How To Make A Cancer Man Miss You – Make Him Want You Like Crazy

I never thought making a Cancer man miss me like crazy could be so easy.

What I’m about to tell you next is what astrologists call the key secrets to making a Cancer man fall deeply in love with you and start missing you like crazy.

But before I tell you what it is, I have to be honest with you:

Making my Cancer miss me wasn’t always this easy.

When I first met him, my Cancer man would act distant and cold

He acted like he always had things to do and didn’t have time for me

And whenever I wanted to spend time with him, he would tell me that he’s busy

But ends up hanging out with his friends or family instead!

It broke my heart. It felt like we were just strangers half the time…

Well the truth is, ruled by the moon, Cancer men are born under the sign of the crab…

And many celestial experts believe that Cancers are one of the most unique star signs out there.

But because of their cold, hard outer crab shells, understanding a Cancer man can sometimes be extremely difficult.

Luckily for you, I’ve stumbled upon 5 key celestial secrets that didn’t just help me understand his strange and complicated behavior

Using these astrologically-proven tips, I was able to make him OBSESSED with me.

He immediately stopped ignoring me and acting cold

Started falling deeper and deeper in love with me every day

And wanted nothing more than to constantly be with me and me only!

Once you discover these Cancer man secrets, it’s time for YOU to make your Cancer man fall madly in love with you fast!

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TIP #1: Cancers LOVE Compliments

There’s one thing that Cancers love more than anything else:


But why, exactly?

You see, ruled by the moon, those born under the Cancer constellation tend to be pretty serious and reserved

And though their hard outer shell can make them seem a bit unfriendly and unwelcoming on the outside…

Deep down inside, Cancers are actually blessed with a warm and romantic side as well!

In fact, astrologists believe that these crabs are some of the most loving and committed partners across the galaxy.

And guess what? By simply giving him compliments, you’ll be able to bring out this truly romantic side of him

What’s more? Some tarot readers believe that giving him compliments will make him want to bond with you like you’re his SOULMATE!

So what are you waiting for? Give your Cancer man compliments, and in a blink of an eye he’ll come right out of his shell just for you

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TIP #2: Dig DEEP

There is nothing Cancer men crave more than an intimate and emotional relationship…

Even after all these years with my Cancer man, his kisses are still as sweet as they were on our first date.

But it wasn’t always this way

In fact, just a week ago, my Cancer man kept hiding in his shell and never really paid any attention to me.

Here’s the truth:

Right now, your Cancer man could be dying to share his deepest thoughts with you and tell you how much he actually loves you.

But these celestial crabs will use their pincers to protect themselves at all costs, and my Cancer man would always act cold and distant towards me, until…

I found out about the one thing Cancers will ALWAYS come out of their shell for:

All you have to do is dig deep!

Talking about your deepest thoughts with him will make him feel safe and encourage him to share his deepest feelings for you in return…

And the next thing you’ll know is that he wants to bond intensely with you and love you from the bottom of his soft, warm crab heart.

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TIP #3: Try Ignoring Him Sometimes…

What I’m about to teach you next will make a Cancer man JEALOUS no matter what…

This tip is so powerful that you can win a Cancer man back even after he breaks up with you!

Sounds crazy, right? But believe me:

My Cancer man went from dumping me and going back to his ex to running back and begging for me to forgive him

With this tip, I was able to win my Cancer’s heart back completely.

Ready to learn how to make a Cancer man want you like mad? Just try ignoring him sometimes!

I know it sounds kind of wrong, but by not picking up his calls and responding to his texts here and there, your Cancer man will be dying to see you again…

And very soon, he’ll start craving for you constantly and will cherish every single second you’re around him.

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TIP #4: Be REAL With Him

There’s something you MUST know about all Cancers…

In fact, with this next Cancer man secret, you’ll make your Cancer man fall madly in love with you even if things haven’t been going well.

Before I knew about this, I was always going out of my own way to make my Cancer happy

But because Cancers are highly sensitive to their environments, these mystical crabs have the power to easily detect your energies wherever you are.

If you keep hesitating and doubting yourself, he’ll feel that you’re not being genuine and that you don’t really have any interest in him…

And the worst part? Your Cancer man will start acting distant and will retreat back into his shell.

Luckily, by learning this next tip, you won’t EVER have to experience this with your Cancer…

Want to learn how to truly keep your Cancer man HOOKED? All you have to do is relax and keep things simple!

To make a Cancer feel your true feelings, you have to be real and direct with him.

Only then will he believe that he’s having a personal conversation with you. By simply being honest with him, he’ll put his pincers away and feel much more comfortable around you…

And soon, he’ll be ready to have much more than just conversations with you…

Before you even know it, you’ll wake up with your head resting on his broad chest after the most romantic night of your life

Knowing that he will commit to being with you his whole life and won’t ever let you go.

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TIP #5: Simply FOCUS

This is going to sound crazy, but…

What I’m about to tell you will sweep a Cancer man off his feet and make him ADDICTED to you.

In fact, this tip was the reason why my Cancer chose me over all the other girls at the office in the first place!

I know how hard it can be when a Cancer man ignores you and doesn’t seem interested anymore

Because of their hard, outer crab shell, it’s completely normal for a Cancer man to seem cold and distant.

Many people see this as a sign that he doesn’t care about you, but the truth is

Cancers are just really shy, and right now your Cancer might actually be dying to get up close and personal with you!

The key? Just focus on him more!

By showing care for him, he’ll start to get much more comfortable around you and will begin to come out of his shell

And before anything else, he’ll open up completely to you, showing love and care from the bottom of his heart…

And NEVER letting you go!

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Most women have to worry and stress constantly about their Cancer man:

Why is my Cancer man acting hot and cold?

What do I do when my Cancer man ignores me?

Will my Cancer man come back?

Trust me, I’ve been there. In fact, these are the things that cause women to lose hope in their Cancers the most.

When it comes to dating, astrologists believe that the Cancer sign is one of the hardest to bond with out of all the other star signs

Although Cancer men are known for being loyal and dedicated lovers, one mistake can make him back off immediately and rethink your entire relationship

The worst part? When I once made a stupid mistake by accident at the worst possible time

My Cancer didn’t forgive me and actually broke up with me right then and there.

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Telling me how much he misses me

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