Which Zodiac Keys Does Lucy Not Have

Gold, silver, and black are the three colors available for celestial keys. There is just one known black key that summons the enormous serpent Ophiuchus, while silver keys are more common than gold ones. Ten of the 12 golden keys, each representing a sign of the zodiac, are in Lucy’s possession. Although powerful, each zodiac has unique personality traits that we can’t help but adore.

Does Lucy have all 12 keys to the Zodiac?

The Celestial Spirit World is home to mystical creatures known as Celestial Spirits (Seirei). Due to their expertise in Celestial Spirit Magic, some Mages are referred to as Celestial Spirit Mages. These Mages can summon Spirits by using Celestial Spirit Gate Keys to open their Gates. The more prevalent Silver Keys and the incredibly rare Gold Keys are divided into two kinds. A Celestial Spirit Mage is identified by how many Units they have earned. Celestial Spirit Keys are measured in Units (collectively, without regard to Gold or Silver). The names of every Celestial Spirit are taken from various astrological constellations. Ten of the twelve Gold Keys are held by Lucy Heartfilia, while Yukino Agria, who also possesses the key to the “13th Gate” of the Zodiac, is the owner of the other two.

Is it ever Lucy who has all the zodiac keys?

Celestial Spirit Magic (Seirei Mah): Utilizing the Keys of each Gate, Lucy can summon Celestial Spiritsmagical creatures that live in the Celestial Spirit Worldby using Celestial Spirit Magic, a form of Spatial Magic. The Keys are engulfed in a gentle golden light upon invoking a Spirit. Once a contract has been established with a Spirit, Lucy will be able to call upon that Spirit on specific days, and it will fight by her side and carry out a number of chores for her. Her Celestial Spirits range in strength, with some being better suited than others for jobs that aren’t always combat-related.

For instance, Taurus has tremendous physical strength, making him a crucial melee combatant who can flank Lucy during battle and face enemies on her behalf, while Aquarius has the ability to manipulate water, creating huge waves that can sweep away large numbers of enemies at once. But because Celestial Spirits are sentient beings with personalities and traits, they are able to behave in conflict in ways that sometimes even defy Lucy’s commands.

Both more common, store-bought Silver Keys and highly rare Gold Keys, which unlock the doors of the “Ecliptic Zodiacs,” are available to Celestial Spirit Mages. There are many Silver Keys, but only 12 Gold Keys, each of which is associated with a particular astrological sign. For a single Celestial Spirit Mage, Lucy has so far acquired a sizable number of Keys10 Gold Keys and 5 Silver Keys. The amount of Magic Power Lucy has to support her Spirits determines how many she can summon at once, and the more powerful they are, the more Magic Power she uses. She has shown the capacity to summon Celestial Spirits by just calling on them rather than utilizing their keys, and she is capable of using five of her Ecliptic Zodiac Keys in a single day. Despite not having her Celestial Spirit Gate Key at the time, Lucy can call Aquarius from a body of water when in Elentear.

An ability that enables two Mages to combine their Magic into a single, greater attack is known as Unison Raid (() Yunizon Reido). According to many priests who have squandered their entire lives trying to master it, this is a very advanced form of magic. Later, Lucy and Wendy Marvell were able to successfully complete a Unison Raid once more by fusing Scorpio’s Sand Buster and Wendy’s Sky Dragon’s Roar into a single, potent vortex. This, along with Gray Fullbuster’s Ice-Make: Hammer, greatly increased Natsu Dragneel’s speed, enabling him to attack Hades with his Fire Dragon’s Sword Horn.

  • After Aquarius was called forth and produced a significant amount of water, Lucy and Juvia were able to combine their strengths to produce the hydro screw (() Haidoro Sukury).
  • Tenry no Hk and Sando Basut: Wendy’s Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and Scorpio’s Sand Magic are combined by Lucy and Wendy to amplify the destructive power of both strikes.

Lucy is able to perform the Magic with the help of Mavis’s book’s incantation instructions to create the Fairy Sphere (() Fear Sufia). She is able to make an ethereal ball, one of the most impregnable protection Magics accessible; not even someone with the power of Acnologia can break it, thanks to it and the strength of the other Fairy Tail member.

