How To Find Your Tarot Card

A tarot birth card is generated by adding the numbers of the month, day, and year you were born, following a method akin to that of numerology. You can use that number to determine the Major Arcana tarot card that represents your birth date, according to Trinh.

How do I locate my unique Tarot cards?

According to Alvarez, the simplest way to determine your tarot card is to “let your intuition be your guide.” “Choose a card at random, face down, from a shuffled deck. You can get some direction for the day by performing this action every morning or evening.”

This method of reading tarot cards is different from some others in that you don’t ask any questions (like you would with a Magic 8-Ball), you just take cards out of the deck. Then, she advises, “check up the meaning and consider your day to see if the card had any importance or emphasized an underlying theme.” This procedure “assists newcomers in becoming more theoretically acquainted with the cards as well as in viewing them as a link to personal and practical experiences.”

Find your zodiac card

According to Alvarez, this method is based on your solar sign and the traits that correspond to it (the one you say when someone asks you, “What’s your sign?”). “This card assists in highlighting your strengths, areas that may need improvement, and recurring themes in your life that may be caused by imbalances. Look up the Major Arcana card that usually corresponds with your sun sign, then your sun sign.” Although each card has multiple levels of meaning, Alvarez suggests the following descriptions:

What tarot card represents your birth?

Tarot birth cards are used to describe a consistent aspect of who you are. In terms of the concepts of sense of identity and having a place in the world, this serves a similar purpose as the zodiac.

How can you tell what year your tarot card represents?

As an illustration, if your birthday is on April 3 and you wish to determine your tarot year card for 2022, you might calculate as follows: 4+3+2022= 2029

Step 2: Add the individual numbers of your result from step one.

If your result is a number equal to 23 or greater, add the individual numbers again. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards.

Can you interpret your own tarot cards?

It’s normal to be a little clumsy when you first start practicing the tarot. Tarot study is similar to learning a new languageit takes time to become proficient. But what happens if you no longer require the booklet and have intimate familiarity with the deck? Are you able to read yourself? No, except for a few rare instances. Simply put, it’s a horrible idea.

You see, the majority of us turn to astrology or tarot when we’re looking for clarity amid a period of ambiguity. In contrast to astrology, which is quite technical, our consciousness restricts our capacity to read tarot cards. Working with your personal interpretation of the cards, you are not constrained by short- and long-term cycles like the planets’ orbits. It might be tricky to go beyond your current circumstances while utilizing the tarot to better understand a trying scenario. Even if all the cards are spread out in front of you, putting them together requires such a broad perspective that it is all but impossible to fully understand the meaning of each card. Basically, any biases you already have will always be reflected in your tarot reading!

How can my tarot cards be purified?

Here are four simple steps to purifying tarot cards.

  • Meditate. Simply unwind for a moment and get rid of all your thoughts.
  • Pass each card through the smoke after burning sage.
  • Place bay leaves within the deck of cards.
  • And for protection, place a crystal on top.

What Major Arcana do I have?

For instance: In the Major Arcana, a card corresponds to each sign of the zodiac. What is Major Arcana, you ask? The Major Arcana and Minor Arcana comprise the first 78 cards of most tarot decks. the Minor Arcana, which is divided into four suits, and the “name” cards like Death, the Devil, and the Lovers (pentacles, cups, wands, and swords). View your tarot card to learn more: It belongs to the Minor Arcana if it has one of those suits, such as the Ace of Pentacles, the Five of Swords, or the Queen of Wands. If not, it belongs to the Major Arcana.

The Major Arcana is a deck of 22 cards that represents your spiritual path and journey in more detail.

And each one *also* represents a sign of the zodiac. Some of the symbolism in Rider-Waite-Smith-style decks (the most well-known tarot deck, the one with a skeleton riding a horse for Death and a woman in an ornate robe for the Empress, you know, the one with those) is related to a particular sign of the zodiac. However, even with decks with a different design than ours, the relationship is still there; it may simply not be as noticeable.

You can focus on the significance of your card in order to advance in life, stay clear of potential conflict, attract your ideal spouse, and access your abilities, in addition to getting a cute tattoo of *your* card or purchasing tarot-inspired jewelry. Use the energy of your tarot card to guide you below.

How are tarot cards shuffled?

This shuffling method, which is frequently used before regular card games, is merely holding the full deck in one hand and releasing a section of cards into the other hand at a time until the entire deck has been spread and mixed.

What is the 11th card in the tarot?

In A. E. Waite’s 1910 book Pictorial Key to the Tarot, the Justice card is associated with the following divinatory concepts:


Equity, rightness, probity, and governmental authority; the legal victory of the deserving side. Reversed: Law in all of its facets, complex legal issues, prejudice, discrimination, and overly harsh punishment.

The planet Venus and the zodiac sign Libra are related to the justice card in astrology.

What tarot card represents 2022?

Saturn rules the truly disciplined and responsible earth sign of the zodiac. You put in a lot of effort and are truthful; you set high standards for yourself and strive to meet them. You are extremely self-controlled and persistent. You don’t readily become distracted or swayed. You value consistency and dislike abrupt changes in either your situation or your relationships. It’s difficult to fall in love, but once you do, you make the most devoted companion. Giving your loved one your entire being won’t bother you. Your life’s mission is to accomplish everything via determined effort.

According to your 2022 Tarot horoscope, you will be motivated by Jupiter’s energies this year, the planet of wisdom. This year will see you feeling inspired and self-assured. You will make informed decisions and, for the most part, will do so after giving the matter much thought.

You’ll make some important choices this year that will affect your career life.

You may have big changes in mind for your job or a brand-new endeavor. You will be kept busy by these choices, and you will struggle to strike a balance between your current tasks and the new ideas. During this year, you will also take some risks to advance your work life. You can enhance your profile by adding a new professional qualification and picking up new abilities. If you keep a healthy balance between the prospective dangers and earnings during the year, everything will turn out okay.

The year’s financial outlook will be favorable. However, you are urged to spread out your investments, i.e., don’t put a large sum of money down in one location, but rather invest in a number of various plans, as this will boost your chances of making more money. This year, you’ll need to make smart financial decisions and plans.

This year, there will be a lot of distractions in your romantic life. Even if you will adore your lover, you won’t be able to communicate your true sentiments to them or spend much time with them. They will feel unsatisfied in the relationship because you won’t provide them the desired attention and concerns. The married couple will want to launch a new business or make a joint investment with their partner, which will provide them with a great deal of security and fulfillment. During this time, your relationship will be more focused on furniture ideas and finances than just love and passion. To manage and plan your future together as a couple, you will make several crucial decisions. Since this year will be quite busy at work, singles will need to decide whether to prioritize their careers or search for potential relationships. You will invest money in the wellbeing and upbringing of other family members, and you will receive genuine gratitude in return.

Since this year will be busy, you’ll neglect your own health in an effort to achieve work-life balance. Stress, severe migraines, and recurrent body aches are all possible. To keep your mind at ease, it is advisable that you practice some deep breathing techniques and meditation. Additionally, take time for relaxation from your busy routines to avoid exerting yourself.

Before going to bed and just after you wake up, keep a glass of water filled on your head side. You’ll benefit from doing this every night for your health. You’ll feel more refreshed and at ease when you wake up.

The colors yellow, lime, and orange will have vibrant, vivacious hues this year. For best outcomes, stay away from wearing white and pink, especially on Thursdays.