How To Draw Leo The Lion

Divide the lion’s face into simpler shapes before beginning to sketch it.

Why you should draw in this manner is explained in:

Create the lion’s head like in the preceding example:

  • Create a vertical line that is vertically straight through the center of your drawing area. Next, draw a horizontal line that intersects the first line at its higher end.
  • To determine the general breadth and shape of the top of the head, draw a circle around the intersection.
  • To represent the basic size and form of the ears, draw two circles.
  • Draw two additional circles, one slightly overlapping the other, near the bottom of the large facial circle to represent the tip of the nose.
  • Below the two, draw a half-circle “For the bottom mouth, snout circles (slightly thinner in with)
  • Project a set of building lines from the huge face circle to the lower jaw half circle.
  • Create two curves that begin just below the horizontal line and point in the direction of the “Snout construction lines are curved at the ends.
  • Draw the mane’s outside contour as two sets of curves.

How do you fully depict a lion in a realistic manner?

Outline the lion’s torso and head’s basic contours to begin drawing it. Leave omit any minor details at this point. Creating a rough general outline of the lion and evaluating how its major body components are proportioned to one another are the objectives of this phase and the two that come after it.

The body’s main shape in this step should only very slightly resemble a bean, while the snout may resemble a bucket. Include a curve to separate the cheek from the snout/neck region and another curve to define the top of the head.

At this point, you only need to draw two lines to form the neck and attach the head and neck.

To estimate the length of the legs, you can also draw two horizontal lines.