How To Text A Cancer Man – Make Him Fall In Love Overnight

Are you struggling to think of questions to ask your Cancer crush?

Are you hesitating with your long good morning texts for him?

Or are you just dying to have a Cancer man fall in love with you?

I get it, texting a Cancer man can be difficult and their emotions can sometimes be hard to read.

Having loved a Cancer for many years, trust me;

It was not easy to make our relationship work.

A Cancer man acting distant and cold is very common, and it can take a very long time before he even starts to open up to you.

But as many horoscope readings show, to make a Cancer open up and truly love you, you sometimes have to do the opposite and take a few steps back.

Sounds crazy, right?

I thought so too, but it was these astrologically-proven texting tips I found out about that made him devote his entire life to me for all these years.

In fact, I would have never imagined being here raising a family with a Leo daughter and a Scorpio son with him.

Luckily for you, with these tips texting a Cancer man can’t be easier!

Using the secrets behind the Cancer constellation, every message you send will be arousing and irresistible to him…

And I guarantee that you’ll never have to think about what to do when a Cancer man ignores you…

Because it won’t EVER happen!

I call these tips the 5 GOLDEN RULES to texting any Cancer man.

You can use them immediately and make yourself a part of his life’s destiny

And before you even know it, your Cancer man will be wrapping you in his strong arms every night…

Whispering into your ears how much he loves you

And dying to bond with you on the most personal levels.

With the Golden Rules, this kind of relationship is just a few texts away from being yours.

So are you ready to experience love from your Cancer man right away? All you have to do is scroll down

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RULE #1: Cancers LOVE Compliments

When I first met my Cancer man, I just couldn’t help but smile whenever he said things like…

“You’re beautiful.”

“I love your smile.”

“You’re nothing short of amazing.”

His compliments always made my day. But here’s the thing…

I was never sure he really meant what he said.

In fact, sometimes he would turn cold and take forever to reply to my texts.

But that was when I realized there was a big problem I wasn’t seeing…

He always gave a lot of compliments, but I never gave any back!

Now I know what you’re thinking: it’s unattractive for women to show too much interest.

But that’s just not true! What’s wrong with a woman showing interest in a man?

Guys react to appreciation just as much as girls do.

In fact, giving a man compliments will make him happy and feel more comfortable with taking things further.

What’s more? Cancer men love to be praised, and giving him compliments will make him feel especially loved.

Much like their crab-like spirit animal, men born with the Cancer zodiac sign are “hard on the outside”.

But by complimenting him, a Cancer man will open up and show his love for you in return.

In fact, some astrologists believe that praise is the key to becoming a Cancer man’s soul-mate.

I know how it feels when he doesn’t reply for ages or even ignores your texts

This happened all the time during the many months of first getting to know my Cancer!

But after I began giving him compliments, he began responding to my texts within minutes and never ignored me again!

So the next time your phone lights up from your Cancer man’s reply, don’t forget to give him compliments and make him feel loved!

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RULE #2: Dig Deep

There is nothing Cancer men crave more than an intense and emotional relationship…

Even after all these years with my Cancer man, he still loves and cares for me like no one else can.

But it wasn’t always this way…

In fact, when I first met him, he never really paid any attention to me.

Here’s the truth:

Right now, your Cancer man could be dying to share his deepest thoughts with you and tell you how much he actually loves you.

But the obvious question is: why is he not asking me out yet?

This is because Cancers are extremely sensitive, and these crabs will protect themselves at all costs.

Want him to come out of his shell? Then the key is to dig deep!

Talking about your deepest thoughts will make him feel safe and more comfortable with sharing his true feelings with you

And the next thing you’ll know is that he’s willing to dive into sensitive topics and trusts you completely.

Once I began digging deeper in our conversations, it felt like he was opening up like never before in just a few days that would have taken several months in the past…

And in just a week or two, I could not believe he went from constantly ignored me to begging me to go out on a date with him.

