Which Greek God Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This powerful and eager zodiac sign is symbolized by Ares, the god of war. If you’re an Aries, you probably resemble this ferocious god in many ways. Power, ambition, and boldness drive the motivation of those born under the Aries constellation.

Poseidon’s zodiac sign is?

The god most strongly linked to Pisces, the sign of the Fish, is Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. They share more than just a love of the sea; both are renowned for their maturity and wisdom as well as a propensity for becoming overly emotional.

Zeus is what sign?

Zeus, in Leo As the King of the Gods and the rock star of Mount Olympus, Zeus (or Jupiter in Roman terminology) naturally belongs to Leo, the rock star of the zodiac.

What sign is Aphrodite under?

The Greek Goddess of war is Athena. But unlike her her brother Ares, whose leadership is primarily concerned with its violent aspects, Athena is more the divine tactician. She is the goddess of Wisdom, after all. Before entering battle, armies would worship Athena. Whoever made the most fervent prayers and sacrifices to her was fortunate enough to succeed. Heracles, while he was still a human, was one of Athena’s favorite heroes, along with Odysseus, Perseus, Bellerophon, Jason, Cadmus, and Argus. As the patroness of crafts, Athena is also credited with inspiring the designers of battleships and the war chariot.

Aries are urged by Athena to respect the power of their divine feminine selves. As a result, Aries women (of birth and gender identity) are blessed with the courage to always resist the repressive force of patriarchy and will never back down from a struggle. After all, some of the feminist movement’s most influential figures have been Aries women, notably Gloria Steinem, who rose to prominence as the movement’s spokesperson in the 1960s and 1970s. Not to mention Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female justice to sit on the US Supreme Court, who made history.

Putting your interests, goals, and value above everything else is the finest approach to honor your relationship with Goddess Athena. Respect your uniqueness and never ever undervalue yourself, especially if you want a man to be happy.


Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, fortune, fertility, beauty, and the strength that comes from feeling safe and confident in one’s own body and being. She is a member of the Hindu “Tridevi,” or triple goddess trine, together with Parvati and Saraswati. The phrase “winning respect” perfectly describes the goddess Lakshmi. She is a fickle woman who only favors men and women who respect both. She makes nighttime visits to her followers while Uluka, her heavenly owl, which stands for financial wisdom, is accompanying her. After all, some of the wealthiest individuals are known to increase their wealth even while they are at rest.

Lakshmi warns Taurus women (of birth and gender identity) that materialistic wealth is not true wealth. If you don’t feel confident in the ground you stand on, material wealth is nothing. She exhorts us to develop the skills necessary for managing, budgeting, investing, andmost importantlyspending money. Energy is all that money is. However, wealth is the ability to channel that energy and the strength of always being able to stand on your own two feet.

This is why Taurus is the astrological sign with the strongest will, capable of shattering even the hardest gems. Additionally, Lakshmi desires that Taurus take good care of their bodies and treat them like temples. After all, power comes from beauty, particularly when it originates from a healthy place. After all, riches is good health!


The goddess of conflict and discord, Eris, is well-known. But when we look at her without the patriarchal filter through which she is frequently seen, we see that she is in fact a goddess of chaos. Chaos is a strong magical force that does not abide by the laws of man, deity, or even time itself. Eris is the goddess who loves to “stir things up” and is the best person to describe Gemini’s penchant for drama.

Life is chaos, let’s face it. Men create rules and beliefs for people to follow, police our individualism, and make life tough for those who don’t follow them in an effort to bring order to the world. Eris enters to warn them that no matter what they do, a strong, “chaotic,” divine feminine force will always cause patriarchy’s mightiest structures to shatter and disintegrate, leaving nothing but dust behind.

Eris is here to grant Gemini women the freedom to embrace their inner chaos and not be constrained in any manner, whether they are Gemini by birth or gender identity. Her capacity to adjust and move on from any situation while causing the least amount of harm is her greatest gift to Gemini. the capacity to follow one’s whims and desires and look for thrillscheap and otherwisewhile maintaining their buoyancy. Eris will constantly assist Gemini in having fun while flirting with danger in addition to helping him survive. Respect your uniqueness as a way to honor Eris. Without considering what other people might think, explore all possibilities.

Own up to your ‘chaotic’ array of talents. When envious people accuse you of being a master of none, just roll your eyes and walk away. You’ll demonstrate to them your genuine mastery of chaos energy when the time is appropriate. They will never forget it!


