What Zodiac Sign Is Beck From You

You’s second season transported us to the aura, astrology, and vibes of Los Angeles. The breakdown of each character’s symbol is provided below. You won’t be all that shocked to learn that the fire is actually being started by the water indicators.

Aries: Will

You may be wondering who would be so insane as to fall in love with someone they’ve never met online. Someone they would move their entire life around for. Someone like Will’s “girlfriend in the Philippines,” played by Robin Lord Taylor. Naturally, you’d realize they were an Aries if I told you the same individual had been the victim of identity theft since they are impulsive and lack good judgment. This is undoubtedly Will’s narrative. The beautiful thing about Will is that, like any Aries, he recognizes his own bat-shittiness and doesn’t hold Joe’s particular brand of lunacy against him. An Aries and a Scorpio are practically created for one another. Even if it gets them into trouble, they both crave intensity more than anything.

Taurus: Milo

When things go bad, Love promptly switches Joe out for Milo (Andrew Creer). But more than anything else, it’s performative. A Taurus, Milo is. He becomes completely fixated on the person he is sleeping with, and he would spend a lot of money on Love to pamper and take care of her. He posts ridiculously gorgeous images and clearly lives for Instagram. Milo wants to prove his authority as a Taurus. He’s all about flaunting himself. Until, of course, he develops a severe jealousy of Love’s brother and the consideration she shows him. The characteristic of Taurus people is their dislike of sharing. They do not enjoy rivalry.

Gemini: Lucy

One of Love’s closest friends and a member of her “coven,” as Love likes to refer to her group of pals, is Lucy (Marielle Scott), who is friends with Gabe and her wife Sunrise as well. (In season 3, it will be interesting to see if they genuinely engage in witchcraft.) She is a fantastic and loving mother in addition to having a successful career as a literary agent. She seems to enjoy mingling with others and has a strong desire to make Sunrise feel extremely romantic. All evidence suggests that Lucy is a Gemini for these factors alone. It makes sense that sunrise also feels quite Gemini. Sunrise is a lifestyle blogger, so she wants to be aware of (and speak about) what’s trendy, which is very Gemini. When it works out, Gemini-Gemini may be a fantastic match.

Cancer: Dottie

Yes, Cancers can be lovable and family-oriented, but when they want something, they turn into complete psychopaths. And control is what they seek. (They are, after all, a Cardinal sign.) Love and Forty, her similarly psychotic children, require Dottie (Saffron Burrows) to manage their lives. She will also go to any lengths to ensure that everyone considers her attractive and pays her the necessary attention. Even if it necessitates making out with Love’s guy, which is not at all unexpected for a Cancer. Don’t fall for their placid grins and kind wishes. That’s merely a crafty and deceptive water sign. Cancers will try anything to win your love. Every emotional drama revolves around them, in their eyes.

Leo: Dr. Nicky

Being a good Leo, you miss Dr. Nicky (John Stamos) even when you’re upset with him, so it was exciting to see him return in season 2. The poor Dr. Nicky is paying for a crime he didn’t commit this season, and you can’t help but feel awful for him, despite the fact that he did some sleazy, unethical things in season 1 (like sleep with his patient, um). But like a true Leo, Dr. Nicky remains silent and retreated stoically to his cell when Forty arrived to prod him for information on Joe. Dr. Nicky is a fixed fire sign who is determined to survive no matter what the cost, even if his fate is egregiously unfair. So Leo.

Virgo: Fincher

Fincher (Danny Vasquez), the cop having an affair with the attractive and intelligent Delilah, is introduced to us as little more than a friend with advantages. However, like any Virgo, ultimately kills Forty to protect his pregnant sister and her boyfriend in order to do what is right (Love and Joe). After conducting a thorough investigation, a Virgo will always step in and take action. They are devoted to what they believe to be ethically just. Additionally, Fincher must be a Virgo to be so completely enamored with Delilah, who is unquestionably a Capricorn (see below). Capricorn and Virgo make a perfect sexual match.

Libra: Ellie

Ellie (Jenna Ortega) is intelligent, driven, and highly critical. Do you know anyone who sounds like a Libra? It most likely does, which is also the reason you’re friends with them. Libras are great at making everyone feel bad while yet coming out as amusing. It contributes to their attraction. Ellie interacts with Joe in this manner. She likes him, but she’s also the one character on the program who doesn’t kiss his behind and always keeps it real. She has an excellent sense of aesthetics and more opinions than anyone can possibly use. discerning, perfection-focused beings, Libras. They are quite stylish.

