How To Tell If A Virgo Man Is Interested – 10 Signs A Virgo Man Likes You

Why is he staring at me?

Does he do this to all girls…

Or could he actually be into me?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, trust me, most women feel the same

Celestial experts believe that those born under the Virgo stars are often very mysterious and hard to understand

This is why trying to read a Virgo man is always so difficult and frustrating.

When I first met my Virgo, I felt pretty hopeless

He would always act cold and distant, and whenever I wanted to talk to him…

He would often ignore me completely.

It felt like there was no way he was into me…

He didn’t even seem like he wanted to be friends!

But the CRAZIEST part?

Just when I started thinking that it was time to give up on him

He approached me out of nowhere and asked me out to dinner that night!

And in a blink of an eye, me and my Virgo man were having the relationship of our lives.

The thing is, I just wished I knew how he really felt about me earlier on

If I knew that he was actually into me back then, we could’ve started going out together much earlier!

Luckily for you, I’m going to let you on some of the definite signs a Virgo man is falling for you

In fact, if you notice even just one of these signs, believe me

It means A LOT and shows that he probably likes you back and is onto you!

With these 10 celestial signs, you’ll won’t EVER miss another chance of claiming a Virgo man for yourself

Maybe even for LIFE!

Just scroll down now to find out exactly how a Virgo man shows interest in you…

And before anything else, maybe you’ll be able to get warm cuddles and hot love-making from your own Virgo

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SIGN #1: He’s Always Staring At You

A Virgo man’s eyes is one of the most powerful signs of love in the entire universe.

Celestial experts believe that looking into your eyes is the most intimate thing a Virgo can possibly do

Some even believe that they stare at someone to get a look at their soul

Maybe to find out whether this person likes them back!

So if you ever catch a Virgo man making eye contact with you, ooh là là

Since Virgos are known for being shy and reserved

You should feel very special knowing that these Virgo man’s eyes are only interested in YOU.

It means that he really trusts you and wants to get to know you better

So what’s next? Just sit tight and get ready

Because he probably planning out his next move and how to approach you!

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SIGN #2: He Touches You

There’s nothing else in the world that sends shivers down my spine more than this:

A Virgo man’s touch.

Whether it’s him grabbing you by your arm or simply nudging your shoulder playfully, you’ll always feel this intense excitement running through your body.

In fact, some astrologists believe that a simple touch is incredibly rare and meaningful from the Virgo star sign…

So don’t ever dismiss this sign as something meaningless…

Because it could be the start of something between you and your Virgo crush…

And very soon, he might be making his next move on you!

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SIGN #3: He Smiles At You

Many astrologists believe that those born under the Virgo constellation are a bit shy and can come off a bit cold sometimes…

But the truth is, when it comes to pursuing someone they’re really into, they aren’t afraid of truly expressing themselves

Including how much of a crush he has on you!

What’s more? One of the most obvious ways a Virgo man shows that he’s falling for someone is through his signature Virgo smile.

So if you ever catch him smiling at you, good on you girl

A Virgo man will only smile at you if he’s deeply attracted to you and wants to start something with you

Maybe even a meaningful life-long relationship!

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SIGN #4: He Says I Love You

You might think that some guys like to throw these three words around like candy…

But if a Virgo man says it to you, congratulations

He finally did it.

Those three simple words softly whispered into your ear during an intimate moment

It’s the BEST feeling in the world!

To be loved by a Virgo man is one thing, but for him to tell you this

Ooh là là!

When a Virgo man says ‘I love you,’ you’ve hooked a partner for life(if that’s what you are looking for!)

Plenty of astrologists agree that Virgos are one of the most loyal signs out of all the zodiac signs!

With that being said…

These adorable creatures are incredibly hard to win over

So if he is telling you that he loves you…

You’ve done good, girlfriend!

You made us all proud…

Because he’s definitely a KEEPER!

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SIGN #5: He Tells You He Misses You

It’s always so heartwarming to hear these three words from my Virgo:

I miss you.

But sometimes it’s hard to know whether a guy really means it or not

Here’s the truth:

When it comes to the Virgo star sign, astrologists believe that these creatures are all about being honest and trusting each other

So you can be certain that when a Virgo man says he misses you

You’re truly all he can think about!

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SIGN #6: He Hugs You

Who doesn’t love a good hug from a big, sexy man?

But what’s more? Hugs mean much more under the Virgo constellation.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo men are known for being pretty reserved; they don’t just go around hugging everybody…

In fact, when a Virgo man hugs you… trust us; it means much more than just a friendship!

They value their personal space more than any other zodiac sign, so if they let you into it

That means he really digs you and is onto you FAST!

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SIGN #7: He Shares His Dreams With You

A Virgo man allowing you in on his big plans or deepest secrets is another key sign that he’s truly into you

In fact, it is a HUGE step in the right direction for your relationship with him!

Some astrologists believe that a Virgo man sharing his dreams with you shows that he wants to get personal and intimate with you

It’s a sign that he no longer feels shy around you and wants to let you in on all his celestial dreams so you can walk that path together!

So if a Virgo man is talking about the future or sharing his dreams with you even just once

Then he’s truly ready to take things to the next level with you!

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SIGN #8: He Tests Your Patience

If there’s one mistake that so many women keep making over and over again, it has to be this:

Thinking a Virgo man’s tests as a sign that he’s no longer interested.

The worst part? Lots of women take it so far that they end up giving up on their Virgos!

But the truth is, a Virgo testing you means the complete OPPOSITE

It’s actually a true sign that he loves you very much!

Celestial experts believe that when Virgos meet someone that they have a good feeling about, they will test them here and there to find out if they’re the real deal.

That said, if you ever catch your Virgo crush testing your patience

Then he knows that there is something really special about you and wants to see if the two of you are truly meant for each other!

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SIGN #9: He Makes A Promise To You

Many celestial experts believe that the Virgo stars are of trust and honesty

Because of this, Virgos will only make promises to those that they truly trust and care about

Especially those they feel attracted to!

So no matter how big or small, if a Virgo man makes any promise to you, not only can you bet your life that he will keep it…

But it is a true sign that he trusts you and wants to bond with you like no other!

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SIGN #10: He Wants To Take Care Of You

There’s no feeling more loving and sweet than knowing this:

Your Virgo will always be there for you.

It’s a feeling that most women would love to feel but rarely do unless they’re dating a Virgo!

Apart from being honest and trustworthy, Virgos are always looking to take good care of the people they truly love

So if your Virgo ever gets you a drink, asks about your life or shows even the simplest bit of care for you…

You just might be the girl he wants in his life!

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