Married Scorpio Man Flirting With You? – Making The Impossible Happen

Within just a month or two, I went from being just “friends” with a married Scorpio man

To actually becoming his new fiancée after he divorced his wife!

When I first met my Scorpio, I immediately fell for him and wanted to get to know him better…

But I knew there was something wrong

We talked pretty often, but he never really went beyond small talk and didn’t really show any signs of interest. There were even some days where he just said hello and went on with his day

Fast forward a week or two, I thought of letting him go thinking that I just wasn’t good enough for him, when all of a sudden

We ran into each other at a restaurant and he actually noticed me!

Afterwards, when I say it happened like magic, I really mean it.

Not only did we talk and laugh for ages, but it finally felt like we had a real, meaningful conversation

It actually felt like he was flirting with me.

We were even making plans to get together that weekend, but then, just as my hopes were up…

I realized that there was one big problem:

He’s married!

I went home that day doubting myself a lot, thinking that I probably just misread the whole thing

When the weekend came around, I had zero expectations for the meet-up we arranged…

Until he showed up at my doorstep, holding the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever seen…

And grabbing my hand to lead me on the most romantic date I’d ever been on!

Sounds crazy, right?

And it was from that moment on that he left his ex-wife, turned a fresh page

And started a brand new relationship with me and me only.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “This happened within just one week. Don’t you think this is a little too sudden?”

Well I had the exact same doubts in my mind when it happened…

I was just like “This is too fast. He’s probably still has feelings for her.” You know?

But very soon, I realized that our relationship was real and there was no reason to doubt at all

Here’s the truth:

Scorpios are actually one of the most careful and calculated creatures in the entire galaxy…

And these Scorpions would never make any decision unless they were really sure about it.

I realized that before we bumped into each other that day, he had been so cold to me because he was still trying to keep his relationship together with his ex-wife…

And he was hiding his true feelings from me because he thought him and his ex still had a chance.

That is why we were “just friends” until he truly decided to leave her and start over with me.

Luckily for you, you won’t EVER have to experience these doubts and confusions

I’m going to tell you about the 5 astrologically-proven reasons that a married Scorpio man would ever flirt with you and what he really means.

So, are you ready? Just scroll down and discover the real reasons why a married Scorpio would approach you

(and how you might even be able to steal his heart!)

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REASON #1: He Finds You ATTRACTIVE (Despite His Marriage)

Why is he looking at me?

Does he actually like me?

Or is he just leading me on?

I get it. Understanding a Scorpio can be so difficult sometimes.

When it comes to emotions, Scorpios don’t always express what they feel

It’s no wonder many women fall in love with them, then often become heart-broken when he doesn’t show his affection.

But the truth is, the women that feel like Scorpios are cold and emotionless might just not be the right partners for them

In fact, when a Scorpio finds a woman they truly feel connected with and find deeply attractive, they’ll often do the exact opposite and pour their heart out like never before.

So if a married Scorpio man ever flirts with you, he’s probably sick of his marriage and you’re the first person he’s met that truly ignites this intense passion and deep interest within him…

Heck, you just might be the right partner for him!

The best thing you can do is be yourself, and let him know he can trust you.

Scorpio men are some of the most devoted creatures in the entire universe, and one of his biggest fears is sharing his feelings with a partner who will betray or reject him.

But if he finds you’re someone he can really trust

One day, you could be having the time of your life with your new Scorpio man!

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REASON #2: You Remind Him Of A Former Partner

When a married Scorpio man flirts with you, it might not just be a sign that he’s into you and finds you attractive

You might be reminding him of someone very special to him in the past.

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking: I don’t want to just be a replacement for his ex.

But that’s just not true! He probably thinks that you remind him of her, not that you’re identical to her.

There’s a big difference between being identical and just reminding

Remember how Scorpios love to be careful and plan ahead?

If you were identical to his ex, he would actually steer away from you and wouldn’t even want to get anywhere near you!

But if you remind him of a former partner, ooh là là

Not only does he likely sense a huge potential to connect and bond with you deeply

He probably even sees a real, meaningful future between you and him that he can commit and devote to forever!