Roman Goddess of the Moon Luna travels over the night skies in her silver Biga chariot drawn by two horses. She is frequently referred to as the “two-horned queen of the stars” and wears a crescent moon as her crown. Her rule extends to all that occurs both in the night sky and within the confines of the human mind. This is why we experience “lunacy” when we lose control of our intellect and mental health.

Luna is frequently regarded as a strong character with authority over the worlds of birth and death as well, controlling the tides of the ocean, the cycles of the body, and the power of the earth itself. Because of this, sages frequently utilized Luna’s changing face to predict not just global events but also the best times to sow seeds, harvest crops, and in some circumstances, even when to invade other nations or even get a haircut (if you want your hair to grow longer, cut it while Luna is young). Trim it when Luna is full if you want it to grow thicker but more slowly. When she is waning, touching a blade will cause your hair to fall out quickly and make you feeble.

Luna bestows a strong affinity to the moon upon Cancer women (of birth and gender identification). They will be able to control their emotional states and find life to be oh so much easier if they follow the lunar cycles. It has frequently been reported that drinking water from silver glasses has potent healing effects on the body as well as the psyche, keeping melancholy at bay.

If Cancer women manage their schedules according to the phases of the moon, they will always succeed in all spheres of the house and their business since revenues will increase as strong portals of abundance open. When the moon is full or new, practice meditation as a way to honor Luna. The former will help you develop more physical and mental toughness. The latter will enable you to discover divine sources of creativity and magic itself as well as combat demons (both inner and outside).


Sekhmet, the Egyptian lioness and daughter of the Sun God Ra, is the goddess of war, healing, and protection in both life and death. Sekhmet was revered for his ability to ward off disease as well as his ability to breathe fire and blast scorching winds that created storms in the desert.

Sekhmet has the capacity to destroy us with a single glance of her eye or provide us the tools we need to live a full and healthy life, much like the sun has the potential to burn us or give us warmth and essential vitamin D. She can inspire us to become more powerful than even the mightiest pharaohs when she’s in our life. When she leaves, we sink to our darkest points and fervently hope that she will come back like the sun in the morning to provide light to our lives.

Leo women (of birth and gender identity) are blessed by Sekhmet with the ability to shine brightly like the mighty Sun and shed light on the lives of lower mortals they observe. Even a small gesture that is unimportant to a Leo lady can have an impact on the larger universe around her.

By honoring your own divinity, Leos can access their inner goddess Sekhmet. Know when to utilize your sun’s immense healing power for healing and when to use it to burn. Most importantly, having fun is the finest way to honor Sekhmet. Sekhmet is after all the goddess of parties, and she is known for her thunderous roars after she has had a few too many. She held a party that was dubbed “the festival of drunkenness,” when inhibitions were removed and the actual ferocious strength was allowed to manifest itself without restraint. A woman who isn’t afraid to use all of her power has the patriarchy much too fearful. Play with their dread without remorse.


Both Virgo and Inanna are not virgins! The Goddess understands that a woman’s strength derives from owning and accepting responsibility for her sexuality and overall life itself, in contrast to how patriarchy values women and measures their value by their virginity. The Mesopotamian goddess Inanna is linked to fertility as well as to love, beauty, war, justice, and power.

Inanna, also known as “The Queen of Heaven,” was one of the few deities who, after suffering horrifying amounts of torment, including having her corpse hanging from a hook, could enter the underworld and emerge unscathed. Despite the fact that she is a queen in her own right, her love and devotion know no bounds.

Inanna is here to empower Virgo women, regardless of gender identification or place of birth, to proudly embrace their femininity. Virgo is endowed by Inanna with the capacity to endure life’s highs and lows unharmed. All they need to do is ensure that they never compromise our autonomy and sense of self, particularly for a male.

Be kind and empathetic, yes, but also see to it that your needs are met so that your voice is heard. Inanna bestows extraordinary talents on Virgo in a variety of life domains, some of which have no relation to one another. It’s her way of reminding Virgo of their capacity to never lose their independence and ability to skillfully adjust to any situation. The label “Virgin” has nothing to do with modesty. It’s more about being self-sufficient enough to not require a man to define you.


