Aries Man Stopped Texting? – What To Do When An Aries Man Goes Quiet

Has your Aries man turned cold?

Is your Aries man not replying to your texts anymore?

Are you wondering if your Aries man is losing interest in you?

I totally get it; texting an Aries man can be so difficult sometimes.

When I first started dating my Aries, things were going so well that I began to think that we were made for each other

But over time, things turned for the worst.

I didn’t know why but he would just ignore me more and more and not pick up all the time…

And one time he hated talking to me so much that he even told me that he was going to break up with me and immediately blocked me.

That night I was crying myself to sleep, thinking of what I did to deserve this…

But the truth is, many astrologists believe that these creatures can sometimes be extremely stubborn.

Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries men are known to be very fiery and unpredictable, so it was actually not surprising that there were some rocky patches in our relationship…

And when I discovered the 5 celestial secrets behind every Aries man, I realized that I actually did nothing wrong

Turns out that it was just a very normal thing when it comes to being with an Aries, and with these astrologically-proven secrets, everything suddenly changed for the better

Not only did he start texting me constantly and asking me to pick up his calls

He would even beg to go out with me 24/7!

In fact, ever since I found out about these celestial secrets, our relationship worked out so well that he even proposed to marry me just a few months later!

Sounds crazy, right?

But believe me, without these secrets I would have never imagined raising a Cancer daughter and a Leo son with him.

Luckily for you, in just a few moments, texting your own Aries man can’t be easier!

I’m going to let you in on these little-known Aries secrets that changed my life

Through the unique Aries constellation, astrologists have finally be able to pinpoint exactly how to attract an Aries man through text

And with these proven tips, I guarantee that you’ll never have to worry about what to do when your Aries man stops talking to you

Because it won’t EVER happen!

I call them the 5 GOLDEN RULES to make any Aries man text you constantly.

The best part?
You can use them immediately and make him want to text you more and more

And before you even know it, your Aries man will call you one night

Telling you how much he actually likes you

And dying to see you the next day on your first date together!

With the Golden Rules, this truly unique kind of relationship is just a few texts away from being yours.

So are you ready to get your own hot, sexy Aries man by his horns? Just scroll down and see how easy it is for yourself…

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TIP #1: Aries LOVE Compliments

There’s something that just never gets old between me and my Aries…

His heart-warming compliments!

Whenever he said things like “You’re so beautiful” or “You smell nice,” it always made me feel so special.

But here’s the thing: some days, he just wouldn’t give any compliments at all

In fact, sometimes my Aries man would suddenly act distant and go quiet.

The worst part? He once ignored all my texts and calls for an entire week!

Then I realized that all this time I was making a huge mistake

I never really complimented him!

By giving back compliments, not only will you send him celestial signals of love and care that will make him feel special

You might even be able to make your Aries man go CRAZY about you and really want to take things further!

What’s more? Giving him compliments won’t just boost this ram’s fiery ego and fuel his horns with enthusiasm

But it will also make him show warmth and love for you in return.

In fact, some astrologists believe that this will make any Aries man want to bond with you like you’re his SOULMATE!

I know how it feels when an Aries man backs off all of a sudden and tells you to leave him alone completely

But just by giving him more compliments, not only did he start replying immediately to my texts

He even began trying to call me constantly, begging to go out with me every single night!

So what are you waiting for? Start giving your Aries man compliments, and very soon you’ll be having much more than just text conversations with him…

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TIP #2: Stay FRESH

What I’m about to tell you made my Aries man go from acting distant and giving me the silent treatment

To constantly replying and calling me like crazy!

I know this sounds impossible, but what I’m about to tell you next will make it so obvious and so easy

That you just wished you would have done it earlier!

When it comes to relationships, astrologists believe that there is one thing an Aries man desires more than anything else:

Staying fresh!

The Aries sign is one of the most confident star signs in the universe, and these rams love to challenge themselves and take on new things…

This is why they can also be easily bored and crave for something new.

Want to know how to really flirt with an Aries man? Just stay fresh with your conversations!

By simply talking about new things here and there, your Aries man won’t be able to resist but start texting you constantly

In fact, he’ll love talking and being with you so much that he will start seeing you as the light of his life.

So whether it’s chatting about a new TV show or even talking dirty to him…

No matter what, he will become irresistibly attracted to you like stars being pulled together by gravity…

And before you even know it, he won’t be able to help but flood your phone with messages and die to hear from you again!

