Aries Man Making Eye Contact? – The Truth Behind An Aries Man’s Eyes

There’s nothing else that excites me more than this:

Catching an Aries man staring right at you.

That look… that gazeooh là là!

Trust me, I’ve been on many dates with people of many different star signs

And Aries guys are just the sexiest of all.

Whenever I caught him gazing at me, I just couldn’t help but wonder what’s on his mind

Maybe he does this to everyone… or maybe he just wants to make a new friend

Or could he actually like me back?!

I can’t tell you how many times I blushed right on the spot when his eyes were on me…

But I just couldn’t stop thinking about how he might be into me as well!

Although it always excited me and made my heart race, here comes the hardest part

Knowing what his stares REALLY mean.

Telling whether an Aries man is in love or not can be very confusing and frustrating

In fact, astrologists believe that the Aries man communication style is one of the hardest to understand out of all the other star signs in the galaxy!

But don’t worry — I’ve been through it all and I’m going to tell you exactly how to decode those mysterious eyes

With the help of other celestial experts, I’ve put together the top 5 reasons why an Aries might stare at you, what he’s thinking about

And how he might be INTO YOU!

So without further ado, scroll down and discover what that Aries stare REALLY means…

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REASON #1: He’s Secretly Into You

You catch him staring at you from across the room…

You look away immediately and you’re heart starts to beat with excitement

Am I just overthinking, or is he into me?

Whenever women catch an Aries man staring at them, most of them tend to dismiss their own hopes and believe that they’re just thinking too much

They might assume that he’s just trying to be friendly or just doesn’t really talk

But the BIG mistake? They probably weren’t wrong in the first place

Because in reality, there’s a very good chance that he’s INTO YOU!

In fact, astrologists believe that Aries men tend to gaze at their crushes because they are deeply attracted to them and just simply can’t resist.

So if you ever catch your Aries crush staring right at you, there’s no need to doubt

He’s probably just as excited as you are when you catch him looking at you…

And you can be sure that he truly likes you and wants you badly.

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REASON #2: He Can’t Stop Thinking About You

This next part is about to make things a whole lot sexier

Because not only will an Aries man stare at you because he has a crush on you

He might even be OBSESSED with you and just can’t stop thinking about you!

Born under the planet Mars, these hot and fiery creatures are known for being impulsive and not being able to control their deep desires…

And when they really, REALLY like someone? They’re almost too eager to show their love

Chance are, if you’ve been daydreaming about being with him and making love to him

He’s probably thinking the exact same thing, maybe even more!

So if you’re always catching him making eye contact with you, there’s a big chance that when you’re not around…

He’s thinking about you… constantly

And soon enough, he probably won’t be able to resist but to ask you out and bring the relationship you’ve both been daydreaming about to LIFE!

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REASON #3: He Wants To Meet You

If you’re reading this, let me guess

You probably don’t know him very well.

Well that’s perfectly fine! He probably doesn’t know much about you either… but guess what?

If your Aries man always stares at you, he probably wants to get to know you better

And that doesn’t mean that he just wants to be friends

He’s probably looking for more… a whole lot more.

Chances are, he’s already deeply interested in you; he just simply doesn’t know much about you and wants to meet up with you!

And believe me, no matter how hard he tries to hide it

You’ll be the first to know that he’s dying to take you out and bond with you like crazy!

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REASON #4: You Seem Familiar To Him

This next reason is a particularly special one

Although Aries men tend to gaze at people they find attractive, some might stare at you all the time

Some Aries might even look with a very intense stare (almost to the point that it’s creepy…)

But why? It’s because he feels like you’re familiar to him for some reason…

Maybe you’re reminding him of a former partner that he was deeply in love with…

But most importantly, he probably senses the same kind of potential for a deep, passionate relationship with you.

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REASON #5: He’s Flirting With You

And finally, here’s the most obvious and straightforward reason…

He probably flirting with you!

When I first met my Aries, whenever I was around, he just couldn’t help but try to make me notice him

I always thought that it wasn’t that simple and it meant something different

But the truth is, he was simply flirting with me!

It’s that simple!

After all, represented by the ram animal, these creatures are full of enthusiasm and aren’t afraid of expressing their true feelings without hesitation.

So if you’re wondering why your Aries crush is staring at you, don’t overthink…

Because very soon, he might be hot on your tail and planning out his next move

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What gives? Is it because I did something wrong?

It was just so confusing and I just didn’t know what he was thinking…

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