How Does A Leo Man Show Interest In A Woman – Know His Secret Signs

Is my Leo crush into me?

Should I text him more often?

Why does he always talk to that other girl?

I get it: understanding a Leo man can be very difficult sometimes.

This may sound crazy, but before we started dating, my Leo didn’t really talk to me at all

In fact, I always thought he was into another girl at the office…

Until one day he suddenly approached me and actually asked me out!

The truth is, Leos are extremely social creatures and like talking to everyone and anyone, so it’s totally normal to be a bit confused.

But I’m here to let you in on the 3 key signs that a Leo man has a crush on you no matter what

If it weren’t for these signs, I wouldn’t have known that my Leo was actually really into me and would have given up on him early on!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and reveal your Leo crush’s true feelings for you

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SIGN #1 – Leo Men LOVE To Show Off

It’s not hard to picture this…

He’s a leader to everyone around him.

He’s always got funny yet smart jokes to crack.

He’s always the life of the party.

With the lion being his spirit animal, a Leo man presents himself like the “king of the jungle” and just loves to impress everyone.

But if they want to impress someone in particular, they will put themselves right in the spotlight especially in front of that someone…

And you noticing this already makes it obvious that he’s definitely into you.

Like a lion trying to impress a potential lioness, he will become the center of attention just for you!

What’s more? Ask yourself this:

Where were you the last time he talked with you?

Was it in front of anyone else?

As a very outgoing creature, a Leo is extremely socially-intelligent; he’s very aware of what goes on around him and what people may think of him

And if he’s been talking to you in front of others, good for you

Because he’s actually DELIBERATELY trying to spread rumors that he’s dating you

And is quietly showing you off to everyone as his girlfriend!

This is one of the more low-key yet definite signs a Leo man is interested in you. So the next time you see him…

You won’t have a doubt in your mind that he’s onto you fast and will soon be making his next move!

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SIGN #2 – He’s Always Looking for You

It’s no surprise if you’ve experienced something like this before:

The new guy at work has caught your eye.

One day, he comes up to you and you get to know each other.

You guys end up talking the entire day, and you start to develop feelings for him, wondering if he feels the same.

But you have doubts the next day when you see him talking to another girl.

I totally get it: It’s completely normal to think that a Leo man flirts with everyone. This confusion was what kept me up at night when I first met my Leo.

I just wished that I had noticed this one simple sign that made his interest in me so obvious.

Having your own doubts? Here’s the truth:

Leo men are actually attracted to ALL girls no matter what

But there’s a difference between attraction and interest.

Attraction is just his natural, spiritual instinct to find other female lions. But interest is a whole lot more

If he’s interested in you, it’s a sign of his genuine care and deep affection for you; it means he truly loves you from the bottom of his lion heart.

So if you sometimes notice him staring at you from a distance, or giving you just even a bit more attention than the other girls…

Then there’s a very good chance that he’s interested in you and is onto you FAST!

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SIGN #3 – He Always Talking To You

There’s one thing a lion protects more than anything else

His family.

The home of a Leo man is like a lion’s den; he safeguards his home at all costs and keeps his family private to everyone else.

This is going to sound crazy, but it’s actually completely normal if you don’t talk a lot to your Leo crush…

The most important part is what happens during those conversations.

When I first met my Leo, we barely even talked. But when we did, it was always so nice to talk to him.

He’d always seem happy to talk with me; it’s almost like we’ve known each other for years.

If you can relate to any of this, good for you

Because many astrologists believe that it’s actually a definite sign a Leo man is falling in love with you!

What’s more, if he ever mentions anything to do with his family, he’s beginning to let you into his private world

Because he would NEVER expose something he’s so protective of and loyal to unless he’s falling deeply in love with you and truly wants you in his life.

So if you’ve ever noticed this even just once, congratulations

Because soon, he’ll show the same loyalty and care for you…

And being wrapped in his strong arms will feel as warm as his lion heart.

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