Scorpio: Joe

Joe, played by Penn Badgley, must be a Scorpio. After all, he has supernatural persistence when it comes to chasing his love interests because he is incredibly obsessed (to put it mildly). Despite the fact that Joe is certainly more than simply a Scorpio, season 2 shows off his strong amorous side. When he falls in love, he gives it everything. (Well, except for those annoying final few seconds of the season when he spots his attractive neighbor.) However, this makes sense because at that time, Joe had come to the conclusion that Love wasn’t worth it after all because of the whole killer thing. Scorpios are faithful as long as they believe their loves are worthy of their attention. To have multiple standards is just like being a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Candace

The ex-girlfriend who returned to get revenge after you declared her dead? Candace (Ambyr Childers) is undoubtedly a Sagittarius. The majority of Sags are carefree and don’t harbor grudges, which is a fact. They’ll overlook little conflicts, ignore your outrageous antics, and essentially always have your back. However, if you’ve attempted to injure them and they feel like they’ve been singled out, Sagittarians will attempt to harm you in return. Although they are not vindictive, they will defend themselves. They interpret it this way. Joe may believe that his charm as a Scorpio would save him, but Candace is an equally skilled actor. Every Sagittarius is skilled at getting back at others.

Capricorn: Delilah

Carmela Zumbado’s Delilah has incredible Capricorn energy. She loves her duties as the manager of her apartment complex, especially collecting the rent. She also works as a celebrity investigator reporter, so she is constantly prepared to learn the truth about famous individuals. But that is only one of her occupations. She is also fiercely protective of her sister Ellie and is loyal to her. She works constantly to try and shield future girls from Henderson’s terrible deeds and takes all she does very seriously. But she isn’t beyond having a little fun, and she enjoys some whiskey and junk food with Joe. Capricorns adore (these two things).

Aquarius: Gabe

What Gabe (Charlie Barnett) is up to isn’t really clear. He’s one of Love’s closest friends, after all, yet he also gives Joe a private acupuncture session that feels both sexual and odd. Every Aquarian’s gravestone ought to read, “Sexual and odd. We absolutely want to retain their wild and free spirits around, or a business card, actually. Gabe is in it for the right reasons, at the end of the day. He wants to support his pals. But you can never be certain of his thoughts. He is the friend who smiles as he observes you after making a judgment about you that he will probably keep to himself.

Pisces: Love

It’s difficult to think of Victoria Pedretti’s Love (a Pisces) as anything else. She is mysterious and attracts plenty of love interests. Outsiders see her as being overly nice, but she actually has a startling range of other instincts that are often vindictive, incredibly sensitive, and wildly amorous. After all, she’s willing to kill to protect Joe, her true love, who can’t possibly stand a chance against her given his Scorpio energy. Additionally, her passion of baking and all of her endearing and considerate actions throughout the show feel very Pisces. It was difficult to avoid envy when we saw all of those delectable cakes and pastries in Joe’s locker.

What omen comes from you to Guinevere Beck?

Only Beck, who is a Sagittarius, has a recognized zodiac sign in the canon. The loud bracelets she wears on her wrist, which Joe also observes, are a representation of her sign that she “craves attention,” according to her friend Lynn.

Even though Beck frequently feels like she doesn’t fit anyplace, she also has a strong sense of independence. Additionally, Beck has a fault because Sagittariuses typically rebel against restrictions. She frequently undermines whatever sense of security she may have, as when she betrays Joe after their romance has blossomed.

Is Beck a Sagittarius like you?

The eye-roll-inducing title of this episode is “Everythingshipshould have warned me. I ought to have been ready. I was, however, allowing myself to feel something decidedly 2008 after last week: hope. I hoped that this show would embrace its inherent absurdity and willful ridiculousness; I hoped that if given the choice between something vaguely logical but utterly boring and something improbable but undeniably interesting, you would always err toward the latter, like Joe’s stolen/inherited car at that tree. Unfortunately, 2018 is characterized by existential dread and disappointment because 2008 was 10,000 years ago.

I’m sorry to have to let you know that this episode of You proposes a lot of potentially interesting and delicious twists just to drop them in favor of dull and pointless attempts at almost-realism.

