When A Scorpio Man Is Serious About You – Why He Truly Loves You

Why is he acting so cold?

Is he truly serious about me?

Or is my Scorpio man leading me on?

If these questions sound familiar to you, trust me, you’re not alone

When I first met my Scorpio, I fell for him immediately and just couldn’t stop looking at his sexy Scorpio eyes

He was just the type of man I’ve always wanted to be with.

The thing is, many astrologists believe that Scorpios can be quiet and reserved creatures…

And their thoughts may often be a mystery to everyone else.

It’s because of this that so many women lose hope and give up on their Scorpios

But what they don’t know is that they’re all making a big mistake.

You see, when we first met, things weren’t going great at all

Not only did my Scorpio man hide his feelings from me and acted distant

He would even avoid me at the office and rarely talked to me.

I felt completely hopeless and it seemed that our relationship just wasn’t meant to be

Until I discovered something that changed EVERYTHING.

It was from an old friend of mine, and I was kind of doubtful at first…

But if it weren’t for these secret signs, I wouldn’t have known that my Scorpio was actually really into me

I might have even given up on him early on!

But luckily for you, what you’re about to read will make sure that you’ll never miss a chance of securing your very own Scorpio for life

I call them the 7 celestial signs a Scorpio really loves you.

With these little-known secrets, you can discover your Scorpio’s deep intentions

Maybe he’s not playing games with you or toying with your emotions…

He could be dead serious about you and want to have a real, passionate relationship with you for the rest of his life.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and reveal your Scorpio crush’s true feelings for you

And before you even know it…

You might even become his one true SOULMATE!

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SIGN #1: Your Scorpio Man Touches You

There’s one thing that never gets old between me and my Scorpio man…

His warm, tender touches.

Many astrologists believe that oftentimes Scorpios communicate and express themselves in mysterious ways, and celestial experts have been trying to pin down what they really mean

But one thing is for sure: Scorpios love to get touchy.

However, a Scorpio can get very selective about it and will save such intimate gestures only for the ones they care about the most

Especially for those they feel attracted to!

So whether it’s a warm touch on the arm or just a playful nudge on the shoulder, when a Scorpio man touches you in any way…

It’s a very obvious sign that he’s truly into you!

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SIGN #2: Your Scorpio Man Hugs You

I’m about to let you in on one of the most important signs a Scorpio man loves you from the bottom of his scorpion heart

Some celestial experts believe that a Scorpio man expressing his feelings is an incredibly rare moment.

In fact, astrologists believe that a simple gesture (like a hug) may be insignificant for other star signs, but for Scorpios…

It’s an extremely rare gesture that they will only give when looking for their soulmates!

So when your Scorpio man hugs you, don’t EVER dismiss it as something meaningless

A simple hug is a key sign a Scorpio man is interested and wants to take things further with you!

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SIGN #3: Your Scorpio Says He Loves You

You’re beautiful.

I really like your eyes.

I love you.

When I first met my Scorpio man, I just couldn’t help but smile whenever he said cliché things like this, but…

I wasn’t sure he really meant what he said.

In fact, he would sometimes say these phrases so often that I would start to think my Scorpio man was leading me on

But there’s something you MUST know about all Scorpio men:

When it comes to cliché phrases, astrologists believe that Scorpios really mean them and are speaking from the bottom of their hearts.

This is because Scorpios tend to hide their feelings from the rest of the world and will only say even the simplest compliments to those they truly want to be with.

So when a Scorpio says I love you, treat it seriously!

He’s putting his pincers down to tell you his true feelings for you

And before anything else, he’ll want to take you out constantly and bond with you like no other.

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SIGN #4: Your Scorpio Stares At You

There’s one thing all astrologists can definitely agree on:

Ruled by both Pluto and Mars, Scorpios differ in one key aspect from all the other star signs in the universe…

Whether it’s at the office or at a party, you’ll always find a Scorpio man intensely staring and watching everyone else by the side whilst having their own deep thoughts.

And if you ever catch your Scorpio stare right at you, congratulations

Because he’s definitely thinking about you and probably can’t get you out of his head!

A Scorpio man looking at you from a distance is a huge sign that he can’t help but look at you despite everything else going on around him.

So all you have to do is sit tight and keep being yourself

Because the start of a truly intimate relationship with him might just be around the corner!

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SIGN #5: When A Scorpio Man Tells You His Secrets…

There’s nothing a Scorpio loves more than this:

Sharing secrets.

These mysterious creatures love to delve into their innermost feelings and underlying desires more than anything else in the universe…

In fact, when a Scorpio man tells you his secrets, you’re in luck…

It’s a key sign that he’s coming out of his shell and expressing his true self

Because his scorpion heart is constantly RACING for you!

So if your Scorpio man tells you his secrets (no matter how small or big), just keep being yourself

And very soon, he won’t be able to resist but want to take things to the next level with you.

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SIGN #6: Your Scorpio Smiles At You

Seeing my Scorpio smile always brings so much warmth to my heart

But those born under the Scorpio stars can sometimes be as hard and cold as their outer shells

Represented by the spirit animal of the scorpion, they sometimes like to hide their feelings and just keep their thoughts to themselves.

Now I know what you’re thinking: why are Scorpios said to be so romantic then?

Astrologists believe that when a Scorpio man feels a deep, genuine connection with someone…

They aren’t afraid of being themselves and showing their true feelings!

And one of the obvious signs a Scorpio man truly likes you is through his signature Scorpio smile.

No matter what or where he is, catching a smile from a Scorpio is not only extremely rare and special

It’s a real sign that he loves you from the bottom of his Scorpion heart

And is probably dying to make you a part of his life!

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SIGN #7: Scorpio Testing Your Patience

Some people might call it a “scorpion’s sting”

…but I think it’s one of the most charming traits of a Scorpio man!

Scorpios are known for being extremely passionate and intense people…

And when they come across what could be the love of their life, they really want to be sure before committing entirely.

If you’ve caught the eye of this mysterious water sign

Expect him to test you… but not necessarily in a bad way.

You see, lots of women mistake this as a sign that he’s no longer interested

And the worst part? They end up giving up and letting go of their Scorpios

When the truth is, a Scorpio would only test you if he’s deeply in love with you!

So if your Scorpio man ever tests you, good on you girl

Because it probably means he wants to spend the rest of his life with you!

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