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I’m about to let you in on the one crucial mistake all women keep making when trying to get their own Aries man…

In fact, I’m going to teach you how to avoid this mistake and show you exactly how to make an Aries man chase you like no one else.

Represented by the animal spirit of the ram, Aries men are extremely driven in life and always strive to get what they want…

And if he’s got his eyes on you, he will go to the edges of the galaxy to show you love and care from the bottom of his heart.

But what I’m about to tell you is the one thing that makes any Aries man turn cold:

Thinking twice.

If you’re constantly overthinking on what to text your Aries man and what he might think about it, it’s going to make him feel like you’re not being honest with him.

This is the last thing you want your Aries to experience, and most women make this same mistake over and over again…

Luckily for you, you won’t EVER have to run into this problem…

Because all you have to do is relax and be yourself!

By just being straightforward and direct with your texts, your Aries man will feel like he’s having a genuine conversation with you and pick up positive energies from your messages…

And believe me, he will go from taking forever to reply to responding within minutes and never ignoring you again!

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TIP #4: Try Ignoring Him Back…

What I’m about to teach you next will make an Aries man JEALOUS no matter what…

This might sound crazy, but believe me:

Getting an Aries man’s attention cannot be easier with this next tip…

I was able to make my Aries man go from constantly ignoring me to begging for me to reply to his texts faster!

Here’s the truth:

Astrologists believe that Aries men can be a little bit too self-centered sometimes, and they will purposely ignore you because they know that you will just keep sending more texts…

This makes them feel like they have some sort of mysterious power over you!

But remember how I said that sometimes you have to do the opposite and take steps back?

By ignoring them back sometimes, they will start to lose their confidence and get more and more desperate to hear from you again!

I know it sounds kind of wrong, but by not picking up his calls and responding to his texts here and there, you’ll not only make him cherish every single second he’s talking with you…

You’ll keep your Aries man chasing you constantly as if he were ADDICTED to you!

Trust me; try ignoring him here and there, and very soon, he’ll be talking to you so often that you might even get sick of it!

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There’s something you MUST know about all Aries men…

In fact, with this next Aries man secret, you’ll make your Aries man go crazy about you.

Before I knew about this, I was always making up stuff in my texts to sound relatable to my Aries man…

But the truth is, some astrologists believe that Aries men can actually pick up your energies with every text you send and sense whether you’re being honest or not

And my Aries man saw right through my lies.

What’s worse? The Aries sign is known for being one of the worst tempered across the galaxy, so the more I lied to my Aries man in my texts, the more anger he was building up behind his horns…

Wanna know how to deal with an Aries’ temper? Just be honest!

Even though my honest texts didn’t sound so relatable with my Aries man, he was able to pick up on my pure, honest energies

And the best part? Aries men crave for genuine, honest relationships.

After being honest with him, he stopped ignoring my texts immediately and I was able to get my Aries man to open up like never before

And before anything else, I was on the phone with my Aries man non-stop and was able to drive him crazy in love with me.

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BONUS: How I Drove Him CRAZY IN LOVE With Me

Will he reply to my texts?

Is my Aries man testing me?

Or is he just leading me on?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone

In fact, these were the questions that constantly bugged me and filled my head when I first met him…

The truth is, those born under the Aries stars can be so unpredictable sometimes.

Trying to know what’s on his mind can be the most frustrating and difficult thing ever

And the most disappointing part? Finally feeling like you know what he’s thinking and how you should respond

Only to have him not respond and just leave you on read.

I wanted him to love me. I wanted him to be so madly in love with me.

But no matter how much I imagined making sweet, sweet love to him would feel like, I knew it was no use and nothing could make this fantasy of mine come true

Until out-of-nowhere, I came across a mysterious celestial secret that did exactly that!

One of my old friends introduced it to me, and at first I was really skeptical and didn’t believe in it at all…

But after I tried it just once, just WOW

I finally saw REAL results!

My Aries man didn’t just start talking to me again

Believe me, he became so deeply in love with me that he stopped hanging out with his friends just to spend every single moment of his day with me!

If it wasn’t for this secret, I really don’t know where I would be

All I can think about is how he proposed to me just a few days ago and how we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together!

Now, now, I know you want to know how I did it.

You want to learn what it is and how to make your own Aries man go crazy about you.

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Suddenly, my feelings of disappointment and desperation swept away

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In a blink of an eye, you’ll be texting him throughout the day and putting a smile on his face

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It truly is the best feeling in the world to be with an Aries man

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