Why Virgo Is The Worst Zodiac Sign

There are certain people who are cruel to our faces and seem to be the worst people we will ever encounter, whether it be to deliver terrible news to you or to make you realize your error in the worst way imaginable. Others use it for their own sadistic delight, while some do it to improve us as people. Whatever their motivations, these people can occasionally become too demanding to deal with.

Therefore, astrology may be involved if you’re wondering what makes them such a bad person.

The worst of the lot, Virgos are rude. Sometimes, their frankness can leave you in a terrible position. They won’t think twice about scheming against you or getting even. You will endure their wrath for the rest of your life if you ever treat them badly. Even if you haven’t hurt them, their envy could drive them to commit sinister acts that you could never fathom. Therefore, it is best to hold back on sharing all of your flaws and secrets with Virgos since you never know when you might use them against you and what else they might use against you.

For many people, a Scorpio is like a nightmare. He or she is determined to ruin you, and once they make that decision, there is no turning back. A Scorpio has the power to make you do everything they desire, from make you fall to your knees to make you beg for an apology. They are brave, but in a way that will make you wish you had never met them and, if possible, erased them from your life.

A Pisces can be your constant adversary. Sometimes, he or she is so terrible that they won’t let you leave. They frequently have bad feelings inside of them. Their worst personality qualities are jealousy, wrath, hostility, and violence. When it comes to their personal safety, or to be more specific, advantage, they can be outright liars. They have a vengeful appetite and are a receptacle for lies and treachery. Never count on a Pisces to be loyal, and even if you do, be prepared for heartache and letdown.

These usually reserved individuals are the worst of the heartbreakers and liars. You may cringe at times because of their evilness. You are safe if they like you. If not, decide to glimpse their unsavory side and get ready to see how far they will go for vengeance. When it comes to rage and selfishness, they are the worst.

If and when you experience the worst side of a Leo, you will regret the day you first met them. They don’t have filters, which can depress you. They will make sure to make you regret having any expectations at all, despite the fact that you might have hoped for a little empathy from them. While the main reason is to ensure you never make the same mistakes again and to teach you a lesson that will stick with you for life.

Disclaimer: Although these qualities are general, they are mostly centered on your zodiacal characteristics; hence, not all of the features listed above may apply to you.

What characteristics of Virgos are the worst?

Virgos have an impossible standard for themselves. They put in their utmost effort and strive for perfection. They overanalyze things in their pursuit of perfection. While they frequently perform tasks well, they frequently place too much pressure on themselves. Virgos put unnecessary stress on themselves because they assess themselves too harshly in an effort to produce the greatest results.

Which signs are hated by Virgos?

Conflicting signals While the very emotional fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries) tend to conflict with the level-headed Virgo, air signs like Libra and Aquarius may be a touch too flighty for Virgo’s liking.

Why is Virgo the best sign of the zodiac?

Virgos are excellent negotiators who use their keen intellects to win arguments and the hearts and minds of people. Their efficiency and practicality reflect the earth element of the Virgo zodiac sign. They have some of the best qualities since they are such well-rounded, intellectual individuals.

Virgo people insane?

We always knew that Scorpios would make the craziest ex-partners, of course. Scorpios are hazardous because they use comedy to hide their gloom, but never fall for it because it’s all a joke. Scorpios will essentially regress into their former life, seething at you in silence, casting a curse on your family, and watching closely as you move on from them. Other signs will be the kind to phone you 17 times in one night or cry at your doorway for months after a split. Everything you do after you split up is seen as an offense by them. Oh, you’re traveling without me? Oh, you two are dating? You are, of course. Just remember that even though your Scorpio ex hasn’t been in touch with you, they are still mad and are watching you.


Because breakups hurt their egos, Leos tend to date weird people. Even while it would already be embarrassing for them to break up with someone else, the thought of you not wanting them or even wanting to make an effort to make things work upsets them to the point where they lash out in ways that aren’t really intended. Leos are not evil people by nature; rather, when they fall in love, they adopt the person into their identity, and losing that identity is a very difficult process. So, madness follows. Your former Leo lovers will contact you. And you’ll hear from them frequently.


