What’s My Hogwarts House Based On My Zodiac Sign

Even if they may display excessive rivalry or haughtiness, fire signs typically have the greatest of intentions and are ready to forgive and forget. The Hogwarts house with the most “heroes” in it being related with fire signs makes sense. All of the Weasley children, with the exception of Ron (an emotional Pisces), are fire signs, including Harry Potter himself (put your paws up, Leos!). fire warnings. Gryffindor. Boom.

This house receives the greatest abuse from the fandom and even the books.

Rumor has it that any pupils who didn’t make the cut for the other three houses end themselves in Hufflepuff. But as of today, the Hufflepuff smear is over! As hard workers who are devoted and patient, Hufflepuffs are undoubtedly earth signs. Earth signs are stereotyped as boring, much like this house, but they’re simply the only ones who know how to keep to themselves and mind their own business.

What houses are the zodiac signs in at Hogwarts?

The horoscope’s signs correspond closely with the four Hogwarts houses and their distinctive marks. Here’s a look at how the Harry Potter houses correspond with the characteristics of each zodiac sign for those who want to know which Hogwarts house they would be in based on their birthday.

Svetlana Sterlin updated this on June 12th, 2021: Zodiac signs would be a perfect approach to assign Muggles to Harry Potter houses in the real world because the Hogwarts houses are determined by the personality traits of the pupils. Slytherins are renowned for their guile, Ravenclaws for their intelligence, Gryffindors for their bravery, and Hufflepuffs for their warmth. The signs of the zodiac often display a similar set of characteristics. For those who are curious about which Hogwarts house they would be in based on their zodiac sign, here is a thorough guide.

What sign belongs to a Slytherin?

Given that the Gryffindor house has a regal lion as its emblem, you may assume Leo belongs there. In actuality, Slytherins are naturally born between July 23 and August 22. Harry, who was born on July 31, falls under the house of the serpent, as keen-eyed followers may have noticed. Is this blasphemy? Hardly. Harry may have thrived in Slytherin, as the Sorting Hat notes. In addition to being courageous, Leos like him are also witty, talented, and ambitiousqualities Salazar Slytherin highly valued in his pupils.

Gryffindor’s horoscope sign is?

Gryffindor’s philosophy is rife with fire. Aries folks have a great deal of energy and adventure. In challenging circumstances, they frequently act audaciously. They enjoy being around others who share their interests.

Taurus and Hufflepuff are complementary since both are vulnerable to stereotypes and frequently mistaken for ill luck. Their peers of the time ignore them. They wrongly miss it since they don’t often receive attention.

Smart, clever, cunning, and intelligent describe Gemini people. They are adept at distinguishing between good and bad. Gemini is a sign of twins and duality. The quality of convergence is imposed by Slytherin as well.

People with cancer are sensitive. They are equally talented and wise. They are frequently misled by their emotions, but they have the ability to overcome with great accomplishment.

Leo’s animal is the lion, which is also Gryffindor’s. Leo is the sign of Harry Potter. They frequently exhibit audacity and strength. When faced with any form of extraordinary turbulence, Leos act unafraid. They exhibit leadership qualities.

Virgo and Ravenclaw share a lot of similarities. They are thoughtful and intelligent. People with the Virgo sign are very careful, analytical, and wise.

Hufflepuff characteristics are displayed by Libra. They have a disciplined mindset, a humble demeanor, and a wise mind. They usually want relationships to be peaceful and have affection for others.

Slytherin is the home of Scorpio. They possess talent. Scorpio shows a highly positive combination of characteristics in its character. It is emotional by nature, ambitious in thought, and cunning by nature.

Sagittarius Like Gryffindor, people are carefree. They go to fulfill their desires. Saggitarius is perceptive and intelligent. They are fearless, upbeat, and daring.

Slytherin and Capricorn are both determined. They constantly have a target to reach. They are born with excellent value systems and concepts. They achieve great success thanks to their guile and diligence.

They are flexible. They frequently think extremely large things. Their weapon is intelligence. In general, they are independent and idealistic.

Pisces are incredibly considerate and caring. They receive a lot of attention because of their friendliness. Their weapon is knowledge, kindness, and goodness.

What sign belongs to Draco Malfoy?

If Draco is a Gemini, then Harry and Draco should have been buddies, and pardon us if we sound a bit like Professor Trelawney on this one. Draco was born on June 5, making him a Gemini according to the zodiac. Leos and Geminis are said to get along well, and Harry just so happened to be a Leo. Additionally, Gemini are in direct opposition to Virgo and Pisces. Who possesses those zodiac signs? Hermione and Ron, you’re correct. Let’s not forget that Malfoy did make an effort to make friends with Harry when they first met.