Joe believes Beck is having an affair with her therapist, as you can see. It is crucial to emphasize that her therapist is the bearded John Stamos in this sentence. Knowing as we do that Beck has an extremely unhealthy relationship with her own father (remember how she refers to accepting money from him in exchange for time spent together as “whoring”) and has, as Peach accurately observed just before she was murdered (RIPeach), “a desperate, unhealthy need for attention, this seems like an insane but also plausible in the You world turn of events. And John and Stamos! BEARD!

No, it’s just Joe’s silly insecurities eating away at his flimsy spirit. In truth, Beck simply needs “space because Joe’s obsessive, performative always-there-for-you thing is making her feel suffocated and her best friend recently committed suicide, or so she believes.

We are forced to watch this intolerable couple act couple-y in order to better understand how far they have fallen in their relationship, which has followed a very basic trajectory from being “very into each other to “uh, not really feeling it anymore.” (Beck captions a photo of them on Instagram with “The #joeandbeck dream team, so.”) While doing so, Joe describes the joy he previously experienced watching “Ronaldo to John Stamos.” It raises a little bit of a red flag that John Stamos is recording these sessions while intoxicated.

Because Beck slept off during the course of giving a class, she lost her job as a yoga instructor. Again, this serves as a reminder that Beck is at best mediocre in all she does, but Joe does not share this opinion. Joe believes that the best way to solve this issue is to hire Beck himself because Beck is about as excellent at dating as he is at killing people (not very). He is now both her boyfriend and her boss, despite the fact that he should be aware, in light of all the pertinent information, that Beck is a dismal worker. The greatest part of Beck’s work is to arrange books on shelves, but she is unable to accomplish so, according to Joe, who claims that this “did force me to confront certain little irresponsible aspects of his nature.”

Let’s give Ethan the floor now, shall we?

Joe, Beck is awful. She frequently arrives late, forgets to close the register, and has no idea how to arrange items by genre. (LITERALLY, BECK IS ATTENDING AN MFA PROGRAM RIGHT NOW BECAUSE SHE WANTES TO BE A WRITER AND THE GIRL CAN’T ORGANIZE BOOKS BY SUBJECT MATTER?! FOR THE LOVE OF BLYTHE.) Joe is “caught up hard in the tilt-a-whirl of punani,” according to Ethan, which “depends on your taste in boardwalk attractions, is a very good thing or a nasty nightmare.” However, going potty where you eat only causes confusion and E. coli. Can we put Ethan up for the Nobel Peace Prize for this magnificent pearl of knowledge?

Beck complains to Joe that he broke his promise that the hours would be flexible and that she would have time to compose when Joe confronts her about her appalling work performance. Joe clarifies that she isn’t actually writing. “The process includes thinking about writing! She sobs. She had been dreaming about Peach a lot. This definitely makes Joe feel threatened, and moreover, “the only thing that’s nice in my life right now is treatment. How does Beck pay for treatment, as a side note?

By the way, the sheriff who stopped Joe in Greenwich calls the bookstore, but Joe quickly comes up with a lie to go along with his previous lie, and it appears that will be the end of it. Until/unless they discover his pee in a jar. I adore pee-related suspense!

Beck arranges a candlelight dinner for Joe in the bookstore’s basement, where she isn’t meant to be and where any of her candles could burn these valuable pages to ash. Beck then realizes that she is being a terrible hostess. She uses a complicated metaphor about a Little Mermaid sleeping bag that developed fungus to describe how she is grieving.

Then Beck sets a girlfriend trap that is so iconic that it ought to be carved out of marble and placed in front of the entrance of the Museum of the Girlfriend. She expresses to Joe her sincere desire for him to do nothing for her birthday. Friends: I burst out laughing. The episode had to be paused. He is so screwed! I had to stand up and look up at the ceiling as tears started to well up in my eyes. He’ll never be the same after this!

Right on cue, Joe runs into Beck’s friend Lynn, who explains that the whole point is to act as though you don’t want anything because you’re a cool girlfriend rather than a regular girlfriend, and then you watch your boyfriend surprise you in some thoughtful, extraordinary way and you think, “you shouldn’t have! but you don’t really mean it.

“She wants understated! Blind and defenseless, Joe insists. Beck is a Sagittarius, according to Lynn. ” She longs to be noticed. She suggests hosting a party where guests dress as their favorite literary characters, which I believe is cruel given the circumstances since if it’s a surprise, Beck will be the only one at the party who isn’t in a costume. However, she persuades Joe by asking: “Would you choose to do something and be wrong or do nothing and be wrong?