So remember, the next time you have the chance, dig deep and gain his trust.

This is the key to making him dedicate his life to you and love you like no other.

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RULE #3: Emojis Capture Emotions

If I had to sum up Cancers in one sentence…

They are the most loving and emotional star signs in the entire universe.

The problem? They don’t show this side of them to pretty much anyone.

It’s always disappointing to get no response from my Cancer man back when I was still getting to know him…

And when he once ignored me for days, I was heart-broken and almost gave up on him.

But after looking back on our conversations, I suddenly realized something:

My words didn’t capture how I really felt…

And this was when I discovered I was missing something so important

I wasn’t using any emojis!

All this time I had access to a collection of hundreds of emojis that visualized how I felt and actually captured my exact emotions.

In fact, astrologists believe that most Cancer men are highly sensitive to their environments and are actually able to easily detect your celestial energies wherever you are…

And by using emojis, your texts will give off vibrant and intense emotional energies that Cancers can’t resist.

Your Cancer man will be able to truly feel your love and compassion.

This is the KEY to making him reveal his extremely warm and emotional side

And very soon, he won’t be able to help but talk endlessly with you and fall in love with who you really are.

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RULE #4: Don’t Interview Him

Imagine this:

You’ve run out of things to talk about with your Cancer crush.

You get nervous and try to think of anything to say…

And you end up sending an uninteresting question and getting no response.

I get it. It’s always hard to think of new things to keep the conversation going.

In fact, when I first began texting my Cancer man, questions that I came up with always ended up with him just ignoring me.

If any of this sounds even vaguely familiar to you, there’s something you MUST understand about Cancers…

Because what I discovered next completely transformed our conversations

Texting him finally became very easy, natural and personal.

Sounds too good to be true right?

Well here’s the truth

Cancers aren’t comfortable with you asking too many questions.

If you just ask random, uninteresting questions, you won’t be able to have deep conversations and he will think that you don’t really care about him

And the next thing you’ll know is that he’s hiding back in his shell and doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.

So the next time you’re texting your Cancer man, don’t interview him.

Instead, let him respond and reply to his responses.

Cancers are born under the stars of shyness

And though they may seem like very reserved creatures, they actually secretly love attention.

By replying and showing attention to his responses, you’ll not only show care for him

But it’ll also make him show deep care for you in return!

No longer feeling threatened, he’ll come right back out of his shell

Ready to get personal and share with you the unique, special love his star sign is naturally gifted with.

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RULE #5: Be Real With Him

Your phone pings from your Cancer man’s reply.

You type up your text and you’re about to hit the send button, but you stop and hesitate.

Does this sound right?

What will he think?

Will he like what I say?

I know how stressful and frustrating texting a Cancer man can be.

When I first began texting my Cancer, I would sometimes spend hours coming up with messages…

And even after sending my reply, I would get extremely worried about what he might think about it.

The worst part? All the hours I would spend thinking of replies usually resulted in him ignoring me.

But after I made one simple change to the way I texted…

He went from rarely replying to begging to call me every single night.

The truth? You should actually do the opposite and just simply be real with him.

Remember how Cancers have the ability to detect your personal celestial energies?

Well if you keep hesitating with your replies, he’ll start picking up negative energies and think that you’re not being honest and genuine to him…

He might even think that you don’t really have any interest in him.

So the next time you pick up your phone to reply to him, relax and keep things simple!

To make a Cancer feel your true feelings, you have to be real and direct with him.

Only then will he believe that he’s having a personal conversation with you.

Soon, he’ll be ready to have much more than just conversations with you…

And before you even know it, you’ll wake up with your head resting on his broad chest after the most romantic night of your life

Knowing that he will commit to being with you his whole life and won’t ever let you go.

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His care felt as warm as the glow of the sun

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But here’s the worst part:

When his attention went elsewhere, the shadow it left behind felt so cold.

He would grow more and more distant

He would deliberately avoid me at the office

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