How To Get Rid Of Astrology Addiction

“This information is more readily available in part,” she explains. There are numerous free materials available on the internet. Again, the global pandemic and the political rift that our country is experiencing are motivators for people to seek help from sources other than traditional types of assistance, such as psychotherapy.

Astrology mostly focuses on the positive

Horoscopes are often upbeat and generic, and it’s usual for individuals to seek solutions that provide hope for a better future. According to Hexdall, they are frequently affirming and reassuring, which gives comfort, especially during a pandemic.

According to Hexdall, some people are drawn to astrology and tarot because the content connects with them, providing a sense of validation for their challenges or gifts. “What they lack are key individual discoveries, individual actions, and greater impartiality that only a therapist can deliver.”

Which zodiac sign has the highest chance of becoming a drug addict?

05/13Cancer Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is one of the zodiac’s most emotional and unpredictable signs. They are constantly looking for something to relieve their pain and suffering, and as a result, they are susceptible to being hooked to narcotics, particularly opioids.

How can you get rid of planetary sway?

Mercury is a young planet in your horoscope, and it governs your brains, abilities, and wisdom. Mercury placement issues lead to tooth difficulties, a decrease in sexual desire, a weak nervous system, and speech and communication issues. Follow these methods to counteract Mercury’s negative planetary effects:

  • Lord Vishnu is to be worshipped.
  • Green grass or fodder should be fed to cows.
  • Donate milk and rice to a local temple.
  • Emerald Gemstone is highly suggested for wearing.
  • Unmarried girls should be given presents.
  • Keep strong relationships with your cousins and siblings.

Is there a God in astrology?

I’ve been asked numerous times over the years to speak about the compatibility of astrology and religion by clients who are deeply religious. Despite the fact that some passionately religious people consider astrology to be heretical, I’ve noticed an extraordinary ideological connection between organized religions and the orderly world of astrology.

Astrology is completely compatible with a strict religious belief system. It’s a graceful jump to assume that a God created the universe, with noble ideals guiding even the planets and stars.

The study of the planets and stars precedes and has influenced religious belief and practice around the world, according to evidence from ancient texts, sculptures, and stained glass art. Symbols of astrological signs and planets can be found in our earliest ancient religious sites. Significant religious luminaries including Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Buddha, and Mary Baker Eddy were born within astrological alignments that synchronistically confirmed their arrival.

Some devoted religious believers’ opposition can be traced back to a time when priests and religious authorities sought to interpret and mediate all religious experiences from their positions of authority. Our forefathers sought divine inspiration straight from the stars and considered themselves to be an intricate part of an active universe evolving before the development of male-dominated organized religion. Astrology as a technique and a belief system founded on an enchantment with the divine orchestrations of the heavens was open to anyone. Astrology does not necessitate the worship of a single deity or figurehead; rather, it assumes the existence of an infinite and purposeful intellect that pervades the heavens and the earth in a grand symphony of meaning.

Religion comes from the Latin term religio, which meaning “to connect together.” What could be more inextricably interwoven than celestial motions and human experiences and events?

The meanings of the 9th and 12th houses, as well as the archetypes of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, all honor the importance of religion and spirituality in astrology. The 9th and 12th houses represent areas of life where religious or spiritual guidance, experience, and/or ordainment may be sought. Jupiter can represent a powerful spiritual or religious figure, Saturn a harsh God image, and Neptune mystical experiences and religious rapture.

A trustworthy, unbiased astrologer can assist a client in strengthening their confidence. Through an examination of their chart, I’ve assisted several clients in reclaiming and activating their religious roots, leading them toward the power that comes from following a religious path. Religion is a cornerstone of psychological and mental well-being for some people.

Unlike many organized religions, astrological ideas and practices are free of sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression. Even the old astrological metaphors of masculine and feminine planets and energies have been redesigned as receptive and active energies that are not gendered in expression. Every human has a strong seat at the table of the universe, just as every planet and star has a position in the sky.

