What’s Marinette’s Zodiac Sign

One of the few fictional characters whose canonical zodiac sign is recognized outside of the show is Marinette. The fact that Marinette is a Leo is revealed when she celebrates her birthday. Although Marinette is actually very shy, she manages to remain at the center of her buddy group despite the stereotype that Leos are the life of the party and someone who craves the limelight. She is also in charge of giving her buddies their Miraculouses.

Like most people are drawn to Leos, Marinette’s friends enjoy being around her because of her charm and friendliness. She is also highly devoted and will do anything to maintain her relationship with those she values. Another prominent Leo quality is loyalty.

What zodiac sign is the ladybug?

Guys, I believe that Adrien is a Gemini. I read various books and watched “Animan” again. We learn about Marinette’s Leo sign in that episode. I did some research and discovered that Gemini is the sign that is most compatible with Leo. Even after looking up the characteristics of a Gemini and a Leo, I still thought it made sense. Additionally, I am a Gemini and understand how Geminis feel. In addition, Adrien was born before Marinette. Between May 21 and June 21 is when Geminis are born. Between July 23 and August 23, Leos are born. Thus, Adrien’s Gemini sign kind of makes sense. Please leave a remark if you have anything further to say.

What sign belongs to Lila, the remarkable ladybug?

One of the few adolescent villains that isn’t just akumatized into one is Lila. She initially presents herself as a sweet young woman with ties to a superhero, but in truth, she is a compulsive liar who makes up stories to get attention. To be fair to Lila, she is lonely and easily humiliated when others expose her for lying.

But Lila’s drive to be the center of attention is definitely a Leo attribute. Leos are charming individuals who adore the spotlight. Although the majority of Leos would be happy to share the spotlight, they are also capable of harboring resentment, just like Lila did with Ladybug and Marinette.

When was Marinette born?

Here, I’ve developed two theories: Marinette’s birthday and the date of Sabine and Tom’s wedding. Two datestheir wedding and Marinette’s birthhave been determined. Take my words with a grain of salt because they are just guesswork.

THEORY: The Dupain-Chengs wedding date

I gathered hints from every episode that was available to determine when they got married.

“Timebreaker!” shall we begin with. In this episode, Sabine mentions that they will have a special meal to commemorate their 20th wedding anniversary. Additionally, because “Timebreaker” was in season 1, it is assumed that this episode aired between February and April.

Due to the fact that Adrien, Gabriel, Kagami, and her mother are attending a royal wedding in England, I have hypothesized that “Backwarder is set in either April of 2011 or May of 2018”. Since this program aired in 2016, Thomas Astruc would not have been aware of Harry and Meghan’s wedding, which means that Kate and William were likely the inspiration for his work. Thomas Astruc must have been inspired by a royal wedding.

Tom and Sabine were married in 1991 or 1998, respectively, if they are celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary in FebruaryApril 2011 or 2018.

However, it is more probable to be in 1998 when taking into account Sabine’s clothing style. 1991 Most likely as a result of the fashion trends from the 1980s, wedding dresses were incredibly puffy. Actually, Sabine’s wedding gown is very similar to bridal attire from the 2000s. Here is a photo comparison, indicating that it is very likely that the wedding took place in 1998.

) (Credit: I made this collage using images I found on Google of wedding dresses from 1991 and 1998.)

Basically, I think it’s safe to assume that it was staged in 1998 because Sabine doesn’t resemble any of the snow beast brides from 1991 and instead appears to be wearing bridal attire from 1998. Just so you know, I done a ton of research on wedding gowns, and her dress is the closest thing to the 2002 bridal trends, especially with the BOHO-chic fashion trend.

Fun fact: Because of Marinette’s calendar, which is essentially Adrien’s schedule from “Timebreaker,” we actually know the the date they got married. As is customary, Sabine introduces the episode by discussing their 20th wedding anniversary. However, in this episode, Alix and Kim engage in their rollerblade race. That our knowledge, this is the only episode to include rollerskating, and Marinette has declared April 6th as “Roller Time.”

This indicates that Tom and Sabine were wed on April 6th! (And, oh yeah, Alix’s birthday)

On April 6, 1998, Tom and Sabine got hitched.

Additionally, this indicates that Tom wed Sabine at the age of 20! We know this since the events of Bakerix, which takes place in 2018, happen before those in Backwarder, as the launch of Startrain is depicted. And since Backwarder is set in May of 2018, we know that BAKERIX will occur in early 2018.

At twenty, our bakery boy stole his wife with his broom-stache. I was curious about Sabine’s age; I believe she was 19 at the time of “Bakerix,” making her 39. I’d be curious to hear anyone’s opinion on Sabine’s age.

As a result, Tom and Sabine were dating in high school. OMGOSH, SO CUTE! I’m eager to create the artwork for that one!