Gottfried (Gottofurto): An extremely powerful yet long-forgotten Magic. The casters must kneel on the ground and hold hands while reciting the incantation to begin the Magic. While chanting, the casters are surrounded by an aura that rises skyward and fills the heavens with stars; as the caster cries out the name of the spell, the aura transforms into a beam and the stars shine brighter, swirling around the target. The spell will nevertheless hurt its users. The spell was strong enough to completely destroy the Celestial Globe. By combining her magic with Yukino’s and Hisui E. Fiore’s, Lucy cast the spell.

Magic Card (() Majikku Kdo): As a user of Holder Magic, Lucy tried to entrap her targets using Cana’s Magic Cards.

  • Lucy uses Cana’s cards to lock people inside a pocket dimension via Card Conversion (Kdo Kan).

Enhanced Durability: Despite her frail appearance and her propensity to avoid conflict, Lucy has shown herself to be quite resilient. She was able to survive a vicious attack from a sadistic Zero while she was still unconscious and miraculously get up; endure a barrage of kicks from Kain Hikaru, a man who is capable of destroying trees and rocks with his brute force; and endure Kain trying to crush her head with his enormous arm. Later, she and Erza survived being blasted by one of Hades’ explosions during Team Natsu’s battle with him.

Enhanced Endurance: Lucy has demonstrated to possess exceptional physical endurance. She hasn’t demonstrated any signs of exhaustion when the Taurus and Aries gates were open for a very long time and then were swallowed by Franmalth. She was able to resist Tartarus despite being severely hurt by Franmalth’s use of Hades Formula 28. She was able to open a third gate, which is thought to be a banned method, despite having been injured by Jackal’s blasts, being worn out, and having two gates opened simultaneously.

Enhanced Speed: Lucy has displayed exceptional speed, deflecting the majority of Lisanna’s blows while in her feline form, which is renowned for its agile movements and attacks.

Keen Intellect: Lucy has demonstrated that she is an extremely rational, intelligent, and perceptive mage. Without even tasting the wine, she was able to deduce that Bora had hidden a sleeping pill in it. She enjoys reading and has proven to be skilled at deciphering words-related puzzles and riddles; for example, she was able to see through Zekua Melon’s spell on his Daybreak book and determine the book’s actual contents. Additionally, she was the only Fairy Tail member to successfully locate Mavis Vermillion’s tomb during the S-Class Trial by utilizing the “clues” concealed within the Trial’s design. In addition, Lucy employs her intelligence to aid herself and her comrades win conflicts by deceiving their foes. By the year X792, Lucy had learned through her notes and observations that Scarmiglione had concealed their full power, and she had accurately anticipated the result of their conflict. Lucy is also responsible for the strategy of locking Acnologia inside a Fairy Sphere and leveraging a Dragon Slayer’s flaw against him.

In some cases, Lucy has demonstrated the ability to discern magic. This was first shown during her battle with the Nine Demon Gates in Alegria, where she was still able to sense the magic of all of her allies despite being entangled by the monster. Following the one-year gap, she was able to sense the Scarmiglione members’ superior strength despite their best efforts to conceal it during the Grand Magic Games. She was also able to recognize the intruder’s superior strength and danger before he even revealed it.

Expert Whip Specialist: She is proficient with a whip, being adept enough to use it to grab opponents and to deploy it as an effective weapon at close-to-medium range, but not being frequently displayed due to her penchant to avoid fighting or have her Spirits fight for her.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Lucy has some proficiency in melee fighting, though not as much as the other Team Natsu members. Additionally, Lucy has some kicking skills, as evidenced during the Phantom Lord storyline, where she was able to send Reedus flying with a single kick despite his being considerably bigger than her. Lucy never relies on punches, probably due to her weak physical strength. After a one-year time gap, Lucy uses some kinds of her Star Dress along with some armed and unarmed combat to gain an upper hand in battle.

  • A so-called “last attack” that is more of a straightforward, non-magical melee strike is the Lucy Kick (Rshi Kikku): Lucy lunges in the direction of her intended victim, jumps, and uses the momentum obtained to kick the adversary. The S-Class Promotion Trial’s head of the Dark Guild’s Naked Mummy raid squadron assigned to plunder the Love & Lucky Guild and Bickslow were both vanquished by this attack, despite it not being particularly strong or exclusive in its performance.
  • Double Lucy Kick (W() Daburshi Kikku): Lucy and Gemini leap and use the momentum they have collected to kick their opponent twice at once.