Which Titans Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

So, listed below are the twelve zodiac signs and the Titans characters who best embody them.

  • Rachel Roth is a 5 Scorpio.
  • 6 Libra: Dawn Granger.
  • Donna Troy is a 7 Virgo.
  • Kory Anders, 8 Leo.
  • Rose Wilson has cancer.
  • Jericho Wilson, ten Gemini.
  • Hank Hall, 11 Taurus.
  • Bruce Wayne, a 12 Aries.

Eren Yeager – Aries

Eren is a true Aries, having been born on March 30. Throughout Attack on Titan, it is evident in his personality. When he sets his mind to anything, nothing can stop him from achieving it because of his enthusiasm, tenacity, and strong character.

Or, as it appears to be happening right now, the fall of Paradise Island, whether it is passing the academy tests, joining the Survey Corps, or traveling beyond the Wall. He also appeared to have a strong sense of loyalty to his companions, which is characteristic of Aries, and he never shied away from risking his life to save them during Attack on Titan.

What sign belongs to Levi Ackerman?

Levi has characteristics that not everyone finds endearing; he is direct, nasty, and doesn’t hold back when expressing his dislike or annoyance against people or things. Despite this, he is still regarded highly by both the military and the Survey Corps. In light of the fact that he is Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, his zodiac sign is very appropriate. Levi was born on December 25, making him a Capricorn, the sign in the zodiac recognized for being the most ambitious.

Beast Boy, is he a Gemini?

Although Beast Boy frequently provides the humor in Teen Titans, he can also be serious when necessary, which makes him a wonderful match for the Gemini sign. Beast Boy is a complex character. He has two sides to him: the humorous, haughty, and willing to say anything to make a jokeeven if it’s hurtfuland the caring, loyal buddy.

He apologizes and accepts his position on the squad. Due to his abilities, Beast Boy is incredibly versatile like a Gemini and needs to be quick-witted to choose the appropriate animal to transform into at the appropriate time.

What sign is Mikasa under?

Cancers “wear their hearts on their sleeves,” and they will stop at nothing to defend the ones who are most important to them. Mikasa fits these Cancer characteristics extremely well, as anyone who has witnessed the lengths to which she will go to defend Eren will attest. Mikasa undoubtedly embraces this Cancer trait anytime she is furious because Cancers may also be vengeful. She is also incredibly intuitive, which is another trait Cancers share. It’s the reason she can anticipate her adversaries’ moves and effectively protect herself.

What sign belongs to Goku?

Son Goku, better known by his Saiyan name Kakarot, is sometimes regarded as the originator of contemporary shonen heroes. It stands to reason that Goku, whose actual birthday is April 16, would bear the first sign of the zodiac: Aries. Goku is the model for many shonen characters.

Goku is the prototypical shonen hero, with a forceful and distinct attitude that perfectly matches his astrological sign. Goku is a fire sign since he is an Aries, which goes nicely with his ardent character. In the Dragon Ball series, Goku never takes a decision lightly. Goku always gives it his all, whether he’s fighting, eating, or guarding the plant.

What sign belongs to Katsuki Bakugou?

Katsuki Bakugo Bakugo, a Sagittarius, is loud, profane, and unafraid to scream at anyone he feels is “bothering him.” That so, it is obvious that he simply lacks the vocabulary to adequately articulate his emotions, demonstrating his Sagittarius character.