Was I Born In A Retrograde

Therefore, perhaps a Mercury retrograde birthday acts more like a vaccination than a propensity to a chronic condition: Your defenses against misunderstandings and technological glitches are boosted by a small dose of retrograde at birth.

Another free tool is the Astrolabe birth chart calculator, which you can use to find out more information about your unique astrological timestamp if you have a few minutes to spare. Simply enter your information (knowing your birth time is helpful) and calculate! Search for Mercury once your report has been generated. If there is a Rx next to the sign, your birth occurred when Mercury was in retrograde. Additionally, Cafe Astrology has a free natal chart calculator (you can use noon as a good guess if you don’t know the precise hour of your birth).

If you choose a more detailed birth chart, you will also be able to see the sign your birth occurred under when Mercury was retrograde, and that sign will determine the specifics of how you will be impacted. As Cierzo points out, those born during Mercury retrograde “have a lot of mental energy that has to be utilised,” so why not go all the way if you’ve come this far?

The mind is constantly active, she claims. “It is believed that a planet has some karma linked with it when it is in retrograde. The knowledge keepers are those who have Mercury in retrograde. They supposedly convey wisdom, knowledge, and talent from previous lives if you believe in former lives. They are not particularly aware of this. However, they have a rich reservoir of divine knowledge and wisdom within them that they can draw from.”

It turns out that having a retrograde birthday entails a lot of responsibility (and a pretty solid reason to brag, too).

How can I tell if my birth sign is retrograde?

It is well known that Mercury retrograde can sabotage any type of communication. Fortunately, it only occurs four times a year for three weeks at a time, but if you were born during Mercury retrograde, its affects may continue a bit longer. It turns out that not everything is awful because many extremely successful people were born while Mercury was in retrograde. Being born with Mercury retrograde in your natal chart can be a great gift, even though it may not initially seem that way. However, it can also make some aspects of your life more ambiguous.

Priorities first Look at your birth chart (you can make a natal chart on Cafe Astrology for free), then locate Mercury to see if you were born during Mercury’s backspin. The word “Rx” will appear above the Mercury symbol in your chart if Mercury was in retrograde when you were born.

What does that signify, then? “They frequently find it difficult to communicate with people because they are lost in their own thoughts. For instance, they converse with themselves while the other person is, of course, unaware of it. They think they spoke what they were thinking, but they did not truly do so “According to Astrology Booth’s website, astrologer Janet Booth. Or they misunderstand what someone says because they extrapolate their own ideas onto the speaker’s words, or they failed to pay attention because they were preoccupied with their internal debate.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because introspective people frequently exhibit extraordinary creativity. The late musical genius Prince was a Mercury-retro baby, claims Booth on her website. She said that people born during Mercury retrograde typically exhibit shyness as children but develop greater extroversion by the time they are in their early 20s. And this is the point at which the majority of artists let loose on the world.

What does it mean to have a retrograde birth sign?

ICYWW, a planet is said to be “retrograde” if Earth is orbiting it and it looks to be travelling backward from our perspective. All of the planets go through retrograde motion, but Mercury is the most prevalent and feared because of his numerous three- to four-yearly retrogrades, which frequently result in what Kavanagh refers to as “Mercury mischief.” “Every year, the larger, outer celestial bodiesincluding Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and Chironmove backward for a significant amount of timetypically four to five months. Every alternate year, closer to Earth orbiting planets Venus and Mars go into retrograde.” She continues, “The sun and moon never go backwards.”

When a planet goes retrograde, its energy is effectively partly blocked from the outside, making it harder for living forms to express themselves there. Ambi Kavanagh is an astrologer.

What does it signify if your natal chart has one or more retrograde planets? Consider it a karmic lesson you must learn in this lifetime. It’s not all terrible news, and the chart doesn’t seem particularly bad either, according to Kavanagh. “When a planet is retrograde, its energy is effectively partially blocked from the outside, making it harder for the life areas that fall under its purview to express themselves. The soul of the chart holder opted to take on physical form in order to receive more profound lessons about the aspects of life that particular planet rules.”