Slytherin or Pisces?

Although Slytherins are not known for being gentle, Pisces are. Slytherins have a background with the dark arts, are outspoken, and fight fiercely (just look at how they play quidditch). Slytherins don’t play nice (even if kindness and gentleness are not a weakness).

They are rude, snarky, and frequently rather self-centered (ambition can sometimes do that). Slytherin is not the greatest house to look for someone in if you’re looking for someone who is nice and moderate; yet, not all Slytherins are nasty and vicious.

Could a Leo be a Slytherin?

The Leo share several characteristics with Slytherins, like as strength, wit, loyalty, and tenacity. As did Severus Snape, who remained devoted to Lily Potter and Albus Dumbledore through every tear, those born under this sign of the zodiac never give up and stand out among the greatest.

Voldemort’s zodiac sign is.

Lord Voldemort belonged to which zodiac sign? Lord Voldemort has a negative Capricorn horoscope. Along with Virgo and Capricorn, Capricorn is a member of the Earth element in astrology.

What signs of the Zodiac are Ravenclaw?

In addition, you would be given a house, which, like zodiac signs, would instantly reveal just about everything about a person (Scorpios and Slytherins tend to invite similar amounts of scorn, sorry, bbs).

Spoiler alert: In astrology, the four houses really match up with the four elements incredibly well. Not that every Hufflepuff kid loves it or agrees with their placement there, but consider how your Sun sign doesn’t always accurately reflect all of your personality traits. All this to say, it’s okay if you have both a Slytherin Sun and a Ravenclaw Rising. Here are the four Hogwarts houses and the zodiac signs they most resemble, without further ado:

What sign belongs to Harry Potter?

Because Leos are easy to identify, Harry Potter is a Leo. We understand that he is the boy who lived! (Harry is genuinely tired of his own notoriety.) Because they regard themselves as the main figure in everyone else’s life, Leos frequently experience difficulties. Leos are the epitome of diva personalities, whether on purpose or not, and frequently fail to recognize when the camera isn’t on them. Now you know why if you’ve ever had a Leo friend make your sad story about them. Harry is fortunately restrained by Ron and Hermione.

Hermione Granger: Virgo

How might a Virgo witch be identified? When their fellow classmates spell (wink) anything incorrectly, they check the potion bottles for asterisks. Hermione Granger is referred to as a Virgo witch. Virgos are fixated on projecting the finest versions of themselves to the outside world. They do have limitations, even though we hardly ever witness them give in to (self-inflicted) pressure. (And collapses. In private, usually.) You won’t ever see a Virgo sobbing in the bathroom because they unintentionally mixed a cat hair with their Polyjuice potion, unless you’re their best friend.

Professor Minerva McGonagall: Libra

Despite the misconception that Libras are the sign that easily falls in love, they also need to keep their independence. When Professor McGonagall was a young woman, she had her first and only engagement with Dougal McGregor and fell in love. She left Dougal to be on her own because she hadn’t done everything she wanted to. She grew up to become the fierce witch we all know and adore despite having her heart broken. Minverva, shine on!

Sirius Black: Scorpio

The original bad boy of Hogwarts, Sirius Black is tall, dark, attractive, and intelligent. (Voldemort is simply wicked.) Although it took some time to clear his record, he was well-liked by his instructors in school and is the only known witch or wizard to have escaped Azkaban. We discover more of Sirius’ troubled past in the Harry Potter books and films, and in typical Scorpio manner, he has a lot of secrets. Sirius exudes a powerful atmosphere of mystery that is both tragic and alluring. Scorpios are renowned for their need for honesty and connection. Like Sirius did in his first book appearance, they enjoy challenging others and getting them to view things differently.

Rubeus Hagrid: Sagittarius

Sagittarius suns look for domestic adventure to satiate their insatiable wanderlust when they are unable to travel. They might spend their life reading, eating new foods, or collecting exotic, extremely hazardous magical creatures. Don’t let Rubeus Hagrid’s position as Hogwarts’ groundskeeper deceive you; he is unquestionably a Sagittarius man. Despite never finishing his O.W.L.S, he went on to become a professor of care for magical creatures. Sagittarius folks enjoy both teaching and learning. Knowledge keeps Sagittarius youthful at heart, and teaching teaches you much more!

Could a Taurus be a Slytherin?

A Taurus may put in a lot of effort and become fixated on every little aspect of a project, but most Slytherins have too much ambition to dwell over the minor details. Slytherins are much less prone to concentrate over the little things than a Taurus would because the large vision and the significant rewards are what motivate their work.