Due to the fact that they are so overwhelmed by their post-breakup emotions that they are unsure of what to do with themselves, Geminis are third on the list of the most psychotic ex-partners. Your Gemini ex may still be in love with you, but it’s more likely that they are lost without a voice of reason in their lives because they have depended on you for so long to help them work through their emotions. They still cling to each other most likely for that same reasonthey don’t want to face life alone. Geminis are polarizing, which makes them wild ex-partners. One moment they are still in love with you, the next they are fine with being friends, and the next they are writing lengthy explanations of why they are irritated with you and all of the proof that justifies their annoyance.


Scoripos and Virgos both place highly on the list of eccentric ex-boyfriends since they are the unexpected ones. Your Virgo ex appears to be so cool about all that happened, but their obsessive and explosive tendencies are simmering just below the surface. Because Virgos are infamous overthinkers, they are also the ex-partners you need to be on the lookout for. They have a tendency to harbor all of their crazy thoughts for just long enough to explode at you one day without you even being aware of what triggered it. (Nothing happened; they simply need to express their hatred for you, which they have been contemplating for the past two weeks.)


The most emo ex-partners are Pisces. They are the most dramatic about, oh, anything, but particularly when they are despondent over a romantic relationship. They might occasionally send you a rando 2 a.m. text, but more often than not, they will write poetry about you, stare at the sky, listen to music from the early 2000s, and fantasize about meeting you in the afterlife to talk about your fated encounter. All of their repressed pain will eventually manifest itself in either the most brilliant artwork you’ve ever seen or just pure, unadulterated rage.


Cancers fall right in the middle of the “cool to crazy scale” since they are both really capable of letting go of ex-partners once relationships have ended and also possess a thirst for vengeance that ultimately leads to some type of self-doubt. The most sensitive sign in the zodiac, Cancers are also the most bonded to their homes, their relationships, their devotion, and their partnerships. Of course, there are also the CRAB, which contributes significantly to their attitude. Cancers arguably struggle with losing love the most out of all the signs, but they are also fairly adept at coming back for themselves. They are aware that there are other fish (or is it crabs?) in the sea and that they can experience what they wish for, just not with the person they left.


When they lose love, Capricorns become furious. They are less crazy than the average person since they won’t attack you, but they also won’t accept it and do nothing. Capricorns are methodical and self-driven, and they typically focus all of their attention on trying to improve themselves or their circumstances in some measurable, obvious way. Be aware that a Capricorn deals with everything by committing to an excessive quantity of self-improvement because it helps them regain control. Once they move on and begin to perceive you as a little beneath their newly awakened self, everything will once again be how it should be in their reality.


Oddly enough, Libras’ amorous nature helps them after a breakup. They are aware that they can fall in love once more, and they eventually do. Additionally, Libras are quite vain, and they detest the concept of being perceived as the “crazy ex. Simply put, it doesn’t seem cute, and Libras prioritize upholding an impression of balance and beauty even when they are deeply troubled by their own sorrow. In other words, a Libra isn’t necessarily a crazy ex; they’re just highly reluctant to admit how much they still ruminate over you. Furthermore, they move forward swiftly, or at least appear to do so. In either case, they successfully convey the impression that the rebound was quick and forceful.


The amusing thing about an Aquarius is that they don’t seem to care as much when they break up with you as other people do. They will not internalize their heartbreak the way other signs will, therefore yes, they can be brokenhearted. Instead, they will put all of that energy into another worthwhile endeavor, and you probably won’t even realize how wounded they actually are. Ironically, their reluctance to articulate or demonstrate their actual emotions is what ultimately destroys many of their relationships. Because they simply become detached from everything quickly, they score low on the crazy scale. You know they have tasks to work on?


The Tauruses of the world probably ought to have been ranked a little bit higher on the crazy scale, but they won’t since they have a tendency to keep things stable on the surface, leading them to fool themselves into believing they are happier after a separation than they actually are. A Taurus ex is ultimately someone you’re highly unlikely to hear from again. They will advance to greater and better things. Even if they are very affected, they won’t show it or really let you know because that is not their style. You must understand, though, that once you cross them, there is no turning back. These folks absolutely do not forget and just sort of forgive.


