How To Make An Aquarius Man Miss You – Make Him Want You Like Crazy

I never thought making an Aquarius man want me so bad could be this easy

What I’m about to tell you not only made my Aquarius think about me and obsess over me constantly

It made him fall so deeply in love with me that he just couldn’t stand it if I wasn’t around or didn’t respond to his calls or texts!

But to be honest with you, I wished things were always this smooth

In fact, not long ago, things got so bad that my Aquarius man kept giving me the silent treatment and became emotionally distant

And when he finally texted me one night only to say that he was breaking up with me, I was completely heart-broken.

The point is, I’ve had my fair share of worries and struggles with my Aquarius…

And plenty of other women struggle with capturing the hearts of their own Aquarius men.

But if you feel the same, fear not; you’ve come to the right place.

The truth is, the Aquarius star sign is one of the only elemental symbols that represent air.

That said, celestial experts believe that they love to be “free-flowing” and in full control of their own lives.

But this is what makes them extremely stubborn, and they hate changing their own ways of life…

And this is why for many people, making an Aquarius man miss them is like a “quest” – an almost impossible task!

But as it turns out, if you simply use the right “methods” and “tactics”

Making an Aquarius man want you and miss you can be effortless.

Using the right methods, I didn’t just make my Aquarius want me back

I made him so obsessed with me that he wouldn’t stop begging to go out with me and telling me how I was the love of his life!

And luckily for you, you can do the same too! (maybe even more!)

With the astrologically-proven tips you’re about to discover, not only will you start a fire in your Aquarius’ heart that will make him chase you like crazy

He’ll be so attached and committed to you that he can’t imagine a life without you!

So what’s next, you ask? Just scroll down and make the impossible seem so easy

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#1 – NEVER Be Embarrassed!

Be honest with yourself: do you have a hobby that you think others might find strange?

I totally get it. It’s pretty embarrassing to tell your friends about your weird interests.

But the truth is, you are not alone. The Aquarius star sign is actually very special; it’s one of the only signs rooted from both Saturn and Uranus!

As a result, those born under the Aquarius stars are extremely unique and peculiar. In fact, they LOVE taking on unusual hobbies; it’s a key part of their cosmic profiles!

But because they feel embarrassed sharing their strange interests, they feel like they don’t share much in common with anyone else…

By doing one simple thing, you can keep your Aquarius man hooked and be that someone that he can truly feel relatable to

In fact, this is what attracts Aquarius men the most!

The secret? Here’s how:

Don’t be embarrassed about your own unusual interests!

By sharing more of your own bizarre hobbies with him, he’ll feel like you’re that someone that truly has things in common with him.

If he finds out that you’re as special as he is, it’s not only going to make him trust you more…

It’s going to bring his ruling planets to life and light a spark of desire for you inside his heart.

And very soon, he’ll be chasing you wherever you are and dying to get personal with you right away!

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#2 – Give Him Space

Trust me when I say this: I know how painful it is when an Aquarius man ignores you.

When I first got to know my Aquarius, I couldn’t stop talking to him at work and constantly texted him at home…

But the more I tried to get closer with him, the more he avoided and ignored me.

In fact, one night he left all of my texts on read and on the very next day, he was flirting with another girl at the office right in my face.

It completely broke my heart; I was even thinking of giving up on him. But that was when I learned the truth

In fact, I realized that when my Aquarius man ignored my texts, it was actually a good sign!

Sounds crazy, right? But there’s something you MUST know about Aquarius men:

Because the Aquarius sign represents the elemental symbol of air, an Aquarius man needs space and freedom to flow and move around…

If you try too hard, he’ll feel like you’re too clingy and will distance himself from you.

So to make him open up and love you completely, you actually have to do the opposite and take steps back.

So when an Aquarius man ignores you, don’t see it as something bad. Instead, think of it as a different way of him saying that he just wants some space.

Giving him some emotional distance, he’ll no longer sense any negative energy from you…

His heart will reignite with the fire of his love and deepest feelings for you…

And before anything else, he’ll come running back to you, dying to get personal with you and sharing the unique, special love his star sign is naturally gifted with!

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#3 – Dig DEEP

There’s one thing that all astrologists can agree on…

Aquarius men have fascinating and beautiful minds.

They’re forward thinkers that love taking deep dives into different ideas and spend hours having thoughtful conversations…

And if they find the right person with the right energies, they won’t hesitate to open up.

In fact, your Aquarius man is actually always dying to open up and reveal his true feelings for you!

Now I know what you’re thinking: why isn’t he opening up then?

Here’s the truth:

Sometimes, Aquarius men actually feel disconnected from most of society. In fact, they feel like nobody really understands them entirely.

This is why it was always hard to get Aquarius men to open up. In fact, when I first met my Aquarius, it took MONTHS before he even began responding to my texts.

Luckily for you, it NEVER has to be this way with your Aquarius.

By being open to talking about deeper thoughts and ideas, you’ll be having those thoughtful conversations that he LOVES to have.

Believe it or not, once I began digging deeper in our conversations, my Aquarius was opening up like never before in just a few days that would have taken several months in the past…

And in less than a week, I could not believe he went from completely ignoring me to constantly begging to go out with me!

Making my Aquarius man obsessed with me couldn’t be EASIER!

So next time, don’t forget to dig deep and gain his trust. He’ll start to feel that you’re that one person who has the same energies as him and truly understands him inside-out…

And before you even know it, he’ll trust you completely and start missing you like crazy when you’re not around!

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