Astrology and organized faiths are both:

  • Are you looking for a way to express yourself?
  • Are not backed up by scientific evidence
  • Thousands of years have passed
  • Are based on legend and folklore.
  • Have spawned works of art and poetry that are both inspired and stunning.
  • Give people a sense of belonging and identity
  • Assist folks who are going through a lot of pain and loss.
  • Investigate the concepts of fate and free will.
  • Have a history of group rituals?
  • Keep track of important dates on your calendar.

In contrast to religion, astrology:

  • There are no places of worship.
  • There are no membership requirements or vows.
  • There are no moral edicts.
  • Has no claim to superiority based on merit
  • Is there no human saint?
  • There is no such thing as a hierarchy of worthiness.
  • Does not indicate that there is an afterlife.
  • There is no specific code of social conduct outlined.
  • There is no formal consensus on the amount of training that must be completed.
  • There are no official uniforms or costuming for practitioners.
  • It does not necessitate worship.

These lists demonstrate how religion and astrology can have a fruitful relationship.

Religion is a Saturn word in astrological terms: it is ordered, spells out right and wrong, and is constructed on and in institutions and agreements. Astrology has a Uranian bent to it:

Is astrology a kind of coping?

“When we continually looking outside of ourselves to discover ourselves, whether it’s via food, sex, or astrology, we become hooked to something in a very harmful way, says Jennifer Freed, a California-based psychological astrologer who has studied this topic for more than 30 years.

She stresses that horoscopes aren’t intended to be a one-stop shop for information. Instead, they serve as a springboard for improving your life, which is why bombarding yourself with daily affirmations and social media posts won’t help. “She claims that if you conduct your life based on sound bites delivered by a computer, you’re probably not honoring your inner wisdom. Freed only provides clients one astrological reading every year in order to minimize reliance.

According to Freed, little research has been done on the implications of astrology on mental health, in part because it isn’t taken seriously, which has an impact on research funding in this area. Furthermore, while various certificate programs exist to learn about the science of astrology, there is no formal accreditation process in North America to become an astrologer.

“In general, I believe that if you’re not feeling well, you should seek treatment rather than consult a horoscope, adds McCance. Clients can delve into concerns in talk therapy, for example, and then receive feedback from a skilled mental health practitioner, she explains.” She claims that none of this occurs with astrology.

The Barnum effect, which is typically connected with tarot, horoscopes, and psychics, is a psychological phenomena in which people interpret general personality characteristics as relating directly to them. The Barnum effect was found to be more vulnerable to people who were stressed in the De La Salle study. The danger, according to McCance, is that people will let information that isn’t relevant to their situation affect their decisions. While many people use astrology as a coping strategy, McCance says it’s vital to think about when looking to the stars for answers falls short and when it’s time to seek mental health help instead.

Is it possible for astrology to create mental illness?

When the Moon is afflicted by Saturn, it can lead to severe depression. On the Moon, the afflictions of “Rahu” and “Ketu” can lead to more difficulties. If “Rahu” in the horoscope afflicts the Moon, the person may be crafty in their thinking and suffer from schizophrenia and phobias.

What impact does astrology have on mental health?

The birth chart of a person might reveal a lot about what makes him or her unwell. All Moon signs have positive and negative aspects, but water signs are more susceptible to mental disease. Watersigns are highly understanding and considerate of others. Depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol addiction, bipolar disease, and schizophrenia can all be caused by problems with water signs.

Astrology is one of the fields of science that aids in self-awareness and life evaluation. It connects us to our families, provides information about our financial and health state, anticipates misfortunes, directs our efforts in the proper direction, and gives us insight into how to improve our actions for a better future. Astrology can answer all of a man’s questions and tell him what is beneficial for him and what he should avoid. The Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are the three most significant planets for mental health. Mental sickness arises when these planets, as well as the fifth and sixth houses of the birth chart, are afflicted in any way.

The Moon governs the mind and intelligence of a person, and if the Moon is affected in one’s cart, it will induce mental excitation or despair.

Mercury governs the entire nerve system, communications, active cognitive processes, and intelligence, and a Mercury illness will result in mental discord. In Astrology, the mental status can be swiftly judged by the Moon (thestabilityof mind), Mercury (nervous system), and Jupiter (maturity / wisdom / ethical value). Gemini is a sign of logic, while Cancer is a sign of emotions and severe afflictions. Both signs can induce mental disorders.