The day that Marinette was born THEORY:

Although this hypothesis isn’t as specific as the last one, I still had to make some firm assumptions and predications! So don’t believe me when I say that!

Before having Marinette, Tom and Sabine had to wait a few years. If this episode was set in 2017 or 2018, then she was born in 2003 or 2004, as we know she is 14 in “Befana.” Additionally, the MLB wiki chronology indicates that Befana occurred in July, which indicates that Marinette was born in July. The wiki has a timeline, it’s true.

We can literally tell from her personality what day of July she was born by using the zodiac signs! Members of the Cancer zodiac sign are born between July 1 and July 22; those born between July 22 and July 31 are under the sign of Leo.


Now that we know her birthday falls between July 1 and July 22, we only need to figure out the exact day! Here’s another hint I discovered as a result of another birthday hypothesis for Amino; It’s my birthday on Saturday, Marinette’s voiceover in the webisode “My Birthday Party” announces (In the English Dub)

Now, while “Befana” debuted in 2017, the webisode was released in 2016. Marinette was 13 when she experienced the miracle, thus if she had been born in 2004, she would have been 12 today. She was born in 2003, making her thirteen when the webisode was shown in 2016!

The Saturdays between July 1st and July 22nd fall on three dates if her birthday in that webisode was set in 2016. the second, ninth, and sixteenth of July.

I hear you asking, “How do we choose only one date out of the three?” According to one Tumblr user, Kung Food is set after July 14th, thus the 16th may be ruled out because her Great Uncle would have mentioned her birthday if he had, but he didn’t.

That indicates that it is either the second or the ninth. I believe we can find out her birthday if we look at the school calendar for the year that “Befana” takes place.

Therefore, if Marinette becomes 14 in “Befana and she was born in 2003, “Befana takes place in 2017. She mentioned being at school that week and the fact that “yesterday she caught Nino listening to her favorite song at school” in the show, but she omitted mentioning being there on her actual birthday. Although I had to check because Mari’s birthday falls on a Sunday in 2017, France does have middle and high schools that elect to hold classes on Saturdays. Therefore, we are not precisely in the appropriate timeframe.

I realized that July marks the start of France’s summer vacation period. And according to this website, the 2017 summer vacation season in France started on July 8th.

Rewatching “Befana,” we can observe that the classroom is now devoid of any student projects or posters. Now, everyone who has attended middle or high school is aware that there are significant clean-ups that take place the day the summer break starts. And I believe we are witnessing that in this case. a thoroughly clean classroom prepared for a new academic year.

I may infer that Marinette was born in 2003 as her birthday is on July 9th. ADRIEN IS THE PROOF AND IT’S IN DA PUDDIN, LOL!

So here is a quick summary of my double theory:

Wow, all this research took me six hours, and now I’m so exhausted. I’m posting these theories because I’ll be absent during May and perhaps June due to exams and university assignments. Enjoy reading this and please share your ideas and opinions!

What sign is Marinette?

Since it was apparently revealed in the episode, Adrien’s birthday is in September.

Regardless, his birthday falls between the start of the school year and Christmas.

I believe Adrien is a Libra since he is a model and a “people-pleaser,” trying to make everyone happy.

He most likely has a Taurus or Virgo lunar sign.

Due to her extreme indiscipline as well as her creativity and imagination, Marinette is most likely a Pisces. Idealistic, flexible, creative, kind, sympathetic, and romanic are all traits associated with the Pisces sign. Since she is a born leader and an inspiration to others, she presumably has a Leo moon or rising. Everyone likes her, with the exception of Lila and Chloe, unless she’s Ladybug. When disturbed, Marinette may also be picky and overly dramatic, and she frequently ignores Tikki’s advise, which is typical of a leo moon. Because Marinette can be emotional and envious or irritable, she most definitely has Cancer in her horoscope. However, she is also kind, devoted, and insightful.

Because Chat Noir has such an intriguing personality that is so different from Adrien’s, despite the fact that they are the same person, I believe I have Marinette pretty well figured out. Adrien is definitely just a working theory.

I’m convinced Adrien has some Scorpio as well because of Chat Noir.

Regarding their compatibility, Libra and Pisces are frequently compared to a couple of fate and choice because they get along so well and understand each other so well.

The fact that Pisces may feel emotionally disregarded and Libra may feel mentally ignored might cause tension for people who value truth and harmony.

This, in my opinion, really relates to Marinette and Adrien as, as Ladybug and Chat Noir, they are not only wonderful friends but also partners in the fight to improve Paris together and have a tremendous understanding of one another.

However, Chat Noir is frequently upset and mentally worn out by Ladybug’s rejection, and Marinette is frequently hurt because Adrien has failed to acknowledge her sentiments.

In Miracle, who plays Scorpio?