If you were born during Mercury Retrograde, what does that mean?

If you were born during Mercury’s backward motion, you might have to work through some difficulties with shyness, clear communication, and information retention. Your inner critic is constantly debating whether you should have stated what you did. Because you’ve put in the time and effort, you can, with hard work, become a superb writer or speaker.

Retrograde planets in the horoscope can provide additional insights. The retrograde symbol actually resembles a Rx, because each prescription is a distinct type of medication. The appropriate dosage can help you learn a subject that used to be difficult for you. You might even instruct others on how to resolve their own problems with speaking up and having confidence.

How can you tell whether your birth chart has a Mercury retrograde?

The Rx Club for Mercury Look for the glyph for Mercury. If there is a Rx next to it, you were born during a retrograde period.

Being born during Mercury retrograde is it unusual?

It’s not unusual for comparable predictions to be made about a child’s life when they are born at the same time as a notable event. Several superstitious relatives questioned whether the fact that my cousin was born during a hurricane wasn’t a sign of some kind (for the record, he is now in his 30s and not a walking natural catastrophe). A birth during Mercury retrograde could be interpreted as a similarly ominous sign because it is the astrological analog of a hurricane. However, it turns out that there are some fascinating facts about being born when Mercury is retrograde that are really uplifting.

According to the well-known Australian astrology website Mystic Medusa, having Mercury retrograde when you were born is a benefit. “It is not harmful, or at the absolute least, not detrimental. Your consciousness is expanded, and you are given a natural poetic sense. It bestows upon them a fantastical literacy that many people long to possess.”

You have a good chance of learning you were one of the 25 percent of people who were born during Mercury retrograde, according to ThoughtCo. These are a few of the most intriguing details about your birthday’s astrological significance.

Which retrograde are we now in?

January 14February 3, 2022, is the first retrograde period. May 10June 3, 2022, is the second retrograde period. September 9October 2, 2022, is the third retrograde period. December 29 until January 18, 2023, is the fourth retrograde.

Are the planets in retrograde strong?

What does it signify when a planet is in retrograde motion? Simply said, during a planet’s retrograde motion, it is during this time that it is closest to Earth. As a result, anytime a planet appears to be moving backward, it transits close to Earth.

When viewed from Earth, planets in retrograde motion appear to pause and move backward for a while. In fact, planets are always moving forward. It is not possible. Retrograde planets appear to be going backward because we on Earth pass the planet by, which is why it appears they are. When you try to pass another car on the highway, however, you see that even though they are moving forward, they seem to be slowing down and reversing. Similar to planetary retrogression, that effect. The main distinction is that, in this example, cars follow a straight course while planets travel in a circle.

Chesta BalaMotional Strength

Are the planets in retrograde strong? The fact that retrograde planets are closest to Earth during the retrograde period gives them great strength. Therefore, during that time, the heavenly body has the greatest impact over us. As enormous celestial bodies, planets have an impact on us both physically and metaphysically. Astrology is used to explain the metaphysical component.

What does retrograde mean in astrology? In astrology, planets have a greater weight and are therefore capable of producing effects that are more powerful. A retrograde planet technically has additional power points known as Chesta Bala, or points of being close to the earth, in terms of Shadbala, or planetary strength level. As a result, we have unequivocal evidence that the retrograde planet is significantly more potent as a result of raising the Shadbala score.

Chesta Bala is one of the six strengths that make up the overall Shadbala score on the planet’s Shadbala scale. Chesta refers to the force necessary for the movement of the planet in this context. In other words, this strength is defined as how much physical effort the planet expends, which also strengthens its astrological impacts.

As a result, whenever a planet goes retrograde, it needs to exert more power or effort to continue moving, which gives it Chesta Bala.

Why do I do so well when Mercury is retrograde?

You are able to slow down and really self-edit because of the retrograde. Take advantage of your analytical eye; Mercury energy is focused on being highly cerebral and detail-oriented. Miller says, “You go back and you get a second chance to do better.”

What does it mean to have a Venus retrograde birth?