When all three of those planets are afflicted in a person’s horoscope, the chances of mental disease are significant.

The fifth house is associated with study, education, logic, and wisdom, whereas the sixth house is associated with mental aptitude and cognitive process.

Jupiter in its own or friendly sign in the fifth house without malefic influence (particularly from the eleventh house) might produce the best outcomes.

Students with Jupiter in the fifth house are exceptionally clever and great achievers. Rahu’s presence in Virgo and in the sixth house of the horoscope causes a person to be the most effective businesspeople and thinkers. Saturn in Libra in the sixth house of the horoscope indicates a high level of intellect.

However, the planet in the first house of the horoscope (relating to the head) also had a role in mental health. The seventh house adjacent to every house, on average, has a substantial influence on it. As a result, the planet in the first house, as well as houses seven, five, eleven, six, and twelve, should be carefully watched in order to appraise the situation. The findings have been methodically described below that can allow persons to undertake preventions and seek treatment well in time, based on results gained after studyingnumerous natal chartsof psychologicaldisordercases.

1. Psychiatric Disorders Caused by Maleficent Moon

When the Moon is afflicted, it causes mental issues. These range from mental problems to neuropsychiatric disorders. When the Moon is weakly situated in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house and under the aspect or influence of maleficplanets, it experiences ailments. It is quite easy for the Moon to become afflicted.

  • When the Moon is afflicted by the Sun, a person becomes quarrelsome and self-critical.
  • When the Moon is harmed by Mars, it makes a person aggressive and even violent.
  • When the Moon is afflicted by Saturn, it can bring extreme sadness and mania.
  • MoonaffectedbyRahuleis prone to schizophrenia, phobias, and suicidal thoughts.
  • MoonafflictedbyKetucacausessuicidal tendenciesas well as illogical conduct.
  • Mercury’s affliction on the Moon creates depression, solitude, and suicidal thoughts.

Depression is a relatively common affliction of the affected Moon. If the Moon is in an enemy sign in the first house alone and the person is in the Moon governing period, the situation can deteriorate. In the no moonandfullmoonnight, the patient’s condition changes dramatically. The Moon in conjunction with Jupiter’s Cancersign makes a person extremely emotional. Overexcitement and mood swings are common when the Moon is in the Cancer zodiac sign. The Moon’s position in the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses is also one of the horoscope indicators of a person’s abrupt, early, or untimely death.

2. Mercury’s malefic influence on the mind

Mercury, being the ruler of our nervous system, should be well-placed in the horoscope for appropriate nervous system functioning. The combination of Mercury and Saturn, depending on its position in the horoscope, might easily anticipate nervous breakdowns. If Mercury is weak or afflicted by a malefic planet, speech disorders are common. Mercury in the fifth house can cause insanity, mental issues, or inadequate reflex action if it is weak or retrograde.

Saturn is a justice-loving planet that analyzes mankind’ tumultuous circumstances on a regular basis. When Saturn rules the horoscope in the Major, Minor, and especially in the yearly horoscope that controls for a certain year, it defines our actions and pays the consequences. Saturn alone or in conjunction with Rahu in the first and second houses of the horoscope makes a person addicted to drugs, tobacco, or alcohol in some form. When Saturn is in an enemy sign, it can easily lead to rash actions, inhuman, immoral, or mad behavior. Insanity is caused by Saturn in the first house and Mars in the fifth, seventh, or ninth house. Saturn in conjunction with the Moon in the twelfth house also causes insanity. Aggressive conduct, anxiety, loneliness, and psychological illnesses are associated with Saturn’s conjunction with the Sun. In the ninth house, Saturn brings ill luck.

4. Psychological Consequences of Maleficent Venus

Venus is mostly related with human sexual conduct. In the sixth house of the horoscope, Venus is weakened in the sign of Virgo. It causes an overabundance of excitement in the Cancer sign. If Venus is affected by Saturn, Ketu, or Rahu, it has an effect on sexual behavior.