Middle Eastern student Emiliya Sarkis is majoring in athletic courses for her future job at Collge Franoise Dupont in Paris, France. Emiliya is well recognized for being sporty and for taking her goals seriously, despite the fact that she is not particularly friendly with the popular gang at the school. Being the Scorpion miracle keeper, she changes into a Scorpio with the capacity to shoot extremely painful stings of “poison,” which when employed, transports the target to the dream state or other spirit realms and makes the target easier to defeat. It simply behaves like a drug, in essence.

SerbearStar is the owner of Emiliya Sarkis. If you are not an admin or have her permission, do not modify or vandalize.

When was Adrien born?

I did update part of it since Marinette is proven to be born in the year of the snake and a Leo (like me! ), and I don’t think anything has been revealed about his birthday unlike Marinette. However, this was the best I could come up with so here it is:

Due to Alya’s mention of the bubbler incident in the episode, we know that “Bubbler” is place before “Dark Cupid. which takes place on February 14th.

According to our chronology, “Bubbler” and “Timebreaker” are both in the same year. We also know that Timebreaker is set in 2018 because to my earlier theory. Marinette is older than Adrien because she was born in 2004, which is the case.

Additionally, “Bubbler takes place after the Origins episode, in which Bustier’s class started the new school year, which would have started on August 30, the first day of classes in France for 2017.

His birthday is somewhere between August 30 and February 14, therefore that’s when it falls.

I believe we can predict Adrien’s position using the signs of the zodiac. And certainly, he could exhibit any of these six indicators.

I’m going to look up each sign now, along with some general personality features and how people behave when they’re in love.

Adrien is described as charismatic, innocent, obedient, somewhat insecure, empathic, and supportive on the wiki. He has demonstrated his love for Ladybug as Chat Noir by being fiercely devoted to her, guarding her, and never lying to her.

This will serve as my foundational relationship to the zodiac signs. These are the findings from my study:

I would strongly disagree, Virgo. Virgos are extremely finicky and in touch with their own needs. However, Virgos have a frigid demeanor and are secretive. Adrien is not at all described by this.

He might be a Libra, I believe. Librans strive for balance in their lives and can occasionally find it difficult to connect with others. They will also elevate their partners because they are hopeless romantics. With his two personas, Adrien has some equilibrium, being able to be liberated in one and alone in the other. The quote that “Libra men have a propensity of stringing multiple (or more) people along at onceoften without even recognizing what they are doing” is what makes me want to buy this sign. HOW MANY GIRLS ARE THERE LIKE HIM? Far too many A Libra man in love is entirely him, just like guys.

Literally, men born under the sign of Scorpio are described as nasty lads who want to be solitary. They are really intense people. No, not our darling cinnamon child, just no.

Sagittarius: “At first, I believed it was feasible, but then I realized it was Adrien, and I’ll explain why in a moment.

This guy may spend years fixating on the perfection of the one who left, entirely oblivious to the dedicated love of the one who has been present the entire time. Anyone come to mind for you?

He’s not a Capricorn, that much is true. These folks guard their inner selves behind cold walls and are exceedingly enigmatic. They are also labeled as workaholics. Even though Adrien has difficulty expressing himself, we can tell that he is a highly sensitive person. He also dislikes working.

Aquarius: According to this zodiac sign, these men have been single and highly witty their entire lives, which is not at all Adrien.

The two signs that I determined to be candidates for him are Sagittarius and Libra.

Now, I think Libra is the more accurate sign out of the two. He was born in the fall, so I’ve seen some people claim he’s a Virgo who was born in September, but they never cite their sources or give any other justifications, so I have nothing.

Adrien’s birthday falls between September 23 and October 22 if he is a Libra. And in the first five minutes of “Bubbler Marientte remarks, “Mom, it’s Friday.

To hone in on these dates, I had to conduct a lot more study. The fact that Marinette mentioned Adrien’s approaching birthday in the episode “Marinette and Adrien” was crucial. indicating that this episode of the website occurs right before “The Bubbler. Since this episode aired on October 5th, 2016, it is safe to assume that the dates of September 28 and October 5 are invalid.

Only the 12th and 19th of October remain. It may be a stretch, but I believe it to be the 19th. What makes me think this?

The first episode of the program aired in France on October 19. It follows that having Adrien’s birthday on this day would make sense because it is significant to Astruc.

Therefore, I draw the conclusion that Adrien was born in 2004 and that his birthday is on October 19.

The fact that Marinette was born in the year of the snake and that she is a Leo may cause the years to be adjusted differently, but I firmly believe that the date is accurate. Please do not take my word for it; this is only a THEORY. This could be incorrect, and that’s good! I wrote it in 2019 with a few changes made in 2021.

Cat Noir’s zodiac sign is?

Miraculousmrbug: You’re claiming that Cat Noir is a Libra and Adrien is a Gemini. Pigella shares the same sign as Rose (also known as a Citizen), who is a Pisces. You need a distinct indication when a regular person is transformed into a superhero, pop star, etc.