Perhaps Aphrodite’s reputation for being beautiful is equal to her fame. The Greeks revere her as the supreme Goddess of love, lust, beauty, passion, pleasure, fertility, and, shockingly, battle itself. She was created from the sea’s foams and the split pieces of Heaven itself, emerging from a shell on the shores of Cyprus. After all, she was the catalyst for the Trojan War. Aphrodite is incredibly envious and egotistical, yet when viewed from a wider angle, one can see that she also possesses a surprising streak of fairness.

After all, both love and war are just games. She frequently has connections to divine Justice herself because of this. Some people would find it unusual that a capricious goddess could stand up for justice and fairness. However, Aphrodite views it as a component of the beauty and multifaceted abilities that come with being a woman.

Women born under the sign of Libra are blessed by Aphrodite to embrace their femininity and fully utilize its powers. Libra has Aphrodite’s blessings to captivate and bewitch even the most steadfast enemy or rival, whether it be in the boardroom, the bedroom, or the battlefield.

Aphrodite endows Libra with the capacity to perceive circumstances from a variety of perspectives, enabling them to empathize while exercising intelligent judgment. Aphrodite doesn’t mind making fun of people, but she does it in a way that it can be taken as a praise. This represents Libra’s inherent diplomatic abilities, which regrettably get a little skewered by Aphrodite’s capriciousness.

She does, however, assist Libra in getting by with a smile. Respect your inner and outer attractiveness in order to honor Aphrodite. Beauty is magic that may be used to empower others. Beauty is strength, power, and beauty. Make good use of it to win Aphrodite’s protection.


Time, change, creation, destruction, transformation, and power are all attributes of the goddess Kali. She is the mother of all living things and the highest manifestation of Shakti, the supreme heavenly goddess. She embodies fierceness in its purest, most unrepentant form. Since Kali feeds on the blood of the immoral, especially those who injure women, many are afraid of her, as they should be.

However, those who are brave and have a pure heart are never afraid of her because they view her as a loving, all-knowing mother who will look out for them without expecting anything in return. People who completely trust and devote themselves to her are supposed to be unaffected by even the worst disasters, allowing them to float through life without being affected by even the most horrifying tragedies.

Scorpio women (of birth and gender identity) are endowed by Kali with such strength that neither the wrath of hell nor the splendors of paradise would be able to stop them from accomplishing their goals. Every Scorpio is endowed by Kali with the ability to experience transforming rebirths, empowering them to reinvent themselves and succeed in their chosen careers without being bound by the past, especially by men from the past. Kali urges us to keep in mind that our history does not define who we are. It’s merely a stop along the way. We own the power to change it with each and every breath, therefore neither our present nor our future are limited or defined.

By keeping in mind that you have nothing to fear in life, Scorpios can access their inner goddess Kali. Fear is merely an imposed illusionary emotion meant to make us forget our inherent divinity. Give Kali all of your anxieties, worries, and insecurities. Trust her entirely, then go out into the world and conquer both the outside and the inside of yourself.


Diana is the goddess of the moon, the hunt, the wild, the animals, and the spirit of exploration. Because Diana rarely interfered in human lives, in contrast to other gods who couldn’t help themselves, the Ancient Romans revered her free spirit and open heart. Diana enjoyed the jungles and the woodlands, and she found comfort in all kinds of creatures.

Since animals have the purest hearts and never lie, cheat, or deceive someone with bad intentions, humans find it so easy to do. Diana was not only the best archer, but she also possessed the ability to shoot her arrows with a divine accuracy that would astound both gods and mortal heroes. Diana also governs the magic that results from realizing our spiritual connection to nature and the many moon phases. Diana is free to be who she truly is since she is not beholden to anyone. It makes sense that Wonder Woman is named Diana.

Diana bestows the ability to strive high and fulfill one’s dreams on Sagittarius women (of birth and gender identification). She lets us “search” for what we desire and then takes it without a second thought. She satisfies our soul’s desire for adventure and gives us the confidence to break free from the confining four walls of domesticity so that we can freely travel the globe. When we speak the truth and encourage one another, especially in the face of patriarchal hostility, Diana is best honored.

Jane Fonda, a fellow Sagittarius who is far into her eighties and a passionate supporter of numerous causes, strikes a perfect balance between looking amazing and speaking out against injustice. Travel to new areas, especially those inside of you, as a way to honor Diana. Diana has magical abilities that you can access through caring for animals and being in nature.