Around 7-8% of the time that Venus is in retrograde, which means that 7-8% of births occur during Venus’s retrograde.

The feeling nature is intense when Venus is retrograde in the natal chart. The act of socializing is never taken lightly. In their adolescence, they may exhibit some shyness due to feelings of uneasiness with small chat and social graces, as well as a dislike of superficialities. A person with a retrograde Venus values love greatly, but they may not express it clearly enough for others to understand exactly how passionately they can love. This individual is always more complex than they appear. They can occasionally conceal their romantic (and financial) lives in some way.

Those who were born during Venus’s retrograde phase must be on the lookout for romantic self-destruction. An underlying sense of not being “good enough, beautiful enough, or loveable enough” might exist. There may be very deep insecurities. Self-love can be problematic. Fears can cause people to overcompensate by overeating, going on serial dates, etc., or they can have the reverse impact by making them believe they don’t require love. In one lifetime, the same person can swing from either pole. Of course, it is best to strike a balance.

It’s crucial for Venus retrograde individuals to refrain from seeking happiness elsewhere. The love you deserve will come to you when you cultivate happiness within and take ownership of your own happiness.

A person born with Venus retrograde can seem to be made or broken by relationships since they take them so seriously. This job comes with a deep-seated fear of being rejected. Whether or not the Venus retrograde person has moved on physically, there can be an exceptionally protracted emotional healing period following a breakup. Emotionally recovering from a tough relationship or breakup might take several years.

Venus retrograde individuals could be perceived by others as having a unique set of values when it comes to romantic relationships. But many Venus retrograde people have a strong moral code, and their views are very meaningful and real to them. It’s only that the majority may not always adhere to the same code!

If they are not satisfied with what they have to offer as a person, some retrograde Venus residents may appear to be purchasing love or they may express their love through materialistic attention more than others. With this situation, love and money may be tied together too intimately. In fact, Venus retrograde natives may experience financial losses in their love life.

With Venus retrograde, there may be privacy or secrecy about finances. They might store a secret stash, while on the other hand, they might quietly struggle with debt, be a closet shopper, or engage in gambling. Additionally, it could be difficult to demand what they are worth. When it comes to taking money, requesting a raise, or applying for high-paying employment, there could be reluctance. Venus retrograde in a person’s chart can cause them to undercharge for their services.

With this status, they could also have expectations of themselves that are excessively high. Retrograde Venus people may be focused on superficial parts of themselves, such as through extreme body awareness/shyness or care about their physical appearance, even when they detest superficiality in others. Ironically, those in this position should really question why they hold themselves to a higher standard than their romantic partners.

As a way to avoid putting their hearts on the line, insecurities might result in overcompensation, frequently with the features of the Venus sign. For instance, emphasis may be placed on sex instead of closeness or on monetary presents rather than more spiritual or overt displays of affection.

Delay in falling in love or getting married is sometimes linked to Venus retrograde. Many Venus residents in retrograde do, however, create early, committed alliances. However, generally speaking, it takes them a while before they truly open up to the union process. There may be considerable hesitation.

Natives of retrograde Venus are frequently misunderstood. This is due to two factors: first, they may not have traditional beliefs about love, marriage, women’s roles, and relationships; second, they might conceal their genuine emotions, which makes matters worse. Retrograde Venus locals may appear less emotional than they actually are due to defense strategies. In actuality, they have very strong feelings and take a very long time to not just get to know and trust someone, but also to move on from a challenging relationship.

One of the reasons their beliefs and attitudes are unconventional is that they may be profound thinkers when it comes to love and relationships, spotting problems and defects that others might not always notice. Many are ardent supporters of women’s rights and have a sensitive place for those who suffer as a result of strict regulations and expectations.

Natives of retrograde Venus can be a little challenging to adore because they appear to need more assurance than other people. Their current romantic desires and worries may be worsened by difficult childhood or early love experiences.

I don’t think folks born with Venus retrograde have a ball when Venus is in retrograde transit. They may, however, appear to handle this period better than others since they may be a little more accustomed to the energy that is there throughout the roughly 40 days of Venus retrograde.