How To Do A Pregnancy Tarot Reading

You might be unsure of your pregnancy or you might already be pregnant but have concerns about what will happen next. You may be unsure of the best way to obtain the information you need, even while you are aware that you want to use your tarot cards to provide answers to some of your queries.

Asking open-ended, introspective inquiries is the best method to get answers from your tarot cards about pregnancy. Leave all medical inquiries concerning your pregnancy to your doctors. The spreads you employ for these questions should also be carefully considered in order to obtain the most lucid responses.

You can ask your tarot cards a number of queries that can provide you with some urgent pregnancy-related information.

You can use a variety of spreads to find the answers to these questions as well.

Read on to find out more about what to ask, how to ask, and how to find a spread that works for you before we get into the specifics.

How are the fertility tarot cards read?

The “which tarot cards indicate” tool is intended to expand your knowledge of tarot and assist in creating a comprehensive library of card interpretations.

The Empress is a symbol of riches, creativity, and motherhood. Mama Earth. Any time there is a query regarding pregnancy or fertility, it’s always a good indicator.

This contented infant is a reliable sign that labor may soon begin! Prosperity, happiness, and fruitfulness.

Five of Swords

This happy card can allude to both a celebration and fruitfulness.

Royal Pentacles

This card’s rabbit can also be seen as a symbol of fertility.

It’s in the Aces: The Ace of Wands, Ace of Cups, or Ace of Pentacles are excellent cards for conception and giving birth. The Ace of Swords can be read as a cesarean section in a pregnancy-related inquiry.

Remember to look for other representations of joy, festivity, creativity, or abundance if none of these cards appear. For instance, the Ten of Cups, the Nine of Cups, or the Four of Wands.

What do the pregnancy tarot cards represent?

Typically, the World card implies that a pregnancy has already occurred. It might even appear if a woman is well into her third trimester. Therefore, the World will be a “yes” card, signifying that your pregnant adventure is approaching to a conclusion, if you are unsure whether your labor is imminent.

Tarot reading is possible during periods.

You would expect that by the year 2020, society will have overcome long-standing taboos and become more educated. In offices, medical facilities, schools, and colleges, we surveyed a number of young ladies. But little appears to have changed. These are some things that women are still told today.

1. If you’re a woman and angry, you must be having a period.

2. If you’re a woman in pain, you must be having your period.

3. If you’re a woman and you’re walking funny, you must be having a period.

4. Even at home, when on your period, you should have a separate room, dishes, and restrictions.

5. Consuming cold food or beverages can stop your flow.

6. You are unable to exercise, visit a place of worship, or swim when you are menstruating.

7. Avoid cooking, hair-washing, and handling dairy products or pickles when you’re menstruating.

8. Women often utilize the excuse of PMS to escape uncomfortable circumstances.

9. Tarot readings are not permitted during times.

10. Women are more susceptible to supernatural beings and are more easily possessed during their periods.

11. Periods for women are voluntary and controllable. Because they enjoy the drama and the days off, they have them every month.

We’re sure you’ve found many of them to be gratingly familiar if you’re a woman. But if, like us, you’ve rolled your eyes till you thought they might pop out of your head, pause and consider why.

Why is it that despite enormous scientific advancement, a wealth of data, and the Internet, we still don’t fully comprehend how a woman’s body functions physiologically? Modern, educated women may not wish to have children or be held captive by these misconceptions and lies about menstruation. However, the majority are helpless against ignorance, a lack of appropriate education, and ignorance.

The way that our friends, coworkers, family members, and neighbors think is mostly a result of what they were taught as children. If having periods were accepted as normal rather than taboo, don’t you think we would be having a different kind of conversation, whether you live in a city, small town, or village?

With the knowledge that there is nothing “impure about menstruation,” young women are not empowered. The need for education and understanding on this subject across cultural and economic boundaries has never been greater. Young girls need to learn how to handle their changing bodies and be ready for them. Girls can stay in school and working adult women, even in more disadvantaged places, can aid them to stay gainfully employed throughout the entire year through education, the introduction of sanitary napkins, and sufficient water and toilet facilities.

However, change won’t happen until there is a movement that holds the view that all women’s lives can be improved with a single switch. Instead of outdated stereotypes that are unfounded in reality, girls and women of all ages need to start receiving fresh messages. While women in urban areas now frequently use sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups, two-thirds of adolescent girls in rural areas frequently have no idea what is happening to them when they first start having periods. When and how should they be informed?

when they are young and during academic coursework. The language used in period-related interactions should sound more like this while they are still in school and developing:

We should be more cognizant of our flow, menstrual patterns, and the potential for infections during our periods. However, it doesn’t weaken you.

Purchasing sanitary napkins is not any more embarrassing than purchasing toothpaste or soap for oneself.

It’s not necessary to hide and discard used sanitary towels while no one is looking.

