How To Make A Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You – Steal His Attention

I never thought making a Sagittarius man chase me constantly could be this easy

I just met my Sagittarius crush less than a week ago and he’s already texting me non-stop and begging to go out with me every single night!

Sounds crazy, right? But the truth is, things weren’t always like this.

In fact, saving our relationship was the easy part…

Not long ago, my Sagittarius man was losing interest in me and began ignoring my texts and calls completely.

I thought it was all over, until I came across these 5 zodiac tips that changed everything.

In just a few days, I got my Sagittarius man to chase me and miss me like crazy non-stop!

The best part? It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met him or have already begun going out with him…

With these simple tips, you can line up the stars and make yourself a part of his life’s destiny.

And before you even know it, your Sagittarius man will be wrapping you in his strong arms every night

Whispering into your ears how much he loves you

And dying to bond with you on the most personal levels.

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TIP #1 – Always Be POSITIVE!

There one thing a Sagittarius loves more than anything else in the entire galaxy…


With his star sign representing a fierce archer, a Sagittarius man loves living in the moment and seizes every opportunity that comes his way.

In fact, dating a Sagittarius man has brought so much joy and laughter to my life, and there isn’t a day that has passed without seeing his sweet Sagittarius smile and having warm, intimate cuddles in bed

…but things weren’t always this great.

When we first met, I was always being negative and talking about things that ruined his mood.

It took me a LONG time before I finally learned that negativity is one of the things Sagittarius men hate the most, and it NEVER has to be this way for you…

Because all you have to do is be positive and upbeat!

You’ll start giving off celestial energies that he can’t resist and he’ll start loving the thrill of simply being with you

And before anything else, he’ll be ready to get personal with you and share the unique, special love his star sign is naturally gifted with.

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TIP #2 – Stay NEW, Stay FRESH

Seducing a Sagittarius could not be easier with this next tip…

In fact, astrologists believe that this trick is irresistible to those of the Sagittarius zodiac!

Once I began using it on my Sagittarius man, he became instantly attracted to me and constantly wanted to bond with me like I was his soulmate.

Want to know how to keep your Sagittarius man on his toes? Just be fresh!

Whether it’s bringing up new topics in your texts or coming up with spontaneous plans on your next date, you’ll surprise your Sagittarius man and make him thrilled like no one else can…

And in a blink of an eye, you’ll win his loyalty completely and being wrapped in his strong arms will feel as warm as his fiery archer heart.

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TIP #3 – Be Mysterious…

Why is my Sagittarius man so shy?

Why does my Sagittarius hide his feelings?

How do I make him reveal his true feelings for me?

I get it. Understanding a Sagittarius man can be so difficult sometimes.

Ruled by the fiery planet of Jupiter, Sagittarius men can’t help but talk to all the girls around him; it’s just part of a Sagittarius man’s nature!

But this is where a Sagittarius’ weakness truly lies: he usually just hooks up with others and can never find his true romantic partner.

Your Sagittarius crush might be talking to the other girls just to make you jealous; in fact, this is one of the key signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you

And right now, he might actually be dying to have a meaningful, long-term relationship with you!

Want to know how to really flirt with your Sagittarius man? All you have to do is be mysterious

By not completely opening up, he’ll start becoming curious about you and will develop a deep obsession over you…

He’ll want to talk to you more, go out with you more and truly understand you more

And very soon, he won’t EVER stop thinking about you and will never ignore you again!

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TIP #4 – Keep Things Simple!

It won’t be hard to imagine this:

You’re not sure about the text your about to send him…

You don’t know how you should act when you see him at work tomorrow…

You start to think that he might be falling for another girl.

Trust me, I get it. These were the thoughts that filled my head during the first few weeks of getting to know my Sagittarius.

But the truth is, the more I thought about these things, the more he decided to ignore me and the less he was interested in me.

That was when I realized I was making a big mistake all along…

I was worrying too much about my own actions and what he would think, when I should have been doing the exact opposite…

Keeping things simple!

By being direct and honest with him, he’ll start to develop loyalty and trust for you from the bottom of his Jupiter heart.

In fact, it’s extremely rare and special for him to trust someone this much, and it’s one of the keys to unlocking the long-term relationship that he is constantly dying for.

So what are you waiting for? Keep things simple, and soon he’ll be begging to have this special long-term relationship with YOU!

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TIP #5 – Don’t Be Clingy

This is going to sound crazy, but…

What I’m about to tell you will make you the center of his attention and the light of his life.

Before I found out about this, my Sagittarius began ignoring my texts and becoming more and more distant

And when he once avoided me at the office and didn’t pick up any of my calls for an entire week, I was completely heart-broken.

But what I did next changed my Sagittarius man’s cold heart into the warmest, most caring soul a man can have…

The key? Don’t be clingy!

This fiery star sign loves being free to unleash his inner archer spirit. By letting him go off on his own adventures, not only will he develop a deep love for you in return…

Most of all, he won’t be able to help but cling on to you like the force of gravity pulling two planets together!

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