The goddess of strength, sustenance, harmony, devotion, and motherhood is known as Parvati. Parvati, a mountain-born woman, represents Shakti in her most loving manifestation. But do not confuse compassion with meekness. The mighty Lord Shiva spent eons lost away in meditation, but because to Parvati’s strong determination, she dedicated herself to loving him. When he awoke, he was so shocked by the overwhelming force of her love that he

had no choice but to love her. Due to the strength of her will and her capacity for love, Parvati was the only one who could transform the mighty ascetic Shiva into the charming householder Shankara. As Annapurna, she provides food for everyone living on Mount Kailas. She engages in all combat as the powerful Durga. She is as stunning as Lalita. And when approached as Dhumavati, she instills terror.

Parvati bestows upon Capricorn women (of birth and gender identity) the fortitude, perseverance, and forbearance of the great Himalayan peaks. Saturn, the god of karma and “I told you so,” rules Capricorn, after all. Only Capricorn possesses the utmost strength to not only endure Saturn’s chilly rule but also the capacity to reap great rewards for doing so. All of that is due to Parvati’s blessings.

She would stand up to Lord Shiva if he erred thanks to his “Bhole Nath” side, and her fearlessness would enable her to take on powerful demons as well. According to legend, Shiva always saw to it that Parvati’s needs came before his or anybody else’s. This is so that Shiva wouldn’t die from ingesting the potent poison that was released during the churning of the oceans by Vasuki, who was tied around Shiva’s neck by Parvati.

By honoring your true might, Capricorns can access their inner goddess Parvati. Respect such relationships without compromising your personal integrity as you fulfill every function you are required to play in life. Anyone who loves you has the ability to become a deity in their own right. That is the pure feminine energy of Capricorn in action! Ensure that he treats you like the goddess that you are!


The Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, education, and all classical and contemporary forms of art is Saraswati. Saraswati was never really anyone’s hero, despite the patriarchal tendency to pair her together with Brahma. She was fiercely independent and rebellious, frequently challenging the power and dominance of the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and even refusing to have children and live a simple home life.

She is aware that information is the true power in the world, and wisdom is the capacity to use knowledge to lead an empowered and independent life. She is direct and doesn’t waste time or patience on shows of poisonous macho or feminine cunning. According to an old proverb, if you pursue Lakshmi (money), she would flee, but if you pursue Saraswati, Lakshmi will pursue you.

Women who are Aquarius by birth or gender identity have one of the greatest minds ever according to Saraswati. Aquarius begins where most people stop thinking. a mind that is eager to learn and investigate, engaging in several deep dives into topics that most others find enigmatic and downright frightening. Saraswati enables Aquarius to go past the facade of caste and class distinctions and examine humanity as a totality.

Aquarius sees the big picture, and frequently via Saraswati, Aquarius maintains her staunch independence and defies narrow gender stereotypes. By continuing your education, you may honor Saraswati. Do not be concerned about the “profitability” of what you learn; learning is the best way to improve. Wealth will come to those who seek knowledge and value its ability to free the mind, body, and soul from the shackles of ignorance. All knowledge leads to wisdom.


The goddess of forgiveness is Ganga. Ganga, who represents the Ganges River, is revered as the mother of mankind and the bringer of mokshaspiritual liberation. In order to ask God to pardon their sins and free their souls from the cycles of karma and samsara, pilgrims immerse the ashes of their departed family members into rivers.

In fact, everyone who bathes in her powerful waters can have their sins washed away, purifying their souls for a new beginning in life. Because of this, Ganga is tolerant of everyone who interacts with her. She is aware that their misdeeds are only outward manifestations of their true selves, and she is able to distinguish between the two. As a result, she is also revered as a maternal goddess who is kind.

Ganga bestows the virtues of saintly compassion and heavenly forgiveness upon Pisces women (of both birth and gender identification). Perhaps this explains why Pisces is sometimes referred to as the “dustbin of the zodiac” by astrologers. Not only do people throw their problems at them, but Pisceans had spent endless eons in all the other signs before they were born under the sign of Pisces.

By actively practicing forgiveness in your life, especially with yourself, those born under the sign of Pisces can tap into their inner goddess Ganga. Your capacity to separate from poisonous people and situations and move on will be strengthened if you do this. Imagine pure white light emanating from your shower when it is on as a potent cleansing ritual that you can simply perform at home. With each drop, see it washing away negativity from my aura, body, and soul while shielding me from my own and other people’s negative ideas and intentions. Every shower will eventually turn into a magical protective ritual with regular use.