Comparatively speaking, using sanitary napkins can reduce your risk of developing cervical cancer compared to women who use rags or unclean cotton wads.

Cheaper does not always equate to better. Look for goods and businesses that are making an effort to demonstrate their dedication to timely menstrual hygiene education (especially post COVID).

Whisper has been leading the effort for the past three decades, teaching 45 lakh girls in 40,000+ schools about menstrual health and giving away free sanitary pads. Not only have they taken on period taboos head-on, but they have also educated and empowered women to become change agents at the most fundamental levels and earn a living by selling sanitary products. This ought to be the legacy we leave for future female generations. We need to picture a society in which periods are not taboo and where people aren’t scared to talk about them, share information, and work to make the world a better and safer place for all.

How can I do a personal tarot reading?

I discovered early on in my tarot excursions that knowing the meanings of each card isn’t necessary, even if there is much value and wisdom to be gained from them. Your intuition holds the key to learning how to interpret tarot cards. And this makes sense given that they are instruments for receiving and deciphering messages from the universe or our inner selves. Get the best advice from readers below to learn how to read tarot cards for yourself instinctively and without memorization.

The 2 of cups indicates a yes or no.

A narrative of love and community is told in The Two of Cups. It is an all-around cheerful card with happy and upbeat overtones. Because of these factors, the answer to your query in a yes-or-no tarot reading is yes.

What exactly does the Queen of Swords mean?

A fortunate omen is represented by the Queen of Swords standing erect. This card represents a confident woman who will help you get through your tough times. She will assist you in seeing the good things in your life since she is patient and understanding. Her cheerful disposition is not the consequence of a trouble-free life.

The Queen will utilize her wisdom gained from her own suffering and grief to help you get through your own trying times. Prepare yourself for a positive female to enter your life and inspire you to reach your full potential if you are going through a time of loss or negativity.

Money and Career Meaning

The Queen of Swords in a job reading suggests that an older female coworker may be able to offer you advise or direction. This individual will be knowledgeable, encouraging, and genuinely interested in your success. Her professionalism will serve as a good example for you to follow in your job, so do your best to do so.

The high priestess is indicating yes or no.

The High Priestess tarot card provides a decisive “yes, if it is for the greater good” response when pulled in a “yes or no” reading. The reason for a desire is really important.

This draw indicates that you are free to move forward if you have a specific desire or a desire to do something that will ultimately be advantageous to both you and other people.

What does it signify when the world is reversed?

Congratulations!!! When the last Major Arcana card emerges in a tarot reading, you realize your present path has come to a conclusion. Your hard work has paid off, and you should be extremely pleased of what you have accomplished. It feels so fantastic to persist through challenges and keep moving forward despite whatever that may arise along the way. Recall all the difficulties along the way where you had the option of giving up. But you didn’t; instead, you persisted! You succeeded! Your dreams are now becoming a reality because you persevered through the highs and lows, gained knowledge, and acquired experience. Isn’t that fantastic? Enjoy this moment as it is yours! Enjoy this sense of personal accomplishment and achieving absolute success.

The World Upright Meaning

A long journey filled with never-ending cycles is life. We frequently start something, finish it, and then start again. And much like that famous song from so many late-’90s teen movies that played as the credits rolled once proclaimed, “Every new beginning is the culmination of a previous beginning. Yes, there is always something fresh to try, a different objective to concentrate on, and the desire to advance everything. However, occasionally we can become so engrossed in “Next, what? that we neglect to respect our past or even where we are right now. There is always a door waiting to open just as you close one. But really, what’s the rush, baby? If we are only concerned with the future, life can go by very quickly, so let’s just be here now. You have unlimited chances and the power to make anything happen. But before we tackle what is ahead, let’s first appreciate what you have accomplished.

The World Reversed Meaning

Sometimes events abruptly terminate for no apparent reason and completely beyond of our control. When a whole department at work is removed due to budget cuts, leaving you jobless, or when you get ghosted in a relationship you believed was headed somewhere promising, this can shatter your feeling of grounded reality. In these circumstances, we must face the hurt that comes from something ending before we were ready. Honor the startling disappointment you are feeling while mourning the loss of what may have been. In order to recover and move on to the next opportunity, it’s critical that you establish your own feeling of closure as you gather yourself. Because of this, there is ALWAYS something new to look forward to and be hopeful about. Keep that in mind at all times!

What does “yes” or “no” mean in the world?

Prepare to become completely interested in something important if you’ve drawn the World card in a yes or no reading. The answer you seek is YES, provided it advances the interests of all.

Can I read my own Tarot cards every day?

Is it feasible for a beginner to perform Tarot spreads on themselves? Yes! It most certainly is. Tarot is a modality that helps us gain greater insight into our current situations, honor our intuition and forecast potential outcomes.