When Venus is tormented by the Sun, her sexual drive skyrockets. When Venus is afflicted by the Moon, sexual desire drops dramatically. When Venus is afflicted by Mars, Ketu, or Saturn, sexual frustration rises. In the horoscope of a person of low moral character, a malefic influence on Venus by Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu can easily be noticed.

This sexual dissatisfaction might also lead to a messed-up mental set-up and worry.

They’re always looking for several sex partners, have a rape problem, or engage in criminal behavior. In addition to these combinations, the presence or effect of the Sun promotes sexual desire. A combination of Venus and Rahu makes a person a slave to ever-increasing sex cravings, especially in the Virgo sign, which leads to a man crossing all ethical and moral boundaries and engaging in obisexual, homosexual activity. However, in addition to these combinations, the influence of the Sun, the presence of Jupiter, and Mercury in an ineffectual state might exacerbate the issue. TheeffectofRahuonVenusleadstosexualdissatisfaction,sexualdysfunction,andthepersoncanaffecthisownhealthbybecomingasexualmaniac.

5. Mars’s malefic influence on the mind

Marshas have a significant impact on a person’s courage, fidelity, vitality, and sportsmanship. Mars’s negative effect suggests that the disease is more chronic and physical. Natives born with Mars and Rahu in the first, third, and fifth houses are either criminals or terrorists. If Mars, Saturn, and Rahu cast negative aspects on the Moon, Mercury, and the 5th, 6th, and 8th houses, severe bipolar illnesses could be expected. During a lifetime, every normal human being is susceptible to some troubling mental issue owing to the influence of Mars or Saturn, but the harmful effects are only obvious in extreme cases of mental disease. Isolation, harshness, and antisocial behavior result from the conjunction of Mars and Saturn.

6. Malefic Effects on the Mind Rahu, Ketu, Rahu, Ketu, Rahu, Ket

Rahu has an impact on a person’s thoughts and imagination. If the lord of the first house is weak or situated in an unfriendlysign or in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house, the person may experience phobias or encounters with demonic spirits. When Rahu is positioned in the first house or the lord of the first house is in conjunction with Rahu in a particular house, this occurs. The RahuandMoon Combination yields comparable outcomes as well. The second of the horoscope’s oppositions, Rahu / Ketu / Saturn / Sun, leads to “VaniDoshin,” in which a person says something that hurts other people’s feelings. It is quite easy to ruin one’s personal and professional life, and it leads to depression. Rahu and Ketu in the fifth house make a person picky, unreasonable, and irrational. Rahu in the 8th house causes health issues for the patient that aren’t appropriately discovered or diagnosed.

7. Jupiter’s and the Sun’s malefic effects on the mind


Jupiter in retrograde, under malefic influence, or in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house can cause a variety of abnormal behaviors, psychological/neural illnesses, and phobias. Visiting religious sites, such as temples, is not recommended in such instances when the native has Jupiter in such positions in their birth chart. Sun in the second house might exacerbate ego issues or lead to overconfidence. In Virgo, there is an overabundance of eagerness, which may be seen in the Gemini Signdueto the Sun. In horoscopes with the Sun in positions six and twelve, lack of confidence might be noted.

Psychological Disorder Treatments:

There are numerous major astrological cures for psychiatric problems. It’s critical to comprehend their techniques and the importance of their findings. I’ll go over the astrological cures for mental tranquility in this article. The following are a few examples:

  • Worshiping through the recitation of afflicted planets’ mantras
  • Wearing the Moon Yantra all the time helps keep mental tension at bay
  • Donating Silver and other related metals can assist you in reducing mental stress.
  • With flowers, sweets, and incense, worship Lord Sun, Moon, and Mercury on a regular basis.
  • Pay attention to the cures for the planet that is responsible for mental tension.
  • One of the best astrological therapies for mental tension is to worship Lord Shiva with complete dedication and make him happy.
  • Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha can assist you in releasing any mental stress.

Alcoholics belong to which Zodiac sign?

How Does Each Astrological Sign Deal With Alcohol?

  • The element of air (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini)
  • The planet Earth (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo)
  • a blaze (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)
  • a body of water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)