Scorpio Man Smiles And Stares? – Why Scorpio Men Make Eye Contact

When I first met my Scorpio, I would always catch him staring at me with those signature Scorpio eyes

Why does that Scorpio stare at me?

Am I just over-thinking…?

Or is he actually into me?

Whenever he was around me, I would just feel like his eyes were always on me

I began to feel more and more excited, hoping that he might be into me as well

But I was never really sure.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, I totally get it. It can be really difficult to understand a Scorpio man sometimes.

This might sound crazy, but even the day before our relationship started, we didn’t even talk much

I even saw him talking to another girl at the office, and I felt hopeless and wanted to give up on him

But when I went to work the very next day, all of a sudden, he approached me and actually asked me out in front of everyone else!

It was from that moment on where it all started, and it has been nothing but passionate and romantic ever since.

But the truth is, I wished I knew what it meant when my Scorpio man stared at me back then

In fact, this relationship of ours could have started way earlier if only I knew what those Scorpio eyes really meant!

Luckily for you, I’m going to let you in on the 5 astrologically-proven reasons why a Scorpio man would make eye contact with you…

With these little-known secrets, not only will you be able to understand what a Scorpio’s stare really means and how he might feel about you

But you might even be able to get a Scorpio man of your own!

All you have to do is scroll down and discover the TRUTH behind every Scorpio’s eyes…

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REASON #1: He’s Into You

When I first met him, I would always catch my Scorpio man staring intensely at me even from across the entire room

Is he into me?

Does he like me back?

Or am I just over-thinking?

I get it. Understanding a Scorpio man can be so difficult sometimes.

The truth is, many astrologists believe that Scorpios tend to be very careful in life and will always plan out their every move.

In fact, they are some of the most devoted creatures in the universe and will show as far as the smallest bit of interest only to those they are serious about and truly want to be with.

So if he ever makes eye contact with you, good for you

Not only is it one of the key, astrologically-proven signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you

But it’s also a definite sign that he’s flirting intensely with you in his own ways and has a deep level of attraction for you

So you can rest assured knowing that he has already committed himself to making you a part of his life!

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REASON #2: He Cares About You

There’s one thing that every astrologist can definitely agree on:

Scorpio men are very protective of those they truly love.

Those born under the Scorpio stars are the type of people who will be so deeply obsessed with you that they will want to always support you and protect you from any harm.

In fact, these Scorpions are known for being very loving and devoted creatures who will always try to be there for you during any difficult time.

Believe me, the sense of care I feel from my Scorpio man is something that I can’t find anywhere else in the world…

And it makes every day so much more meaningful!

But the truth is, Scorpios will only show this level of care to a very certain, few people.

A Scorpio man will never really put his heart on the line, especially since it can be very hard to truly find a woman he can truly love, so it is best for him to take precautions.

But if you ever catch him staring intensely at you, congratulations

It’s a sign that he’s trying to communicate how much he cares for you and wants to support you from the bottom of his Scorpion heart

And the best part? You might be one of the very certain, few people that he will show this kind of care for because he truly wants you in his life!

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REASON #3: He Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking:

“But I don’t even know him yet! He doesn’t even really know me…”

You probably just met your Scorpio crush, and you both probably don’t know much about each other. But that doesn’t stop you from being on his mind all the time, does it?

Well there’s something you must know about those born under the Scorpio constellation…

Scorpios love to think: they like to observe others and admire the world around them.

In fact, they are the type of people that will stand on the sidelines in a party or social gathering, just observing the action and thinking deeply.

But when a Scorpio stares at you even from afar, it means that you’ve actually managed to pull him away from observing the world…

Because he just can’t get you out of his head!

What’s more? Being able to get his attention like this is extremely rare and means that you’re exceptionally special to him, so don’t let it go to waste

Just sit tight and keep being yourself, and very soon, you’ll be on his mind so much that he probably won’t be able to resist but give in to his thoughts and ask you out!

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REASON #4: He Wants To Know If You Like Him Back

Remember how Scorpios are usually very observant people?

They will often notice the smallest things when looking at someone, like how their eyes move, how they move their body, how they talk and so on…

With this unique talent of theirs, Scorpios are usually able to put together a pretty accurate representation of who someone is and what their like.

But there’s one thing they can’t access and are always dying to know about:

A person’s inner thoughts and feelings.

Trust me, ever since I started going out with my Scorpio, he would always ask about my thoughts as if he wanted to read my mind.

The truth is, when a Scorpio man looks at you, it doesn’t just mean that he’s just trying to know what’s on your mind and how you feel

Chances are, he’s probably wondering whether you actually like him back!

So if you ever catch your Scorpio man making eye contact with you, don’t ever dismiss it as something meaningless

It’s a key sign that a Scorpio man is interested in you and wants to know if you feel the same for him! (and if you do, you’ve done good girlfriend!)

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REASON #5: He Thinks You Might Be His Soulmate

There’s one thing that always annoyed me when I first met my Scorpio:

How emotionless he sometimes was.

Trust me, Scorpios are not always the best communicators when it comes to feelings and emotions.

But the truth is, astrologists believe that these creatures can seem cold sometimes because of the small but very meaningful ways in which they show interest in someone

Especially through their signature Scorpio eyes!

So if you ever catch him staring at you, don’t think for a second that it doesn’t mean anything

Your Scorpio crush’s eyes are on you not only because you’ve caught his attention and drawn him in

But also because he probably senses something special in you and thinks that you might actually be his destined soulmate.

Once your Scorpio man starts to notice that you’ve caught his attention time and time again, he’ll probably start asking himself more and more questions about you…

He might start focusing on what you like and what kind of person you truly are. And this is really important…

Because he might even start asking himself whether you are the One.

If he gets this in his head, he will do whatever it takes to get to know you better and find out

So what’s next, you ask? All you have to do is sit tight and be patient, and I promise you he’ll ask you out in a blink of an eye!

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My days have been filled with joy and laughter from our conversations…

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But just when I thought things couldn’t get better, our relationship turned for the worse

My Scorpio man started acting cold and distant

He started hiding his feelings from me

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