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) (DPA). On Instagram, follow her.

Whom ought an Aries to wed?

Generally speaking, Libra (occasionally opposites attract), Sagittarius, and Leo are the signs that Aries are most compatible with for both friendship and love (fellow fire signs will speak their same passionate language).

How to get a clearer picture

Examining your astrological charts, which are composed of three components, comes next if you are aware of your solar sign. The aspect of your chart that represents your ego is the Sun sign, which most people recognize as their primary zodiac sign. Finally, you have a rising sign, which is regarded as the “face” you present to the outside world. Your Moon sign determines your emotional outlook. This method of estimation is more difficult yet accurate. Having stated that, you should be aware that the planets have the ability to enhance or weaken each element in your chart.

Compatibility of zodiac signs in a love relationship

Online articles frequently use a pair of complementary signs, such as Gemini and Aries, to illustrate how compatibility between zodiac signs works. But what if you don’t know your partner’s sign and are seeking for a zodiac match? According to your zodiac sign, the following traits of potential appeal include:

  • Aries: a self-assured, competitive, and capable follower.
  • Leo: someone who can keep people on their toes and who exudes confidence and mystery.
  • Sagittarius: a free-spirited individual with an open mind who doesn’t insist on trying to alter others.
  • Taurus: a devoted and passionate individual with nothing but eyes for them.
  • Virgo: an intelligent, complex, ambitious, and committed individual.
  • Capricorn: a refined, fashionable, and alluring person who can challenge their thoughts and show loyalty.
  • Gemini: a thoughtful individual with a sense of humor and enough personality quirks to make life interesting.
  • Someone in the sign of Libra is attractive, intelligent, and self-assured.
  • A devoted but outgoing individual with a wicked sense of humor and a passion for cooking is an Aquarius.
  • Cancer: an insightful, loving, and sensual soul with a compassionate heart
  • Someone who can test them and capitalize on their ferocity and intensity is a Scorpio.
  • Pisces: a self-assured individual with a creative mind and the capacity to connect with others.

What Are the Most Compatible Zodiac Signs for Friendships?

A vital aspect of life is friendship. Nothing is more lovely than having a friend nearby with whom you can always confide and receive unfailing support. Reading someone’s zodiac sign can give you a good sense of their compatibility, especially within the realm of nature. The zodiac sun sign combinations that get along well are: