What Zodiac Sign Are You In March

Pisces, happy birthday! People born between February 19 and March 20 fall under the astrological sign of Pisces, which is the twelfth sign in the zodiac. Two fish are swimming in opposite directions in the astrological symbol, signifying the duality of the Piscean nature.

What sign, exactly, is March 22?

Aries people born on March 22nd are readily drawn into long-term partnerships since they are made of feelings and memories and are constantly looking for someone to touch their hearts. However, unless people encounter their own inner core and recognize it for what it is, the understanding they seek is not that simple to find. They will place all of their hopes in their loved ones and their emotions, not realizing that their beliefs could have an impact on everything through a habit that impedes progress.

They have a great inclination to gravitate toward kind people and those who won’t crush their hopes and goals. There won’t be anything big enough to get in their way once they start assembling their tribe and realize where they need to take the lead. They discover someone to hold dear to their hearts forever at this point. They may take a long time and through a lot of pain before they discover someone with whom they can truly connect; they are open and vulnerable.

Is March 25 in Pisces or Aries?

Despite having the power to shine at any event, an Aries born on March 25 is by nature a shy person. They occasionally exhibit exceptional social abilities and could be the life of the party. But in truth, these people have vibrant, creative inner lives that they draw strength from.

Whom ought a Pisces should wed?

Pisces and Aquarius make a pretty good couple when it comes to love and compatibility. To satisfy their companion, they will both have to go above and beyond. Both spouses will be able to get back together someday, but they will have to worry a lot about each other’s families.

What sign is March 21st?

Pisces-Aries cusp individuals are those born between March 17 and March 23. They arrived on the verge of a new beginning. Here are their advantages, disadvantages, and compatible zodiac signs.

What sign is March 24 in?

On March 24, there is a strong need to go with the flow and let things happen organically. One of the hardest challenges for an Aries is to overcome their innate tendency to push through obstacles and move forward. Until they grasp what they need to do to set all the appropriate goals in front of them, the air of mystery that surrounds this date might be enough to keep them at a safe distance from the rest of the world.

Is March 18 in Aries or Pisces?

A Pisces born on March 18 relies on psychic awareness to direct their behaviors, thus they could come off as compulsive or even reckless. Actually, they are emotionally and spiritually balanced. These pioneers don’t back down from a challenge.

Is March 19 in Aries or Pisces?

The sun moves from Pisces into Aries every year around the spring equinox, which is often March 19 or 20. If you were born between these dates, you might identify as an Aries-Pisces cusp or feel that you possess a combination of the cosmic traits of both zodiac signs.

Since the planets can only be in one sign at a time, according to astrologer Ryan Marquardt, “We have to interpret each planetary placement based on the sign it’s in, even if you’re born one minute before or after the sun changes signs.” Even yet, if your birthday occurs near the end of Pisces season and the beginning of Aries season, you might still feel like a cosmic mashup of the two zodiac signs.

It seems logical that those born on the Pisces-Aries border could feel like a hybrid of the two signs, although this is more a result of the planetary energy at play. Your own planets, Venus and Mercury, for instance, move closely to the sun. This means that if you are an Aries, it is possible that your Mercury and Venus signs will be in Pisces, or vice versa. Venus and Mars govern your ideals and desires, so if your sun is in one sign and Venus or Mars is in another, you may feel like you have traits of both Pisces and Aries.

Your birth chart may show crossover characteristics between Pisces and Aries even if your birthdate is not on the cusp. Find out if you have characteristics of an Aries-Pisces cusp by reading on.

What sign is March 26 in?

Aries with a birthdate of March 26 will be intelligent. Despite their appearance of competence, they harbor a profound insecurity that can lead to mental pain. Due to their preference for finding solutions on their own, they are unlikely to disclose these weaknesses.