What Zodiac Sign Is Luisa From Encanto

Luisa is a classic Capricorn, believing it is her responsibility to carry the weight of the world and willing to endure hardship in order to demonstrate her dedication. It takes a donkey kick into a hammock to get Luisa to unwind because she is constantly struggling to stay together while disintegrating. She eventually realizesas all Capricorns mustthat her value is independent of what she can offer or achieve.

Who is a Scorpio in Encanto?

Nobody in the Madrigal family or the neighborhood wants to talk about Bruno. Scorpio is also the sign in the zodiac that is most misunderstood and has a bad reputation. Everyone avoided Bruno because of his ability to predict the future. Scorpio, on the other hand, is regarded as a sign that is theatrical and manipulative to the point of parody.

A Scorpio is actually perceptive and willing to assist others in discovering the truth. Bruno is also the key Mirabel needs to unlock the mystery of why the magic is vanishing from her family.

What zodiac sign are the Encanto characters?

Encanto: Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Which Madrigal Are You?

  • Pepa Is Definitely A Pisces.
  • 2 Camilo is a Water Bearer.
  • 3 The hardworking Capricorn Luisa.
  • Sagittarius, like Felix, are laid-back.
  • 5 Bruno Is A Scorpio Who Is Misunderstood.
  • As balanced as any Libra, 6 Dolores.
  • 7 Abuela Alma Displays Virgo Behavior.

Which character from Encanto is a Capricorn?

The matriarch of the Madrigal family and the community of Encanto, Abuela Alma is unmistakably a Capricorn. Like all members of the cardinal signs, Capricorns are natural leaders who feel at ease delegating to a large group of individuals. Alma has rigorous standards, like like Capricorn, as Mirabel and Alma quarrel about. Mirabel claims that she will never be good enough for Abuela Alma and accuses her of ruining the house’s enchantment via her rigidity and the stress of her demanding standards. Being an earth sign explains your rigidity and adherence to tradition and security.

Mirabel doesn’t realize that her Abuela Alma’s need for tradition, stability, and safety is partly a result of the trauma she had through when she fled to Encanto with her children and lost both her home and her husband. Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, is all about regulations, limitations, and boundaries. As Abuela Alma does with Mirabel by the river where Abuelo Pedro died, Saturn teaches that in order to move forward and heal, we must look back and uncover the horrors of our past. Alma is prepared to lay a new, stronger foundation after making peace with her past, which is how Capricorns serve their community.

Which character from Encanto is a Libra?

Isabelle is a major Libra vibepretty on purpose and vacuous by nature. Isabela, who is to an extreme degree people-pleaser, blossoms when she starts to value how something feels more than how it looks. As she balances the scales by selecting succulents over flowers and her true self over the standard role she has grown accustomed to portraying, our girl transforms into an actualized Libra.