So don’t ever think that he just sees you as a replacement for his ex…

Instead, embrace this connection and the real potential it has to spark a meaningful relationship that could really last for the rest of your lives!

If you can do this, you truly might have met your match with a Scorpio man.

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REASON #3: He’s Ready To Start Fresh With YOU

Hearing about my Scorpio’s past marriage was just so heart-breaking

Despite how bad things went between him and his past wife, he stayed committed to being a faithful husband until he just couldn’t hold the marriage together anymore.

Many astrologists agree that Scorpios are some of the most devoted creatures in the entire galaxy.

Trust me, it was only after dating my Scorpio that I learned what true devotion and loyalty from a man really meant.

So when a married Scorpio is having relationship troubles, you know it’s for real and they would never think of leaving their partners unless things are truly bad.

That said, if you’re starting to think a married Scorpio man is in love with you, don’t dismiss it as something crazy and unlikely

Because he wouldn’t flirt with you unless he’s truly ready to start fresh and finds you deeply attractive!

Whether it’s a married Scorpio man expressing his feelings or staring at you with those signature Scorpio eyes, a married Scorpio flirting with you is extremely meaningful and should be taken seriously

What now, you ask? If you feel the same for him (and you’re looking for a sexy Scorpio man of your own), just go with it and flirt back!

And sooner or later, he might be ready to rip his marriage apart because he’s fallen so hard for you.

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REASON #4: He’s Trying To “Test” You To See If You’re Single

There’s one thing that all astrologists can definitely agree on:

Scorpios don’t flirt with you unless he has a real, serious reason to.

When a Scorpio man is married, he will be extremely committed to his relationship and will do anything to keep his marriage together…

Unless things really are that bad and he’s starting to think about leaving his wife.

That said, if you ever catch a married Scorpio man flirting with you, it probably means that his current relationship isn’t going well at all

It’s actually a real, astrologically-proven example of a Scorpio testing your relationship status.

He might be trying to see if you’re single or not because he just can’t take his signature Scorpio eyes off you!

What’s more? If you play along and keep talking to him, he might even start thinking that you could be a fresh start for him.

I know this all sounds pretty crazy, but that’s exactly what I thought when my Scorpio man was still married to his ex

Until one day he actually divorced his wife and asked me to be his girlfriend!

So trust me, just go along with his flirting…

And in a blink of an eye, you might be having the most passionate nights in bed with your very own Scorpio.

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REASON #5: He Wants To See If You’re “The ONE”

Ever since me and my Scorpio were together, things couldn’t have been better

My days with him have been filled with joy and excitement, and my nights have been nothing short of romantic, passionate love-making with him.

He was the most gorgeous, sexiest man I ever could have asked for…

And trust me, those born under the Scorpio stars are definitely not creatures you can easily choose to be with!

But after we started dating, one thing got clear: we believed that we were truly meant for each other for life.

That said, if you feel like a married Scorpio man is not merely just flirting with you and you’re sensing something deeper, it probably means that he doesn’t just feel attracted to you

He’s probably sensing that you’re someone who he could probably spend the rest of his life with

He might even be thinking that you’re probably “the One“.

So when a married Scorpio man flirts with you and wants to get more intimate with you, don’t shy away

If you want to win his heart and make him yours, go with it and let him try to bond with you

He just wants to make sure that you’re someone he can really trust and rely on with all of his Scorpion heart.

Soon enough, he’ll start believing that you’re “the One”, and he’ll chuck everything else away and decide to finally start a new, life-long relationship with you and you only.

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Ever since me and my Scorpio got together, we’ve been inseparable

It almost feels as if we’re two pieces of a puzzle that were perfectly made for each other.

And don’t get my started on how sexy these creatures can be…

Those Scorpio eyes… that signature Scorpio smile… so hot!

It’s been the best time of my life, and knowing how committed and devoted the Scorpio star sign is, losing my Scorpio was the last of my worries

Until one day, everything changed.

I don’t know what happened, but from that moment forward, my Scorpio man started acting cold and hid his feelings from me

And worst of all, he was actually spending time with his ex-wife again despite how he would always say that he had left her for good.

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That’s exactly what I thought too! I thought it couldn’t possibly be real, until I actually tried it

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Not only did my Scorpio fall head over heels for me again…

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