Sags are cool ex-partners. They say, “Ouch, wow, I’m unhappy about this,” and then say, “Okay, let’s climb a mountain, backpack in Peru, and read a book on reincarnation,” a few minutes later. They’re simply the least prone to internalize heartache and the most inclined to engage in activities other than moping around. More than any other sign, sags are simply well-rounded individuals. They’ll move on swiftly, but they’ll also likely be the most open to a second casual fling.


An Aries simply doesn’t give a damn when you leave them. Avoid provoking an Aries because they will simply say, “Okay, peace, and that will be pretty much the end of it.” When it occurs to Aries that you are incompatible or that your relationship isn’t going anywhere, staying together seems like an illogical thing to do. And if it is an illogical thing to do, why would you sit around and worry about it? Aries intellectualize life, so staying together seems like an illogical thing to do. They simply move on since it doesn’t make sense. 10/10 coolest ex-partners. The likelihood of them caring about reuniting is zero.

Are Virgo buddies toxic?

Virgo is not a poor friend, but their relationships with friends tend to come and go frequently. They are impulsive and changeable. Friendships will be readily and regretlessly ended by them.

Virgo and Libra

Both Libra and Virgo have high expectations, but how they go about achieving them might be problematic. Virgos have high expectations for themselves because they think that wonderful things in life come from properly planted seeds. On the other hand, Libras are overly pessimistic and assume that everything will just go their way.

When things don’t go as planned for a Libra, they may adopt a “poor, miserable me” mentality and rely on a Virgo’s “fix it” inclination to find solutions. This is a recipe for catastrophe because both Virgos and Libras have the potential to take advantage of each other. Virgos can easily grow resentful of Libras’ inability to run their own lives.

Virgo and Aquarius

While Virgo remains firmly anchored on their small plot of land, watery Aquarius ebbs and flows. A good partnership between these star signs is quite challenging due to these basic disparities. The introverted Virgo won’t enjoy the outgoing, sociable lifestyle of the extroverted Aquarius, while the latter will be amused by the Virgo’s inclination to take life too seriously.

Although this unusual duo does have a love for helping the underprivileged, their personalities make it difficult for them to cooperate for a similar goal. If they cannot center their shared concern for others, Virgo and Aquarian relationships struggle.

Virgo and Leo

For reserved Virgo, Leo’s outspoken and dramatic manner can be a bit much. Leo doesn’t want to dim their brightness for anybody or anything, even though Virgo would probably prefer it if they could tone it down a level. A people-pleasing Leo may feel pressured to change themselves in order to conform to a Virgo’s idea of perfection due to the latter’s propensity to criticize and micromanage others’ problems.

Resentment on both sides can result from this unhealthy relationship, which is readily ignited into battles that leave scorched land in their wake. It’s best if they keep their interests separate because these two can’t seem to agree on anything.

How do Virgos appear?

They typically have somewhat wider foreheads so that they have ample room for all of their intricate thoughts.

Although the top and bottom of the face are somewhat emphasized by their prominent cheekbones, the chin and jawline are quite narrow.

Because Virgo characteristics are typically highly distinct and angular, these proportions sound rather unusual.

The Virgo’s true love is who?

Virgos frequently take their time to find love. They gain from an initially flirty and forceful relationship because they are naturally reserved and cautious with their hearts to a certain extent. They like honesty and openness over eccentric flirting tactics and value a direct and tactful lover. They have great communication skills and are committed and loyal. However, dating them can sometimes seem like a very drawn-out procedure. It may possibly take weeks or months before you learn the truth about their feelings for you. Virgo pays close attention to the other’s details and looks for ways to help them develop. When a person uses their critical faculties to help their significant other grow, they have fallen in love.

Can the Virgos fight?

Kahn continues by stating that Virgos frequently worry excessively, which might make debating them easier on you. Being in a relationship with a Virgo can be challenging because “they often wind up worrying about every little thing that could go wrong in a relationship” and “they are more inclined to blame themselves than they are to blame you in the first place” (via Bustle).

Are Virgos capable thinkers?

Although Virgos rarely express their feelings, that doesn’t imply they don’t experience them. They possess incredible emotional fortitude and can handle any situation without losing their cool.