Lynn continues, “If I drown my sorrows in any more alcohol and males, I’ll contract syphilis once more. Lynn, thank you.

Because of course he does, Joe disguises himself as Ernest Hemingway. Beck is obviously going to be 40 minutes late. I did not anticipate Ethan and Blythe’s instantaneous romantic chemistry, but I can understand it. But let’s get back to our couple: Beck comes just in time to hear Joe call her “rude, which she is,” and “selfish.” However, she is not in the mood for criticism. She whisper-yells, “I said QUIET and SMALL.” Even worse, Beck has a weak excuse. She makes the excuse that she forgot her own birthday. She’s already intoxicated, too.

Beck calls Joe’s bluff when he demands to see her phone, saying, “If you do this, it implies there is absolutely no trust between us, and if we don’t have trust, we have nothing.

Before the cake is served, she departs, but she arrives at Joe’s house the next morning with an apologetic donut. Joe finally gives her a hug. But now that everything has been destroyed, these kids are no longer that obnoxious, monotonous happy pair; instead, they are that annoying, dull, miserable couple that quarrels over what takeout to order. Joe follows her when she says she’s heading to class because he can’t get the images of Beck and the therapist out of his head. He observes her applying crimson lipstick, which is a sign of heated speech, as we all know. He is then apprehended. He is immediately dumped in the street by Beck.

In response, John Stamos, the bearded therapist, tells Joe that he is “two individuals inside Joe, a hopeless romantic and a betrayed, vulnerable soul,” and he shows Joe a doodle that exemplifies this idea. Joe expresses his appreciation but no thanks. Joe is convinced that he cannot possibly gain anything from treatment, just like every man on Earth who unquestionably needs it.

Joe enters the workplace after Stamos leaves for the evening. Really, the therapist doesn’t use a password to secure the laptop where he ostensibly keeps all of his session recordings? Please hurry up. When Joe listens to Beck’s recordings, he discovers that Beck is just as uninteresting as their reason for breaking up: If her boyfriend were standing next to her, Beck claims she would tell him, “The more you want me, the less I want you. I’m trying to hide the total, ugly mess that I am. However, are you?

Joe recognizes the folly of his overzealous suspicion and takes the brave, if entirely unneeded, step of smashing a hammer into her phone. (Simply clean it up and sell it!) Dramatically, he is letting her go. He acknowledges his envious feelings, summarizes her therapy session for her, and then leaves. He does, however, go back to therapy, which is not a bad idea. However, given this session comprises talking about how Stamos lost his virginity to “Hungry Like the Wolf,” I’m not convinced of Stamos’s qualifications.

Karen is in the hallway when Joe, all grumpy and defeated, gets home. This hallway, my God. Because Ron is back in the picture and Karen is friends with the mother of the stairwell urchin, she has been roaming the area with a baseball bat in an effort to protect her friend. She just throws herself at Joe after noticing his torn heart and unharmed cheekbones. She says, “I love you, Joe just to fuck with him,” following their sexual encounter. The highlight of the episode is this.

Candace returns after a hallucination. Will Beck become like me if you don’t leave her alone? The show clearly wants viewers to believe that Joe murdered Candace. Do we? I kind of feel like it would be more fascinating if she were alive, but was utterly insane in some eerie Gothic horror-style asylum somewhere that she could escape from to pursue Joe, and then the predator becomes the prey?? She could also be lying dead in a ditch, though. And certainly not in Europe. similar to a typical American ditch

Is your neighbor Joe a Gemini?

His moods are subject to shift because the Moon is his ruling planet. He has strong feelings for the people and things that matter to him, but he also has a lot of emotional ups and downs. If there is a full moon or the moon is forming a difficult aspect to other planets in Joe’s chart, he would be more emotionally reactive and end up doing something he later regrets. Cancers’ moods are highly dependant on where the Moon is in the sky at the time. He has a tendency to spin easily.

Chuck Bass’s zodiac sign is?

Chuck Bass, Taurus He may be cunning to keep people in his orbit, just like this earth sign, but he also has a bit of a redemption arc during the series that reveals his real insecurities and softer side.

What sign belongs to eleven?

Eleven’s abilities relate to Pisces because of the sign’s reputation for having mystical, extraterrestrial knowledge. Eleven has a sweet heart of gold and is a kind friend to those in her social circle, as can be seen when you look at her more closely. Eleven, despite occasionally playing rough, is the most sentimental and kind fish (which Pisces often do to protect themselves).